Sunday, October 20, 2019

Speedo Sunday

Trick or treat? From HERE.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Crazy Donald's Shocking Proposal

Read the emolumental details HERE!

UPDATE: Trump finally backed down on his unconstitutional bid to host the G7 summit at his bedbug-friendly resort -- although my guess is he will make it contingent on restoring it to the G8. All roads really do lead to Putin with this one, as Nancy said. 

Saturday 'Stache

More photos of Dick E. Normous HERE.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Remains of the Day (10/18)

BuzzFeed: A lot of old sitcoms don’t hold up. “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” does.

WABC: Did somebody misplace their chainsaw?

CNN: "Wheel of Fortune" contestant says he’s "trapped in a loveless marriage" during intro

On the Rag, Vol. 576

A weekly look at what's making news in the gay magazines:

Dallas Voice: Reining it in

Gloss (San Francisco): This one's for the girls

Lavender (Minnesota): 2019 Fall Love & Marriage

Song of the Day: 'Calling All Boys' by Jukebox Baby

This one's for Greg in Omaha: Not sure what's more bizarre here: That I wound up with a guy who is better at finding obscure covers of 1980s songs. Or that he found a note-for-note cover of "Calling All Boys" -- the 1982 Bobby Orlando-penned classic by the Flirts -- and the video posted in 2014 has nine views! 

From the Danish trio's 2004 album, "No Imitation, It's Real Plastic!"

Page 1 Roundup (10/18)

Morning Wood

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Nailed It

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If I won't go to this stupidly named nail salon, then this stupidly named nail salon will apparently come to me!

Remains of the Day (10/17)

Radar Online: "Tarzan" star Ron Ely’s wife killed by their son, police say

KIT212: Behold Danny Amendola's jockstrapped ass in see-through white football pants

The New York Times: Elijah Cummings, civil rights advocate and powerful Democratic congressman, dies at 68

Los Angeles Times: On emoluments, Trump's in for a penny, in for a pound

Hank Stuever: The "Modern Love" TV show is just like the newspaper column: Sweet, self-centered and nauseating

The WoW Report: Colton Haynes and Jeff Latham reach divorce settlement: Who gets what and what can now be told

WSJ: Imagine not hating flying coach

Instagram: Navy blue trunks or baby blue briefs?

Poynter: Is USA Today’s print edition headed for the sunset as GateHouse and Gannett merge? Signs point to yes.

Kickstarter: Rick Day warns that his new book is not for the faint of heart

Twitter: Trump just claimed that America’s relationship with Italy goes back “thousands of years”

Boy Culture:  Julie Gibson, one of world's oldest living entertainers, dies at 106

The Daily News: Obama endorses Trudeau for re-election ahead of Canada vote

Instagram: Ass for days

People: Debbie Harry's life in pictures

Greg in Hollywood: Is Mate Pavic the sexiest man in tennis?

CNN: Matthew Shepard's parents have sharp words for William Barr in speech delivered at DOJ event

Brian Ferrari:: When beautiful men break up

Hot Cat of the Day: Kind of like Tom and Jerry, if Tom weren't trying to kill the little rodent!

Thursday Ad Watch

But THIS ONE has already changed my life.

Song of the Day: 'White Wedding' by Juliet Lyons

Fun gender-flip cover I just learned about via my boyfriend.

Page 1 Roundup (10/17)

Us Weekly: When Debbie did Us

The Randy Report: Watch this silver fox dance

Morning Wood

This one left me BREATHLESS.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Remains of the Day (10/16)

YouTube: Must-see video of NYC's Palladium nightclub, featuring Boy George, Marilyn, Rick James, Eurythmics, Debbie Harry, Grace Jones and Dolph Lundgren at the height of his hunkiness

PinkNews: Trump Justice Department writes letter in support of firing gay teachers

Instagram: Where do I sign for THAT package?

Yahoo: Kathy Griffin fears backlash after fake Trump shooting video: "I have been in contact with the FBI"

Towleroad: A gay man tries to sow his wild, app-addicted oats in "Fertilizer"

Max Boot: Can you take four more years of this?

New York Post: Adam Rippon and his boyfriend have a secret language -- and it’s not Finnish

The New York Times: Five reasons the diet soda myth won't die

Washington Blade: Beto O’Rourke explains view on penalizing anti-LGBT religious orgs

The WoW Report: Ex-“Apprentice” staffer says Trump is a “speed freak” who sniffs Adderall

Change(dot)org: ACLU tries to block suspension of HS student who warned others about rapist on campus

People: Ronan Farrow is engaged to Jon Lovett and he used his new book to pop the question

WSJ: For Fran Drescher, the accent is on Queens

Dlisted: Open post hosted by the prank played by an Irish man at his funeral

Metrosource: These 15 LGBTQ podcasts will keep you in the know

Baseline: Khachanov, Rublev and more celebrate Moscow's anniversary

Boy Culture: Interview with an underwear model

Back2Stonewall: Anita Bryant hit in the face with a “fruit pie” -- and 42 years later it’s still delicious!

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