Monday, June 30, 2008

Afternoon Delight: Aitor Mateo

Here's 6-2 Spanish hunk Aitor Mateo in this month's ELLE magazine. He's represented by Major Models Management (as if it matters!).

Wild About the Boy


It would be a lot easier for me to fly off the handle about "The Hills" taking over the world if I could stop panting every time I lay eyes on Brody Jenner, seen here in an AT&T Wireless ad with Lauren Conrad.

Morning Wood: Ben Kaplan

Meet California boy Ben Kaplan, the latest discovery by On Display Men. While this former college football player is new to the modeling profession, he certainly seems to have what it takes to succeed.

Page 1 Consider (06/30)

  • This Love (Has Taken Its Toll on Me Wallet): Maroon 5's 2007 album, "It Won't Be Soon Before Long," will be reissued in expanded form July 8. The package will include a bonus DVD with four music videos, a full concert shot last year in Montreal, five B-sides and "If I Never See Your Face Again," Maroon 5's new single featuring Rihanna. Sure, buying the same album twice sucks. But who could say no to a face like Adam Levine's? (Reuters)

  • She Read Our Minds: I hung out with a group of fellow ex-Angelenos over the weekend and we were talking about what a bizarre moment in time the early '90s were for L.A. (Rodney King riots, O.J., the Northridge earthquake). As the writers in the group contemplating our next move, what should I find in Sunday's Times Magazine. (Lives)

  • Got Milk: How the hell am I supposed to pour this thing? (NYT)

  • Au Revoir (and Bonjour): Florent, the tranny-friendly diner that ushered in the transformation of Manhattan’s meatpacking district, closed amid fanfare and heartbreak on Sunday night -- sort of. It seems the landlord -- whose rent hike drove the joint's namesake to call it a day -- has decided to keep the diner open, with the same staff and same menu, only change the name (to R&L Restaurant) thus eliminating the middle man. Now that's a power deal Samantha would be proud of. Oddly, Florent Morellet is more than OK with this setup. (Eater)

  • Giving America a Bad Name Since 1821: In Findlay, Ohio (aka "Flag City"), doubts and accusations about Barack Obama have built enough word-of-mouth credibility to harden into an alternative biography. (WP)

  • World Pride: Gay pride was celebrated around the world this weekend, with varying degrees of acceptance. Men wore sparkling saris, women wore rainbow boas and hundreds of people chanted for gay rights in three Indian cities Sunday in the largest display of gay pride in the deeply conservative country where homosexual acts are illegal. (AP) Extremists throwing rocks, bottles and gasoline bombs have attacked the Bulgarian capital's first gay pride parade. (AP) For the first time ever, members of the Canadian Armed Forces were among those who danced, shimmied, and strutted their way through downtown Toronto today in the Gay Pride parade. (CP) But based on the photos I got from a source in Paris, I'd say the city of lights was by far your best bet. (AP)

  • Blind Faith: Here in New York City, we got to celebrate gay pride with our friend in Albany. (NYT)

  • Desert Hate: It looks like Arizona's anti-gay constitutional amendment is heading for the ballot in November after all. (Lovely.) (AZRepublic)

  • Cooler Heads Prevail

    At least Mikhail Youzhny didn't draw blood this time.

    Sunday, June 29, 2008


    Red-Lace Nightie Portends Another Excruciating Night for Closeted Husband

    CLARKSTON, Ga. -- A red-lace nightgown, barely covering area resident Amanda Yetter's body, sent waves of dread through husband and closeted homosexual Eric Yetter Friday. (continue)

    Saturday, June 28, 2008

    Tommy's Ass Is Grass

    German hunk Tommy Haas -- the game's elder statesman at 30! -- got outplayed today in his third-round match at Wimbledon against Britain's own Andy Murray. But given that he's missed much of the year due to injuries, it was nice to see him out there running around again, win or lose.

    Friday, June 27, 2008

    Endowment for the Arts

    Size queens of the world rejoice, have I got some nightstand reading for you. "The Big Penis Book" by Dian Hanson is a phallic treasure trove packed with more than 400 historic photos of the biggest schlongs you've ever laid eyes on, plus fascinating interviews with the photographers who captured these spectacular male endowments on film, including rare photos of the legendary John Holmes and other '70s and '80s "icons." I love how this one big-dick specimen was treated like a feral cat and forced to sleep out back with the dogs at some photographer's estate for fear of "what he might do" (to what, the furniture?).

    This video is not work friendly, but required viewing for all fans of the dong. (The "waiting for wood" segment is my personal fave.) You can also see photos from the book here. (not work friendly)

    Just Can't Get Enough

    Unlike the always-shirtless Mario Lopez, I can never seem to get enough of seeing an Emporio-Armani-underwear-clad David Beckham.

    The Bod Squad

    Mario Lopez, Audrina Patridge and Robert Buckley
    Shemar Moore and Jared Padalecki; Mario and Daniel Dae Kim, below
    No big shocks on TV Guide's Hot Bods list, although you might be surprised to hear that I'm beginning to get tired of looking at Mario Lopez. He's starting to give the term "overexposed" a bad name!

