Thursday, April 26, 2018

Song of the Day: 'Dancing' by Kylie Minogue

What does everyone think of Kylie's "Golden" album? (I'm just getting around to listening.) My AZ-best-friend is a big fan -- he thinks some of the bonus tracks even surpass the official songs -- but I'm still a little on the fence about the whole thing. Her voice bothers me more than usual -- not sure if that's processing, aging, trying to sound "country" or Westville Girl Syndrome.

Morning Wood

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Remains of the Day (04/25)

The Daily Beast: Miss Universe 2013 host Thomas Roberts confirms Trump stayed overnight in Moscow

Dlisted: SJP swears she never engaged in a cat fight with Kim Cattrall

Back2Stonewall: Disney begins selling Rainbow Pride Mickey Mouse ears!

TMZ: Harry Anderson, best known for his portrayal of Judge Harry Stone on "Night Court," died of a stroke, according to reports

Deep Dish: I'd like to go into the deep end with this one

The Daily News: Hank Azaria would "step aside" from voicing Apu on "The Simpsons" (after 29 years!) over stereotype controversy

Greg in Hollywood: Joe Hart, the best a man can get

The Washington Post: What you should know about Macron, Trump and the Iran deal

Baseline: Inside Stevie Johnson's opposite-sex wedding

PinkNews: The Toronto attacker was part of controversial Reddit involuntary celibacy movement

The New Yorker: Portraits capture the essence of Britishness

Boy Culture: If he can bend like that ...

AmericaBlog: If Trump gets impeached, convicted and removed from office -- and Democrats take back the House in the elections this fall, as currently expected -- Democrat Nancy Pelosi could become president. How about them apples?

HuffPost: MSNBC’s Joy Reid is standing by her claim that her now-defunct blog was the target of a cyberattack in which homophobic content was added to the site

Matthew's Island of Misfit Toys: Hot Middle Eastern alert

NewNowNext: That Indiana pizzeria that wouldn’t cater a gay wedding(!) is now closed

Washington Blade: Arrest made in D.C. gay murder

Towleroad: Damian Lewis is unrecognizable as Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in "Run This Town"

The Randy Report (podcast): Drag queen Ada Vox makes "American Idol's Top 10"; Massachusetts to get LGBT curriculum; new study says gay couples are least likely to part ways

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Hot Cat of the Day: It doens't get much sweeter than this!

The Good Kind of Dental Plaque

As seen in my friend's dentist’s office bathroom in Manhattan.

Wrestle Wednesday

Those big boys require a little more effort, but they're totally worth it. 

Song of the Day: 'Stars on 45' by Stars on 45

It was so nice having drinks last week with my former Times colleague and fellow late '60s-born baby Jesse Fox Mayshark, who totally got my Stars on 45 reference on the first try! 

Old-timers will remember that it hit number one in 1981, interrupting Kim Carnes's nine weeks on top of the Billboard Hot 100 for one week. The whole thing seems rather ridiculous now -- disco/Archies/Beatles -- but perhaps the recent assassination of John Lennon set the stage for this most bizarre medley that my brother Bill and I couldn't get enough of while riding back and forth to the La Casita tennis center in our old neighborhood. 

Morning Wood

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Page 1 Roundup (04/25)

The Wall Street Journal: American grow out of basketball

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Mac Daddy

I almost can't blame his school teacher -- aka France's first lady -- for preying on him when he was 15...

Remains of the Day (04/24)

Towleroad: Chris Evans knows his gay brother (Scott) very well, and vice-versa

Deadline: "Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City" revival gets series order at Netflix; Ellen Page joins cast

Back2Stonewall: The hot-but-horrible Benham brothers go balls deep about North Carolina's sexual-health initiative for teens

THR: 8 revelations from the "Freaks and Geeks" documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival 

HuffPost: Time to boycott Greyhound buses?

NYT Opinion: Do taxpayers know they are handing out billions to corporations?

Gr8er Days: "Shane" rides again -- reappraising the classic at 65

The Randy Report: Parkland shooting survivors Cameron Kasky and David Hogg got the attention of the Twitterverse when openly gay Kasky posted the pic below with the caption "Prom 2018"

NYT Magazine: How wacky Devin Nunes turned the House Intelligence Committee inside out

OMG Blog: "Acapulco Shore" star Tadeo Fernandez is coy with his chalupa

New York Post: Now Crazy Donald is licking Kim Jong Un's balls

The New York Times: Study finds Trump voters driven by fear of losing status, not economic anxiety

Hot Cat of the Day: And I thought Harvey knew how to unwind

My Kind of Town

Just a heads-up to my fellow copy-editor friends and cohorts around the country that I have made an 11th-hour decision to go to Chicago to be at the ACES conference on Thursday for the presentation of the first Bill Walsh Scholarship. (I'll also be at the happy hour tomorrow at Encyclopædia Britannica.) Hope to see some of you there!

