Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bottom Gun

Looks like someone's got all the right moves for Grindr.

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Money Shot

Here's photographic and video proof of what inspired it all. Now who's going to see "Magic Mike" this weekend?

Bullies Go Down

Wow, maybe the anti-bullying message is finally getting through to people. Gawker writes that the four Athena Middle School students who verbally abused an elderly bus monitor in Rochester, N.Y., have been suspended from school and its bus transportation system for one full year. (Because they're legally entitled to an education, they will be schooled at the off-campus Reengagement Center.) The boys are also "required to perform 50 hours of community service involving senior citizens, and complete a bullying prevention, respect and responsibility program."

A vacation fund for Karen Klein has already raised $667,000 in donations -- don't be spending it all on dollar slots, Grandma! -- but it's the fact that people are taking what happened seriously that really warms my heart. If you saw the film "Bully," then you know that school authorities normally blame the victim or at the very least try to minimize their attackers' offenses. Now let's just hope the next time an LGBT youth/minority/nerd/etc. -- rather than a cute old lady -- gets treated this way, a similar punishment is handed down.

Full story HERE.

Billy on the Street

 The hilarious Billy Eichner goes on assignment for Conan O'Brien, asking regular people tough questions about Iran, Israel and Madonna. Watch HERE.

Sexy Carl Siciliano to Receive White House Honor

Great news via my pal David Mixner who writes:

New York City is bursting with pride today as the news was announced that one of our own is being honored by the White House as a "Champion of Change." Carl Siciliano, executive director of the Ali Forney Center, will receive the honor at the White House on July 12. Everyone who knows Carl knows that no one deserve the honor more than he does for his work with homeless LGBT youth. He is a fierce less fighter for their well being and rights.

Congrats, Carl!

Keep reading HERE.

Nora Ephron Does Not Do Blurbs -- or Detroit

Even a Motor City native has to love this gem of a letter from 1994:

Dear Elizabeth Wurtzel: 

I’m sorry not to have written sooner, but your letter and book landed in a pile that other things got on top of. I finally read P.N. [Prozac Nation] and I think you are a brilliant and funny writer. I don’t give quotes, took myself out of the quote business years ago when my vet wrote a book (I had pets once) and asked for a quote. Not to link you with my vet. Anyway, you are truly wonderful and so is your book and I hope they do not send you to places like Detroit to promote it, which could make even a person with no history of depression depressed. I cannot imagine that you would ever want to write a screenplay, but if you ever do, call me up. I’m in the book. 

Very best,
Nora Ephron

(Via Romenesko)

On the Rag, Vol. 205

A weekly look at what's making news in the free gay rags:

MetroWeekly's music issue puts Jake Shears and the Scissor Sisters out front, calling them "the world's most popular gay band." (Wonder why!)   

Read HERE.

Next features Snooki Nicole Polizzi and Jenni “JWOWW” Farley. Read HERE.

Get Out! weekly catches up with Paige Turner, perhaps the best-named drag queen ever. Read HERE.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Opt Not to Renew Marriage Contract

 I just hope Patty Hearst makes herself available to Katie in the coming months.

Butt, Seriously?

With thanks to CS: The "wash hands" sign in the bathroom of the Good Stuff diner in Chelsea is probably an extra good idea given the joint's checkered past. But what else is going on in there?????

My guess is Barbara Walters would approve!

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Grin and Bear It

 You must speak bear if you want to go on a MISTER manhunt.

Separate Is Not Equal

You probably remember that heartbreaking video that went viral in May about the guy (Shane Bitney Crone) whose boyfriend (Tommy Bridegroom) was killed in an accident last year, and then was pushed out of the picture completely by his late partner's homophobic parents. Well now Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, of "Designing Women" and Clintons fame, is making a film about the guys, and has turned to Kickstarter to help fund her project. Have a look at the pitch, and if you'd like to contribute, click HERE.

Song of the Day: 'I Got You' by Split Enz

One of the quirky New Zealand group's many impeccable singles.

Likin' 'Mike'

The New York Times loved "Magic Mike," but I'm holding off on reviews until I see it this weekend. I will, however, give Matthew McConaughey's outfit two thumbs up.

Now I Know I Know

This post is for Greg, my partner in Debbie Harry crime back when I was a teenager. As I've lamented before, I didn't get to see Blondie in concert in the band's heyday -- my age and a little bad luck both being factors -- but I did finally see Debbie Harry solo in 1989 when she was touring for "Def, Dumb and Blonde." My memories of that night are quite clear, yet I've often wondered if I'd embellished them. Greg and I drove to After the Gold Rush, a dive bar in Tempe near Arizona State University that had concerts, and managed to secure a spot up front. Debbie hadn't performed live regularly since Blondie's disastrous (and aborted) tour for "The Hunter" in 1982, and the one time we'd seen her live since -- on "Saturday Night Live" promoting "Rockbird" in early '87 -- she was shaky and a bit out of shape, so we were expecting the worst.

But then there she was on stage, the "old" Debbie -- natural and gorgeous, with her trademark dark roots and sky-high cheekbones -- and she sounded absolutely incredible, busting out an impressive set list that included everything from "Dreaming" and "Rapture" to "(I'm Always Touched by Your) Presence Dear" and "Cautious Lip" -- and even "Liar, Liar"! All of my doubts about my memories of that night were finally put to rest once, though, when I stumbled upon two clips from that exact era -- one from when Debbie was playing a series of sold-out shows at the Borderline in London, and one from when she and Chris were in Vancouver and I confirmed that I was right: she looked and sounded incredible. 


See for yourself here, above.

And above. 

