Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Ugly Divorce

I predicted gay divorces were going to be fun, and what do you know? According to TMZ, "My Fair Wedding" host David Tutera is in the midst of an ugly breakup with his partner of 10 years -- and a war is brewing over the couple's unborn twins.

TMZ reports:
Tutera and his longtime partner Ryan Jurica had a big wedding ceremony in Vermont back in 2003 ... but since they live in California (where gay marriage is not recognized) they filed for a domestic partnership. But now, the relationship is OVER ... at least according to legal docs filed by David, seeking to end the domestic partnership because of "irreconcilable differences."  
Here's the twist -- according to the docs, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, a surrogate is set to give birth to TWINS for the couple ... and she's due in July. David wants full legal and physical custody of the kids ... and only wants to give Ryan visitation. He also doesn't want to pay a nickel in spousal support, but wants Ryan to foot the bill for all legal fees related to the split.
With drama like this, it's hard to believe this one's not on Bravo.

UPDATE: So it turns out the host has a thing for prostitutes and booze ... according to the hubby.

Monica Seles Was Stabbed 20 Years Ago Today

Jonathan Scott remembers the day that changed the course of women's tennis history, when a deranged Steffi Graf fan set out to stop the woman who had supplanted his idol as the world's number one tennis player -- and succeeded, by sticking a knife in her back during a changeover in Hamburg. I remember this like it was yesterday. I was sitting in my friend Ken's apartment on Q Street in Dupont Circle when the news came on the radio. It was horrifying. When Seles finally returned two and a half years later -- winning her first tournament back, then capturing her ninth Grand Slam in Melbourne -- it seemed like there might be as happy an ending as one could possibly hope for. But Seles was never the same, suffering from anxiety, depression, eating disorders and a other health issues, and she never won another major ... when it seemed she might win more than anyone ever had. Read HERE.

BTW: Her attacker, Gunter Parche, merely got a slap on the wrist by the German courts.

The Village Voice: Wounded Pride

Will LGBT defections derail the Quinn machine? Read HERE.

Cher's Mom Forgot She Recorded an Album With Elvis' Band!

Only someone as cool as Georgia Holt -- aka Cher's mom -- could be cool enough to have recorded an album with Elvis Presley's band and have forgotten about it!

From the album notes: 
More than 30 years ago, Cher's mother Georgia Holt recorded a country-influenced album with the members of Elvis Presley's band. Then she put the tapes in her garage and forgot about them. Upon discovering the decaying tapes a couple of years ago, Cher helped her to preserve them. Then they decided it might be fun to film some performances of a few songs just for themselves. This finally lead to a Lifetime television documentary about 86-year-old Georgia's remarkable life. Called "Dear Mom, Love Cher" it will debut on May 6th for Mother's Day. Included on the album is a duet with Cher called "I'm Just Your Yesterday", which clearly demonstrates exactly where Cher's unique voice came from. 
Order "Honky Tonk Woman" HERE.

Andy Roddick and Mardy Fish Join LBGT Athlete Ally

The pro-LGBT news from the world of sports keeps growing, with news that Andy Roddick and Mardy Fish are the first two male tennis star to join Athlete Ally, a nonprofit sports resource encouraging all individuals involved in sports to respect every member of their communities, regardless of perceived or actual sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, and to lead others in doing the same.

“It’s people like Andy and Mardy who will help pave the way for LGBT athletes in tennis,” said Martina Navratilova, who sits on the Athlete Ally Advisory Board. “Though coming out is an intensely personal decision, with each new Athlete Ally that speaks out, an LGBT athlete could feel more comfortable coming out.”

Andy Roddick said in a statement: “Yesterday was an incredible day for athletes everywhere. Jason Collins’ courage and leadership in coming out reminds me of how important it is for an athlete to be able to be true to him or herself. As an Athlete Ally, I want to support every athlete to feel comfortable and confident being themselves and to make sure that all people – players and fans alike – are welcome and included in tennis.”

Mardy tweeted:


Martina Navratilova wrote a great column for Sports Illustrated today, calling Collins' move a "game-changer" that will save lives. Read HERE.

Ellen Morgan Came Out 16 Years Ago Today

 Wow, Ellen Morgan came out of the closet 16 years ago tonight. While it was definitely a landmark moment in television history, I have to admit that I liked the show a lot better before she came clean. There was nothing more hilarious that the unbelievably awkward sight of Ellen DeGeneres with a man -- any man. Fortunately, we will always have the first few seasons of "Ellen" (and "These Friends of Mine") -- plus her feature film lead debut (the horribly underrated "Mr. Wrong"), where the (unintentional) device was never more on display! 

Curious George

George Zimmerman waved his right to a "Stand Your Ground" immunity hearing, but he looks like he more than stood his ground at Red Lobster's Endless Shrimp Festival. 

'Sing Along' Has Its World Premiere

I didn't make it to the Broadway-centric premiere of "Sing Along," a short film I have been championing for some time now. But Broadway.com has details HERE!


Via Galley Cat: You knew you were wasting your life checking your e-mail, Twitter and Facebook accounts. But apparently it may be even worse than you thought! 

PHOTO: This is What Jason Collins and Jason Segel Looked Like as High School Teammates

From HERE: Too bad it's Jason Segal's ass that we ended up having to look at 24 hours a day. 