Tennis Tuesday

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Strength and conditioning coach Martin Nosko is definitely a cock tease ...

Ass you like it ...

But then again, so is 40-year-old and retired Tommy Haas ...

Song of the Day: 'June's Sundown' by Carlene Carter

Carlene is seen here at Cash Cabin studio recording "June's Sundown" for the new album I mentioned last week of songs created from previously unknown poetry, lyrics and letters of "Big John," aka her stepfather Johnny Cash. Order HERE.

Stream the album HERE.

Carlene discusses writing the song from Johnny's poem.

Morning Wood

See more of British "adult" model and ex-Royal Marine commando Jonas Jackson HERE.

Page 1 Roundup (04/24)

The Daily News: A maniacal college student obsessed with mass murderers plowed a rental van into a crowd of pedestrians in Toronto on Monday, killing 10 innocent people and wounding another 15 in Canada's worst massacre in nearly three decades

I'll give you one guess what color these women were who had the cops called on them for playing golf 'too slowly'

Statements of suspect in Hofstra grad murder case may be inadmissible because he lawyered up before admission

California cop accused of fatally shooting black man in Walmart parking lot previously charged with hate crime

Rolling Stone: Adam Rippon on his goals after Olympic figure skating

Towleroad: President Obama was right when he said Kanye West was a 'jackass'

New York Post: Police investigating Facebook posts allegedly made by suspected Toronto driver

Man stabbed by Fed Ex worker near Empire State Building

Page Six: Allison Mack allegedly tried to lure Emma Watson and Kelly Clarkson to sex cult

The New York Times: Rand Paul is just as spineless as you thought he was

I will never forgive Wisconsin for 2016, but the fight for it is on as outside money pours into this year's Senate race

I see I'm not the only one who was mortified by the Donna Summer musical on Broadway

THR: 'Search Party' renewed for Season 3

The Washington Post: Senate to postpone confirmation hearing for Ronny Jackson to head Veterans Affairs, White House officials told

Mother Jones: Republicans want to throw the book at Colorado teachers getting ready to strike

Monday, April 23, 2018

'Summer: The Donna Summer Musical': Would've Loved to Love You, Baby

"Summer: The Donna Summer Musical" premiered tonight on Broadway at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, with three women stepping into the shoes of the late Queen of Disco. Summer is said to have wanted this jukebox story of her life to be made, having apparently worked on an early version it before her sudden death from lung cancer in 2012 at 63. But there's no doubt she's not dancing with Steve Rubell in Heaven 54 tonight after seeing what they came up in her absence. 

Three faces of Donna: LaChanze (diva), Storm Lever (duckling) and Ariana DeBose (disco)

Now my lukewarm feelings about musicals are no secret. But as a lifetime Donna Summer fan, I went into this excited and with an open heart -- yet I have to be honest when I say it was one of the most cringe-inducing theatrical experiences of my life. And that two of the leads -- LaChanze and Ariana DeBose -- were wonderful performers and the music (obviously) is one classic hit after the next yet the show was still so dismal speaks to just how ill-conceived it was. Apparently writers Colman Domingo, Robert Cary and Des McAnuff never got to the "show don't tell" chapter in their Writing 101 books, because the entire play is one embarrassingly literal monologue after the next, with these three poor women reciting dialogue along the lines like "Then I moved to Munich and there was a lot of art but I was the only black person so it was weird"(!) and "Once you’re on a roller coaster it’s real hard to get off”(!!). And rather than giving any thoughtful attention to the events of her remarkable life -- such as her circuitous rise to international stardom, interracial marriages, decision to leave her newborn daughter to be raised by her parents, substance abuse, childhood sexual abuse, ambivalence about being a sex goddess when she was brought up as a church choir girl, suicide attempt -- let alone her alienating her fanbase at the height of her fame by becoming a Born Again Christian, each detail is quickly glossed over as if the producers were going down a checklist culled from her Wikipedia entry. Things got even worse when Diva Donna spent all of two minutes addressing/brushing off the career-damaging rumor that she had told a concert audience in the early '80s that AIDS was God's punishment for homosexual "sin." In the musical, the whole thing gets truncated to "I made a bad joke about Adam and Steve, but some of my best friends are gay so there’s no way I’m homophobic." (For the record, she denied making any of the statements about gay people, yet the musical has her taking “credit” for the one.) Diva Donna is then forced to say “God made Adam and Steve and Eve and Louise and everybody else” -- an applause line -- yet rather than putting my hands together I felt myself blushing for the actress having to deliver this shoehorned soliloquy.