Radiant on Terry Wogan's show.

Breathtakingly gorgeous with Paula Yates

I'm thinking she had her first facelift between "Rockbird" and "Def, Dumb and Blonde" because that jawline is too good to be "true" here.

Still looking good

BBC1's Newsroom Southeast host Cathy McGowan really grills Deb, but she seems to take it in stride.

 She looked and sounded OK on on Arsenio Hall, but the first part of this interview is excruciating!

By 1990, she's losing it a bit -- that "mascot" is out of control -- but she does reveal to an Australian talk show host what her two favorite Madonna songs are.


And while I'm at it, I had never seen Debbie on "Kids Are People Too," from 1980. Her too-brief answers are strangely charming -- and those kids ask some great questions!


 And what about this bizarre chat? Russel Harty is apparently known for being a dick, and listen to him berate her about "Videodrome," which she is there to promote.

Her appearance promoting "Videodrome" on David Letterman is vintage (awkward) Deb ... and Dave.

And finally, Debbie's 2010 appearance on the Australian edition of "60 Minutes" is worth a look. How did I miss this story about "In the Flesh" becoming a smash Down Under when the DJ accidentally played the B-side of their debut, "X Offender"? She hasn't gotten any better at interviews over the years -- and you'll positively cringe as she tells her totally not true Ted Bundy story in explicit detail!

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Morning Wood

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hey, Gay Rights Movement

 You're lookin' good! 

Caption Me

Fools Rush In

Another stellar day for cable news. Less-partisan CNN's numbers are at an all-time low, but people were saying they turn to them when they want "hard" news. Guess not. Full recap of the incompetence HERE.

RIP, Susan Tyrrell

The husky-voiced actress, who was nominated for an Oscar for "Fat City," was 67. Read her L.A. Times obit HERE.

Killer Blow

Two-time champion Rafael Nadal was just stunned in the second round of Wimbledon, by unknown Lukas Rosol, in a dramatic five-set battle. Way to hold your nerve, Mr. Rosol!

Thursday Ad Watch

 No argument from me.

ObamaCare for Dummies

 The Simpson explain the health-care ruling HERE.

THESE are good, too!

Rainbow Shame

 Like any self-respecting gay would eat that much sugar ... during the summer.

(For their part, Kraft stands behind the cookie.)

Of course, you can't be gay and fat. But God forbid you want to do a bump of coke at your local gay-pride parade ... you'll hear all about it!

Your Tax Dollars at Work

 I saw this while traveling to Hawaii, then noticed it had gone viral on Facebook. Guess I won't be visiting Frankenmuth anytime soon!

Chris Long Sports a 'Stache

Holy 1977, guys: The return of the mustache seems to be for real -- and not just on hipsters. Saw lots of 'em at the Gay Pride parade last weekend, and jocks seem to be on-board, too. First Mets slugger Daniel Murphy tried one on for size. Now St. Louis Rams defensive end Chris Long, famous for his enormous schlong, is looking mighty fine in a 'stache/love patch combo. He's a regular chip of the old block, that one. You may remember dad Howie briefly sported a thick 'stache when he was playing for the L.A. Raiders in the early '90s -- someone invite to a family dinner over there! Photo from HERE.

Baby Steps?

 I'm relieved that the Supreme Court ruled correctly on this bullshit challenge to "Obamacare." It was yet again another 5-4 ruling, but Chief Justice Roberts did the country a huge service by putting an end to these party-line votes. (Thanks a lot, Justice Kennedy. Keep that one away from gay marriage, will ya?) But as the media touts this as a huge victory for Democrats, I can't help but agree -- if by "Democrats" they mean the health insurance industry. I don't see how, but here's hoping this is the first step toward a single-payer system, the only real solution to this health-care crisis crippling America.

When Harry Met Shilling

Debbie Harry was interviewed recently at the Cannes International Ad Festival, where Blondie performed at the Grey Legends of Music seminar. (Read HERE.) I found it funny that while she said she didn't think it was "selling out" for artists to lend their songs to commercials ("I appreciate that they are making some dough"), she claimed she couldn't remember ever appearing in any advertisements herself, yet I can think of three off the top of my head. The reporter didn't say a thing -- way to research your article, Laura Petrecca of USA Today! -- so allow me to be of some help: 

Debbie's 1980 Murjani by Gloria Vanderbilt commercials were classic -- "When you know where you're going, you know what to wear" -- and the source of the "only real money" she ever made, according to Chris Stein. " Once commercials meant losing your status," Debbie told People magazine in 1981, discussing the Murjani campaign. "Today it's just the opposite. They're terrific advertisements for yourself. They capitalize on your identity." (Keep an eye out for John Lurie of the Lounge Lizards!)


This one featured the famous "Hot Pockets"! (How much you wanna bet young Anderson Cooper put Mom up to casting Deb?!)


In 1986 she inexplicably did an ad for Sara Lee, going on and on about how much she loved French bread. (I won't comment on that, but the "Rockbird" era photos say it all!)

And then there was this print ad for L.A. Eyeworks -- “A face is like a work of art. It deserves a great frame" --shot by Greg Gorman. The long-running campaign also featured Andy Warhol, Grace Jones, Frank Zappa, Johnny Rotten, David Hockney, John Waters, Mike Piazza, Joey Arias and many others.

Not to mention this cartoonish 1979 print ad for Ampex cassette tapes featuring Debbie and the Blondie boys:

UPDATE: With thanks to Toby, who reminds us of Debbie's 1987 ad for Hush Puppies(!):

UPDATE 2: With thanks to Ross, who sent me this Canada Dry ad from a Dutch/German(?) magazine!!!