Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Revisiting 'Mean Girls'

"Mean Girls" is 10 years old today -- and while I remember seeing it, I honestly do not remember one thing about it other than it being sort of a ripoff of "Never Been Kissed" and everyone talking about how this Lindsay Lohan (whom I'd never heard of) might become as big as Hilary Duff (whom I had). Hardcore fans can visit FilmExperience blog for a smorgasbord of anniversary material, including a whole podcast/DVD commentary (and it happens to be the last day to watch the movie on Netflix Instant Watch!) HERE, a Regina vs. Casy poll HERE, the film's best shots HERE, and a look at the depiction of "home-schooled freaks" written by someone who was home-schooled HERE!!!

UPDATE: Unlike me, Boy Culture remembers the film VIVIDLY.

Not Just a Gigolo

I must admit, I was a lot more excited about this first-person essay by a Columbia student in his school newspaper in which he reveals his secret life as a prostitute before I found out he services women. Read HERE.

Micah McCain Gets a Callback!

My friend and YouTube sensation Micah McCain is back -- once again named a critics' pick by TimeOut New York!
MICAH McCAIN returns to the stage of The Duplex Cabaret Theater, after his SOLD OUT NYC Cabaret debut: HEY GURL! and his premiere performance of B.C. with two shows added of: BROADWAY CREDITS! Why is it called BROADWAY CREDITS?...because sometimes, when you're trying to star in a Broadway show in New York, the only way to get Broadway credits on your resume, is to actually do a show called "Broadway Credits" and put that on there!. COME CHECK IT OUT. It's gonna be hysterical evenings of cocktails and Laura Benanti side-eyed exits...SET TO MUSIC!  
*TWO FINAL performances:  
May 05, 2014 7:00 p.m.
May 16, 2014 9:30 p.m.
The Duplex Cabaret Theater, 61 Christopher Street (at 7th Avenue) New York, NY 10014 
Get tickets HERE.

Barnes & Noble: Gone by New Year’s?

More depressing news for bookstore lovers. New York Times best-selling author Michael Levin writes that if you have a Barnes & Noble gift card, you might want to use it soon:
It’s bad news for people who love books. It’s worse news for the next generation of readers, who may never experience buying a book in a bookstore. B&N has been closing about 20 stores per year since 2012 and has said it will continue to do so for the next several years. But its financial position is bleak. This follows a decades-long period of expansion, moving into neighborhoods where privately-owned bookstores thrived, destroying those stores with cut-price best-sellers, and all but owning the book business. Borders collapsed because of poor choices -- weak locations, an overemphasis on music, and, worst of all, selling off its online bookstore to Amazon for $20 million in the 1990s. Chump change, by today’s standards. So why is B&N on the ropes if it has virtually no competition today from chains or privately owned bookstores?
Read HERE.

RIP: Bob Hoskins Is Dead at 71

Bob Hoskins was great in everything he was in, but he was never more lovable than opposite Cher in "Mermaids," one of the most underrated films around. You will be missed. Read his NYT obituary HERE.

All That and a Bag of Chips

   Eric Decker can even make being a coach potato seem hot.

‘The Very Best of Adam Lambert’ Will Be Released In May

Is it a CD single? From HERE.

Men's Mag Threeway

Watch Tom Hardly take it off HERE.

The magazine industry is struggling, but god love 'em for putting all of these handsome men out front to lure us into paying attention. Now can I admit I have never seen Tom Hardy in anything, know who Aaron Taylor-Johnson is or heard of Nylon Guys magazine?

What's Next for Michael Alig?

David Hershkovits writes for Paper magazine about the infamous Club Kid :
Imagine being at the center of the nightlife universe: you're Manhattan's biggest party promoter, the subject of conversation, cover stories and TV talk shows, the leader of a band of misfits carrying lunch boxes and looking like the love children of Minnie Pearl and Krusty the Clown. You're the very essence of what has become defined as "New York nightlife." OK. Now you've imagined the infamous Michael Alig. And then imagine that you become addicted to a range of substances and your thin grasp of reality becomes even thinner and you cross the line and you kill a friend who's also a drug dealer, cut him up and throw him in the river but go on as if nothing happened, dropping hints here and there, wanting everyone to know about your latest bad boy extravagance but also being scared of actually getting caught. And then one day body parts come floating up on Staten Island -- the remains of your friend and dealer, Angel Melendez -- and your evil deed is discovered. 
 Keep reading HERE.