 To be fair, though, the writers' one major attempt to "show" rather than "tell" -- in this case about an incident involving a violent ex-boyfriend -- saw the cast flailing around to the pulsating beat of "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)" (get it?) in what can only be described as the most (unintentionally) hilarious depiction of domestic abuse to date. (I'd go back a dozen times for the camp value of that scene alone if not for the steep ticket prices!) The 100-minute show has no intermission, and I can't help but think this was by design so the audience wouldn't be able to compare notes about what they were witnessing. (About the audience: Summer's hits are so good that a few people seemed to want to clap or get up to dance. But then the dumbfounding monologues would start again, so no one could ever work up any real excitement/momentum.) So rather than wasting your time with this double-knit nightmare, might I suggest spending two hours at home listening to Donna Summer's "Greatest Hits Volumes I and II," "Endless Summer" or her seminal double "Bad Girls" album. Her music has been here all along. But perhaps the one positive thing that can come out of this debacle is that it will encourage people to remember what a true pioneer she was, something "Summer: The Donna Summer Musical" somehow manages to miss completely.

Remains of the Day (04/23)

Instagram: Meet bobsledder Simon Dunn's sexy new boyfriend

The Daily News: Madonna loses bid to keep Tupac's breakup letter from being auctioned off -- the judge suggested that the singer should have sued her brother Christopher Ciccone, who gave Lutz some of the items

Dead State: New York bar patrons chant "Nazi scum get out!" at Milo Yiannopoulos until he leaves

Towleroad: Gay adult film Chris Bines sentenced to five years in prison for marijuana trafficking

Reuters: Armed and dangerous Waffle House shooting suspect taken into custody without incident, while 12-year-old black children somehow have to be shot dead on the spot for no reason (it's almost as if black lives don't matter to some people)

Boy Culture: 5 revealing photos of Taron Egerton, who will play Elton John in biopic

Dlisted: The "Crazy Rich Asians" trailer is here, just try to ignore that tragic poster, which looks like a no-budget travel ad done by an intern on MS Paint using the cheapest clip art they could find

The Associated Press: Penis transplant for U.S. veteran who survived blast

Greg in Hollywood: Ricky Martin is one lucky man

Curbed: See every single building in Manhattan mapped with this new tool

BosGuy: Is this your future ex-boyfriend?

Daily Intel: Flight records detail the 45 hours Trump spent in Moscow in 2013, though he told Comey he didn't spend the night there

Twitter: Why you need to be following Mrs. Betty Bowers!

Us Weekly: Sex bomb Tristan Thompson reportedly shopped for potential side-pieces on Instagram

The New York Times: The forgotten home of tennis's open era, which began 50 years ago

The Village Voice: Meet the creator of the brilliant Michael Cohen subway "ad"

The WoW Report: At least 9 dead, 16 injured as van plows into Toronto crowd

Deep Dish: I'd sure like to ride that in the water

Hot Cat of the Day: I'd like to place an order, please ...

Spice Chelsea Corner to Close on 8th Avenue

236 8th Ave.

Less than two weeks after my Death of Chelsea's 8th Avenue update comes news that Spice Chelsea Corner will become the 18th shuttered business along the formerly gay drag.

A friend writes:
They’re closing that location on Saturday. Got into a fight with landlord about improvements they wanted to building etc and couldn’t come to terms. Doors close after dinner on Saturday. Another one bites the dust. According to the waiter, they aren’t looking for a new home either. 
The irony is not lost on me that I used to complain that at one time there were TWO Spice locations within a stone's throw distance on 8th and now there will be none. Will the carnage never end?

Meet the Gay Anna Nicole Smith

A sexy residential real-estate broker who married an older, wealthy "knickknack mogul" just 10 months before he died is at the center of a battle over a $32 million inheritance:

In the end, it wasn’t a wonderful life for a Manhattan Christmas-ceramics mogul whose family is now sparring with his much younger husband over his $54 million fortune. A frail Edward Bazinet -- who had made as much as $100 million peddling Snow Babies, Dickens Villages and other popular miniatures depicting idyllic holiday scenes -- spent his final months being shuttled across the country in a bitter tug-of-war between his sister and spouse, who accuse each other of siphoning off Bazinet’s riches for themselves. Just 10 months before his death on Nov. 20, 2017, Bazinet, 73, married real-estate broker Brett Jordan -- 43 years his junior -- in a “secret” civil ceremony, according to Manhattan Surrogate Court papers.
And it gets better. Brett says the millionaire approached him on the street in 2014 and asked for "a date." They then bonded over "art and Broadway," but Bazinet's family claims Jordan "targeted" the older man, who in 2012 was hospitalized after a "bipolar spending spree" during which he spent more than $20 million on throw pillows, furniture and wall art before checking himself into a psychiatric clinic. (Among the purchases were 100,000 units of Elizabeth W sachets, hangar covers and soaps worth $16 million!)