    New York City Rollers

    Rebounded from what felt like a full-on summer cold earlier this week to attend a (somewhat lackluster) NLGJA gay pride fundraiser last night at the Chelsea Art Museum. Luckily my pal Marc came along and made it a lot of fun anyway. Afterward, we picked up Michael and headed to the West Village for dinner. En route we stumbled upon a Diesel underwear party outside Universal Gear on Eighth Avenue (hello, boys!) ...
    Then it was off to the Waverly Inn, where there were as many paparazzi as there were patrons.
    Once seated we had a wonderful dinner (they both had the delicious ravioli special; I had my standby, salmon). Every time someone arrived it looked like a thunderstorm as dozens of flashbulbs went off (even when we walked up!). I guess the photogs decide it's safer to shoot now, ask who it is later. As it would happen, my dream man Dan Abrams (of MSNBC fame) came in while we were there. And a little while later R&B sensation John Legend came in with some blonde on his arm people were saying is a model named Chrissy Teigen.

    All in all a perfect "S-a-t-u-r-d-a-y" night for this weekend-working warrior ...

    Italian Stallion

    I'm no fan of basketball. But now that the New York Knicks drafted 6-feet-9 power forward Danilo Gallinari of the Armani Jeans of Milan you just never know ... (AP)

    Back to the Beach

    If I had Robert Buckley's body I'm not sure I'd ever be anywhere but the beach ...

    Page 1 Consider (06/27)

  • Summer Reading: Congrats to my pal Johnny Diaz whose second novel, "Miami Manhunt," just hit the shelves and the buzz is muy caliente. (Beantown Cuban) (Order online here.)

  • The Martha Effect: Inmate leaves toilet paper rose after jail escape (AP)

  • Her Initials Are MO: Michelle Obama pledged to the city’s gay community Thursday night that her husband will campaign for gay equality (well, except for that marriage bit). The Illinois senator's wife addressed a fundraising dinner in Turtle Bay, Manhattan, for the Democratic National Committee's Gay and Lesbian Leadership Council. "We are all only here because of those who marched and bled and died, from Selma to Stonewall, in the pursuit of a more perfect union," she said at the event, held days before the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall riots between gays and New York police, and the city's annual gay pride parade. (NY1)

  • Allied Forces: The Obama-Clinton lovefest is in full bloom. (TheCaucus)

  • Babes in Wonderland: Didn't make it to this year's Broadway Bares? Fear not. AfterElton has the naked truth about the Great White Way's sexiest night ever and Boy Culture Matt even has videos.

  • White Noise: Barack Obama dismissed Ralph Nader's claim that the Democratic candidate is trying to "talk white" and has failed to challenge the power structure to appeal to "white guilt." (AP)

  • Desert Hate: Looks like I spoke too soon about my home state. A proposed amendment that would limit marriage in Arizona to male-female couples has more lives than a cat and still could appear on the November ballot. (365Gay)

  • Positively Awful: The number of young homosexual men being newly diagnosed with HIV infection is rising by 12 percent a year, with the steepest upward trend in young black men, according to a new report. (WP)

  • Historic Hearings: For the first time a House subcommittee has heard firsthand of widespread discrimination against transgender men and women. (365Gay)

  • Progress Report: More than 3,000 people attended Jerusalem's gay pride parade on Thursday but unlike previous marches police reported only minor homophobic incidents. (AP)
  • Swelegant

    In case you missed this -- and you MUST NOT MISS THIS -- via Dlisted

    A couple of hilarious voicemails (above) from a mega-douche named Dimitri are currently making the Internet rounds. It all started when d-bag Dimitri met the "elegant" Olga outside of a bar in San Francisco. Elegant Olga made the mistake of giving him her business card. Dimitri called Elegant Olga several times and delivered such memorable quotes as: 

    "You're an extremely elegant woman. I couldn't take my eyes off you, and your friends were very jealous, even if they say they weren't..." 

    "I'm Greek and I'm extremely particular about what I like. So I'm giving you an opportunity here. " 

    "But nobody says 'Call me,' hands a person a business card and then doesn't return calls. It's extremely passive aggressive. You should actually look that up, passive-aggressive personality disorder." 

    I'm shocked as to why Olga never called Dimitri back. I mean, he called her "elegant" several times! Any dude that calls me "elegant" is definitely the one. Dimitri totally borrowed his mommy's cell phone to leave Elegant Olga messages during his lunch break from his 8-hour shift at Quizno's.

    Superman and His Super Woman

    Hunky Brandon Routh and his new wife, Courtney Ford, looking cozy this week in Beverly Hills.

    Kirstie Needs to Get Lei'd

    It seems it wasn't just the endorsement deal that Kirstie Alley broke off with Jenny. What I don't get is why someone as rich and famous as she is doesn't just buy a Hawaii Chair and make all of her problems disappear.

    Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

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    Wow. Check out this very sad e-mail I got from a pal in the wee hours of the morning:

    So, as a first during my long residence in New York , tonight I was on a train that actually ran over somebody. I don’t know if he jumped or fell but I was on the express so I suspect it was his own doing. Those trains can stop really fast – I had no idea.

    We had to wait for almost an hour while the NYPD and FDNY did their thing and they had to turn off the electricity while they removed the remains so it was hot. The subway guys were great, though – they kept us informed about what was going on with announcements every few minutes.

    A surreal experience.

    Thursday, June 26, 2008

    Summer Lovin'

    Nothing hotter than two guys fisting (via DailyIntel).

    All Teeth

    There hasn't been much happy news from the Mets this season, so I haven't had any good reason to post a picture of David Wright. But after an ordered day of rest the sexy third-baseman returned yesterday to hit two homers, leading the Mets to a 8-2 victory over the Mariners. Now that's something to smile about!