Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sam the Butchered

  It sucks that Michael Sam got cut by the St. Louis Rams -- and was passed over by every other team in the NFL -- but at least it wasn't because he runs like a girl. #progress

Sunday Worship

  F**k. Me. Now. Almost as hot as THIS.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

The right has done a brilliant job of demonizing unions, so much so that even a large percentage of middle and left-leaning types have begun to question their usefulness and relevance today. But as a proud member of the CWA, I encourage you to dig a little deeper before you write them off. Monday's holiday is just the tip of the iceberg.

Friday, August 29, 2014

On the Rag, Vol. 318

A weekly look at what's making news in the free gay mags:

Grab (Chicago) says summer's not over yet / Online edition HERE.

Next: Meet six "icons" of New York's gay scene / Read HERE.

Get Out! magazine: Taylor Dayne is back, but is she any fun without Tig Notaro? Read HERE.

Metro Weekly (DC): An interview with "Love Is Strange" director Ira Sachs / Read HERE.

Echo: Phoeinx artist Brandon McGill finds his niche in body painting / Read HERE.

Blouse of Cards

In case you missed it. (I only learned about this a few weeks ago!)

Watch: Eric Decker Shaves His Preseason Mustache

Well, today just became the worst day of my life. Click HERE.

Sign Language

Can I Keep Him, Mom? Pleeeeeease!!!!

If Mary had had this little lamb, I'd stolen it right out from under her.


Date With Destiny?

Grigor Dimitrov is looking like a champion, defeating Dudi Sela 6-1, 6-2, 6-2 for a spot in the third round. With Rafael Nadal injured, plus Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray not quite in top form, many people think Roger Federer is the favorite to win this year. I certainly wouldn't mind that, but I'd really love to see a new face come out on top. What do you think?

Suddenly, 'Last Weekend'

I remember when I started blogging one of the first people I met through it was Tom Dolby. At the time, he was a very young man who had recently released his first novel, "The Trouble Boy," and we were exchanging ideas on "making it" in the big city. Cut to nearly a decade later and Tom has written/edited a half-dozen books -- including a successful YA series -- and has recently added screenwriter and director to his impressive resume. His first film, "Last Weekend," opens in New York City today at IFC and sounds right up my alley:

When an affluent matriarch (Patricia Clarkson) gathers her dysfunctional family for a holiday at their Northern California lake house, her carefully constructed weekend begins to come apart at the seams, leading her to question her own role in the family.
Various Q&A sessions with the principals are lined up. To purchase tickets, click HERE. To watch the film on demand at home, click HERE.

Congrats, Tom!

In Praise of Ernests Gulbis

More of the Latvian dreamboat HERE.

Double Decker

Two more shots of Eric Decker's magical mustache.

Song of the Day: 'Holiday Road' by Lindsey Buckingham

I'm not going anywhere this holiday weekend -- the MRI revealed the source of my excruciating pain: a herniated disk -- but I hope you have a swimming time wherever you are.

Morning Wood

Page 1 Consider (08/29)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Serb and Volley

For the first time in 16 years, I don't have tickets to the U.S. Open. My back probably couldn't handle those seats anyway, but I do totally feel like I'm missing a limb.

Boy (Culture) Meets World

OMG -- you have to watch this adorable clip of Linda Simpson interviewing a young Matthew Rettenmund about his first novel, "Boy Culture" ... guaranteed to leave you longing for the days when floppy hair and Chris O'Donnell were all the rage.

Game for Cock

Well, my lust for Cole Stoudt seems to have made quite a splash down in South Carolina -- although there's apparently a hunky-quarterback rivalry between him and Gamecock Dylan Thompson (below). Read HERE!

He can call my signal any time he wants.


Born in New York City (November 21, 1907 – June 18, 1998)

More HERE.

Court of Opinion

Yesterday I was lamenting the possibility of trying to figure out how to watch Amazon shows on my television. Today I learned I must figure it out.

"Red Oaks" 
From executive producer Steven Soderbergh, this coming-of-age comedy follows a young assistant tennis pro at Red Oaks Country Club in suburban New Jersey in 1985 and the misfit co-workers and wealthy club members he meets — including an alluring art student and her corporate-raider father (Paul Reiser).
Apparently Amazon will air five pilots over the Labor Day weekend -- including "Red Oaks" -- and then wait for feedback from viewers before deciding which ones to order full seasons of. This one is a no-brainer for me, but I wonder what the general public will say. "Phenom"(!) wasn't exactly a smash, you may recall, and tennis movies tend to be the worst!

Not-in-the-Black Comedy

I'm totally going to see THIS!

Oral Argument

Man wearing tuxedo fired gun at couple for interrupting oral sex he allegedly paid for in alley: police

The only reason this didn't happen in Florida is because there was a classy outfit involved. Read HERE.

Mister Ed

A pal sent me a link to more shots of yesterday's Hollywood Hunk of the Day. It seems Ed Fury did nudity and homoerotic photo shoots, too. See HERE.

Slam Drunk

First Manhattan Denny's to serve $300 version of its Grand Slam wake-up with bottle of Dom Perignon 

Just what we need. Look for Michael Bloomberg to have his own table with a velvet rope around it. Read HERE.

Eric Decker Scores With New Mustache

It's as if Eric Decker sits up at night trying to figure out what he can do to torture me. Watching the Jets just got a lot more entertaining ...

You're All Wet

Everyone's acting like the Michael Sam and the lockerroom shower report was so out of line, but Viv Bernstein makes a compelling argument for why it was completely reasonable -- and even helpful. Read HERE.

Song of the Day: 'Compl├Ętement Fou' by Yelle

Kinda fun, huh? Reminds me of my beloved Ivy if they went eletronic pop.