The Real Deal reports:
Brett became the broker for Bazinet’s $24 million, 19-room penthouse at 60 Warren Street, which had been damaged on 9/11. Jordan then collected commissions on a quick succession of high-priced real estate deals including Bazinet’s purchase of a $15 million condo at 100 Barclay Street. Bazinet initially left Jordan $500,000 in his will, but then later expanded his share to include money, art and property. The ailing mogul’s sister moved him from New York “in the middle of the night” to a hospital in Minneapolis, where on his deathbed he allegedly signed papers revoking the changes to his will. Jordan moved Bazinet back to New York just a month before his death, according to court papers. “I cared for him because he was my husband and I loved him,” Jordan asserted in court papers. 
Whatever the case, it's high time we gays started gold-digging in earnest. Obergefell v. Hodges was settled nearly three years ago -- what's been taking so long?!

This isn't the first time Brett Nicole Smith has sought fame and fortune. My friend Greg shot him eight years ago when he was an aspiring country singer with a rockin' body.

Weekend Tennis Roundup

Not a whole lot to say about Monte Carlo. Rafael Nadal was his dominating self, winning the title for the 11th time. I ended up seeing the final versus Kei Nishikori and it was definitely one of those matches that was a lot closer than the score indicated ... until it wasn't. The resurgent Japanese looked awfully good in that first set before fading away after not being able to clinch it. I fully expect Nadal to sweep the clay season and pick up his 11th French Open, too.

Novak Djokovic fared a bit better than his previous events this year. Although he couldn't hold it together to defeat Dominic Thiem even after having won the first set, he was able to beat a red-hot Borna Coric and countryman Dusan Lajovic. (Imagine if you'd told me a couple years ago that Nole's beating Borna was seen as a big deal!) 

Alexander Zverev and Grigor Dimitrov, two players who might be expected to capitalize on the sudden opening at the top of the game, did each reach the semis. Yet you never really had the feeling either posed a real threat to win it. Just when I think they're underachievers, I remind myself that it's not their fault they came along in the era of Nadal (clay), Federer (grass) and Djokovic (hard), so there's probably not a lot of hope until all three are done at the same time. Still, Sasha and Grigor have each used the opening to reach career-high rankings, even if I feel they should have asterisks next to them. As much as I like to bitch about Simona Halep being on top of the game ,keep in mind that Zverev has reached just one round of 16 in a major in his entire career. (His current No. 3 ranking includes losing in the first round in Paris, the second round in New York and third in Melbourne!)

And speaking of people who can't seem to get over the hump. Milos Raonic looked like he was on the road back to the Top 10 -- until he pulled out of Monte Carlo with a yet another injury. (This time it's his right knee.) Sucks because he looked strong in Indian Wells and Miami. 

Also caught some Fed Cup action. Call me a "casual American," but I was thrilled when CoCo Vandeweghe lost to Dominic Thiem's beard, Kristina Mladenovic, but then the U.S. won anyway. Madison Keys was a sight for sore eyes substituting for the big-cocked blond(e), beating Pauline Parmentier 7-6(4), 6-4 to put us in the second straight Fed Cup final. (I know Alize Cornet is a pain the country's ass, but does anyone know why Caroline Garcia wasn't there to help out instead of leaving the 32-year-old journeywoman to fight for her country's life?) 

Will be curious to see how we fare against the Czech Republic, who beat Germany to advance to their sixth final in eight years. Petra Kvitova defeated Angelique Kerber 6-2, 6-2 in under an hour to clinch the tie, with what proved to be a 4-1 win over Germany on Sunday. After Kvitova won the deciding rubber to make it 3-1, Katerina Siniakova and Barbora Strycova also won the doubles match that they were leading 7-5 when Julia Goerges and Anna-Lena Groenefeld retired after 37 minutes. 

So nice to see Kathy Rinaldi lead the Americans on another successful Fed cup run. Rinaldi replaced Tracy Austin in my heart for a while after her Cinderella run at the 1981 French Open. (We were both born in 1967, so she was my first actual contemporary on the tour.) 

I got myself a Prince Woodie and found a tennis shirt that matched her blue/red "rugby" style Ellesse top and went to town. (Mine was made by Jockey, which I found at Ross Dress for Less!) I compromised on navy shorts, although that skirt was the best.

 She never really became the next Tracy -- let alone the new Chris Evert, as she was billed -- but she she did get a few endorsements (remember her Lee jeans ads?!) and won three WTA titles, hitting No. 7 on the computer after reaching the semifinals at Wimbledon. As it would happen, her second career title was in Mahwah, where she outlasted a 16-year-old "West" German named Steffi Graf ... who became my next true love! 

This is their 1986 semifinal clash at Amelia Island.

Oh, and Stevie Johnson made good on his heterosexual threat ...

Mug Shot Monday

You can f**k him, just don't let him drive.

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