Jason Collins Paper Dolls

There weren't very many good photos of newly out center Jason Collins in his Washington Wizards outfit, so OutFront decided to get all Photoshoppy on his ass..

Unlike a 'Virgin'

No one does trash better than Life & Style.

I Mink I'm in Love

Bus stop ad on Seventh Avenue in Chelsea.

/C O R R E C T I O N/

As a longtime newspaper and newswire editor, nothing makes me smile more than a correction of a correction -- or of a corrections page.

More Reaction to Jason Collins' Coming Out

'I had no idea he was gay': Jason Collins' former fiancee and partner of EIGHT YEARS shocked at NBA star's announcement 

I can understand her point of view, but I'm still trying to figure out how she -- a 6-5 former WNBA player -- isn't gay. Read HERE.

Also: How Sports Illustrated Broke the Jason Collins Story is worth a read HERE.

Tuesday Ad Watch

Did Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce come up with this binge-drinking campaign running on New York City subways? 'Cause that sure looks like Don, who we all know never says no to a refill.

The Hollows Have a 'Heart Attack'

Here's a fun cover by the Hollows of Demi Lovato's "Heart Attack," as requested by Christopher Schelling and Augusten Burroughs as part of the band's PledgeMusic fundraiser. To learn more about the fundraiser and request a cover of your choice, click HERE.

Reese Witherspoon ... On the Night in Question

   Here is what happened back at the police station on the night Reese Witherspoon and her husband were arrested.

Sign Language

 Not only do I have to pay for your product, you want me to provide child care?

Song of the Day: 'Year of the Cat' by Al Stewart

 The New York Times declared 2013 the Year of the Cat, but I'm pretty sure that happened when I was living at Village Racquet Club in Warren, Michigan, back in the 1970s.

The Tony Awards Get 'Kinky'

  Harvey Fierstein and Cyndi Lauper's show leads the Tony nominations with 13. See them all HERE.

Morning Wood

Page 1 Consider (04/30)

  Only the New York Post failed to put Jason Collins' "coming out" out front.

Monday, April 29, 2013


Tyler Perry's Wet Dream

    Tyler Perry cast model Aaron O"Connell in his OWN series, "The Haves and the Have Nots." Thank heaven for down low men in positions of authority. See all my Aaron posts HERE.

Sticks and Stones

NBA Star Antawn Jamison: 'Let's Be Realistic, Not Everyone Will Accept Jason Collins'

Love how accepting Antawn Jamison is of Jason Collins, even if I'm not nearly as accepting of his idiotic name. Watch HERE.

Save the Old Chelsea Post Office

Perhaps my obession with shopping online makes me slightly biased, but the notion of closing the Old Chelsea Post Office -- which is just down the street from where I have lived forever -- is very upsetting. As many of you know, the USPS's financial woes are part of a vast rightwing conspiracy (look it up), but I'm happy to hear that my former rep, Jerry Nadler, is not taking this lying down:

He writes:
For the last several weeks, I have worked with Chelsea community members and local elected officials to push the United States Postal Service (USPS) to reconsider its stated intention to close the Old Chelsea Post Office, at 217 W 18th St. Its proposal to sell the property came suddenly, without proper notice, and without sufficient community input. At our urging, USPS held a public meeting at the Fulton Center Auditorium on April 11th to present its plans and field questions from Chelsea residents.  
The precipitous announcement of the closing has understandably been a major cause for concern in the neighborhood. Chelsea residents depend on a convenient and well-equipped central post office for their day-to-day needs. After repeated requests from myself and local officials, USPS extended its period of public comment on its proposal, but only to April 26th, allowing community members just 15 days to comment following the April 11th presentation. If you would like to do so, you may submit comments in writing to: Joseph J. Mulvey, Vice President of Facilities Implementation, U.S. Postal Service, 2 Congress Street, Room 8, Milford, MA, 01757-9998.

Straight Shooter

Novak Djokovic posts the best photos on his Facebook page. But does he really have to flaunt his -- and Rafael Nadal's -- sexuality with this one?

Mariela Castro to Get Visa to Attend Conference in U.S.

Kudos to the State Department for its change of heart on the gay rights activist daughter of Raul Castro. Read HERE.

Some Bobblehead (and Shoulders) to Lie On

   I don't think there's ever been a more accurate bobblehead doll before Debbie Harry of Blondie's. This is exactly how her head moves when she talks in real life! Order HERE.

Tebow No Mow

When I heard "professional athlete came out" and Tim Tebow in the headlines this morning, I assumed they were related. Turns out the Jets dumped Jesus' favorite southpaw face-to-face when he showed up to workouts today. Poor boy. Next stop: Canada ... where his girlfriend probably lives.

'Pardon' the Interruption

Although this video is meant to be funny, I have to say that it hits awfully close to home. Sure, complaining about people begging you for money on the subway may sound like a White Person Problem. But most of us not riding around in Town Cars or taxis are just working stiffs -- working stiffs who wouldn't mind a little time to relax and read the paper or listen to music while commuting to and from work without constantly being inerrupted by people who are, in fact, breaking the law. Hit me up on the street and I don't have a problem -- I can keep walking. But something about this captive situation really pisses me off. See what I'm talking about:

Sign Language

 With thanks to Mike, who spotted this gem at the Denver airport.