Touch and Go

Man Arrested for Sexual Assault on Traverse City Beach 

Why does this story from!) sound so familiar?
Traverse City Police arrested a man who they believe was responsible for a sexual assault on the Volleyball Court Beach on West Bay yesterday. According to police, the female victim was lying on the beach when the suspect, Noah Randall, approached her from behind, asking her if she would like a "massage.".When the woman declined the offer, Randall reached down and grabbed her. He then left the area on a bicycle.

Morning Wood

Page 1 Consider (04/30)

Song of the Day: 'The Tower' by Wye Oak

The most divine thing to come out of Balitmore since John Waters movies ...
Download the new album, "Shriek," HERE.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pop to It

Want to own a piece of art history? The last Andy Warhol Time Capsule from 1986/87 will go to auction on May 1. Have a look inside HERE


Because you know how those gays love to FLAUNT IT.

Prince Harry Dumps Girlfriend

People magazine is reporting that Prince Harry and girlfriend Cressida Bonas have broken up, after dating for nearly two years. Her loss is our gain, though. as we all know he's way more fun when he's single. REMEMBER?

Mug Shot Tuesday

     Bad boys never looked so good.

Confessions of a Tennis Fanboy

After yesterday's smokin' Slobodan Zivojinovic post, I may need to have a weekly Tennis Memories grab bag! Here's another email I got yesterday:
Ken: I had press credentials for the 1984 U.S. Claycourt Championships in Indianpolis when I was way young. It was a mixed event, and it was Sabatini's first tournament--what a stick she was. Nobody in the press room wanted to talk to her, though, after her third round loss to Lisa Bonder. I recall Zina Garrison was very nice. I fanboyed over Joanne Russell. I noticed Sukova's hot temper. Temesvari was a glamour gal, and it was noted that eventual winner Maleeva was no fan of hers. Pam Casale was a dramatic hothead. As for the men, your Bobo article reminded me of how hot he was in person. Also extremely hot to me, watching them shirtless throughout the grounds were Vilas and even Tiriac, Edmondon, eventual champ Andres Gomez (I can STILL see those tiny black short shorts and him shirtless, practicing.) Oh, the state I've worked myself into going down this memory lane.

I remember people telling my old boyfriend Rafael that he looked just like Andres Gomez!


A thousand bucks for a three-bedroom Tudor? As they say in Detroit, get out your chaRRRRge caRRRd

Browse and bid HERE.


Wow. Such a rookie mistake by the Grey Lady.

Tennis (Magazine), Anyone?

As I move all of my magazine subscriptions to my iPad, I've been going crazy that TENNIS isn't available. So when the new issue arrived in the mail yesterday, with a shirtless Novak Djokovic on the cover pouring his heart out about his desire to conquer Roland Garros, I couldn't resist a snarky tweet about the paper it's printed on. Times are tough for magazines these day, but this stuff is so thin that the words bleed through from the other side, so I had to complain that I can barely read it anymore, even with my readers on. TENNIS immediately contacted me to let me know that the mag is in fact now available in a tablet edition, just not through the iTunes store where I was searching. Can't say I blame them -- or Out and The Advocate -- for using other third-party vendors and not letting Apple take all of their profits. So TENNIS fans rejoice: You can now subscribe -- 12 issues for $14.99 -- via Magzter by clicking HERE.

TENNIS is still in beta, as these questionable quotes show!

Panic of Fans

The Sunday London Times does Debbier right, but I'm not sure I'm ready for another full-on Blondie assault. Wasn't "Panic of Girls" just the other day?

Song of the Day: 'It's Only Love' by the Beatles

Neither John Lennon (its actual writer) nor Paul McCartney were fans -- "I always thought it was a lousy song. The lyrics were abysmal. I always hated that song," said Lennon, while McCartney explained: "Sometimes we didn't fight it if the lyric came out rather bland on some of those filler songs like 'It's Only Love.' If a lyric was really bad we'd edit it, but we weren't that fussy about it, because it's only a rock 'n' roll song. I mean, this is not literature" -- but I've always loved it. That Westville in Chelsea uses it as its hold music means I get to hear it a lot, too.

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Morning Wood

Owen Daniels Displays His Treasure Trail at last summer's training camp.