Saturday, October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween!

Just three more days until we have a chance to bring this horror show to an end. 

Saturday 'Stache

Oh, boy. The only thing bigger than Brady’s mustache is HIS BODY.

Friday, October 30, 2020

Remains of the Day (10/30)

These cuties have my vote! 

Yes, yes, yes 

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Superspreader in chief strikes again 

This is not who we are as a nation 

Disheartening to realize just how heavily the deck is stacked against us now

Glenn Greenwald's descent into bothsides madness reaches its natural conclusion  

EIC Betsy Reed: We have no doubt that Glenn will go on to launch a new media venture where he will face no collaboration with editors -- such is the era of Substack and Patreon. In that context, it makes good business sense for Glenn to position himself as the last true guardian of investigative journalism and to smear his longtime colleagues and friends as partisan hacks. We get it. But facts are facts, and The Intercept’s record of fearless, rigorous, independent journalism speaks for itself. 

Angry Staffer: Tucker literally went from “with these documents (when I find them), I will bring the Biden campaign to its knees!” to “Hunter is a good dude who I used to know, and yeah, he might have some demons, but his wife is lovely and let’s not pile on to his pain” in less than 24 hours. 

There's really no end to how awful men can be


Unprecedented obstruction

Republicans’ only way to win is to stop people from voting 

As long as you're not trying too hard ... 

Because "Clash of the Titans" and "Making Love" turned us gay 

He's still trying to figure out if he's bi or pansexual 

If we hold on for four more days, will things go our way?

On the Rag, Vol. 630

A weekly look at what's making news in the gay magazines:

Dallas Voice: Trick or treat?

Between the Lines: Guide to Election Night

Song of the Day: 'Accidents Will Happen' by Elvis Costello and the Attractions

The main Attraction looks back on his mistakes -- and the real meaning behind his 1979 song:

Several songs influenced me during the writing of “Accidents.” The drama and scale of the song was swayed by Burt Bacharach and Hal David’s “Anyone Who Had a Heart.” Though their song doesn’t resemble “Accidents” in any way, I wanted their bell-tolling sensation in the chorus that the Attractions’ Steve Nieve articulated well on keyboards. 

The other inspiration was a lyric line -- “I don’t want to hear it”-- from Randy Newman’s “I Don’t Want to Hear It Anymore.” Dusty Springfield recorded it on her 1969 “Dusty in Memphis” album. I used the line in my chorus: 

“Accidents will happen / We only hit and run / I don’t want to hear it / ’Cause I know what I’ve done.”

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Page 1 Roundup (10/30)

Crazy Donald tried to end Halkbank investigation after repeated lobbying from Erdogan 

A five-disc Joni Mitchell archival collection traces the beginnings of one of the most daring trajectories in popular music.

Bob Biggs, Los Angeles punk-rock entrepreneur, dies at 74

Morning Wood

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Out Ex-College Football Player Jake Bain Accuses Father of Widespread Abuse

Jake Bain, who made headlines as a rare openly gay high school and then Division I college football player, took to social media Thursday to level a series of accusations against his father, Eric Bain.

He writes:
I have in my possession over 20 pages of court documents, detailing the abuse that me, and many others endured at the hands of my father. To protect the confidentiality of those who are mentioned in these documents, I won't release them to the public. However, I believe that [it] should be public knowledge that while working as a high school basketball coach at both Westminster Christian Academy, and MICDS [Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School], two well known private schools in Saint Louis, MO, my father was found to be showering with other students, emailing inappropriately with students about things a coach or teacher should never be talking to kids about, and would have students to his house for "sleepovers." It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that none of this behavior is appropriate for any adult to be displaying. To my knowledge, my father is still coaching basketball at the AAU level in Saint Louis, so I urge anyone who is either employing him to coach, or allowing him to use their facilities, to please stop, so this behavior does not continue. 

Eric Bain flanked by his sons Jake, left, and Trevor (via Instagram)

The allegations are somewhat fuzzy -- where are these court documents filed? are the police involved? is there an ongoing investigation of his father? -- but they are clearly disturbing. According to Eric Bain's LinkedIn, he currently works in training at the St. Louis Basketball Academy.

Although Jake doesn't explicitly say his father sexually abused him, one can connect the dots when revisiting an Instagram post from May that read:
To those of you who are victims of sexual abuse, I’m with you. I know how you may be feeling. I want you to know that you are not alone. I too fear falling asleep, drifting into the unknown depths of my own deepest thoughts and feelings as I toss and turn each night, fighting off the man who scarred me so deeply. Waking up to a sweat-filled bed, left with the fleeting thoughts and feelings of what we had to endure and carry on with us. These scars of which I fear most, are also a constant reminder that I got through it. I persevered. We are warriors, and just when you think you can’t do it anymore... fight a little longer. Reach out to others for help. Don’t be afraid to feel vulnerable. Know that this was not your fault, and does not define who you are. It’s just another hurdle in your path, and no matter how you get over, under, or around that hurdle, once you cross the finish line, you will be so much stronger because of it. Love you all♥️ #metoo
Jake Bain, who was profiled in the New York Times and appeared on Ellen DeGeneres's talk show, left Indiana State University and football in 2019 citing a need to address mental health issues. The 21-year-old -- who now identifies as pansexual -- calls himself an "LGBTQ+ Advocate / Model" on his social media and lists NC State as his current school.

I have reached out to both Jake and Eric Bain and will update if I hear back. Jake's brother Trevor declined to comment.

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Remains of the Day (10/29)

A day after we found out Alexander Zverev forgot to pull out comes disturbing news that another ex has accused him of physically abusing her on more than one occasion 

UPDATE: Here is Zverev's statement regarding the two situations 

Fear not. UPS says it found the mystery package

Anxiety, drug use, depression plague the LGBTQ community, putting them at a higher risk in the pandemic.

Facing gap, Donny camp tries to make voting harder 

Right-wing fraudsters Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman ordered to call back robocall victims, admit messages were false and illegal 

Just as we thought -- he totally made it up 

Members of the U.S. Senate had to put out a report warning the American public not to pay attention to the so-called president of the United States if and when he tries to bogusly claim victory on Election Night before all the ballots are counted. How did we end up here?

Joe Biden lets LGBTQ Americans know we are a priority 

So this one isn't dining with Vlad? 

What does it say about our system that he can avoid facing justice on this list of alleged crimes if he IS re-elected?

Reminder: Five more days, everyone. Five more days.



Maybe the expression should be changed to politics makes hot bedfellows.  

Vehicular Assault


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Thursday Ad Watch: Marius Copil


Although Huawei is probably spying on all of us, it's nice to see tennis players not named Federer or McEnroe getting endorsements! 

Songs of the Day: 'Suspense' by Slow Children vs. 'Think Too Much' by Paul Simon

Today's songs of the day -- plural -- were selected after a friend updated his Facebook status to read:

Is anybody else in a really dark place about what might happen next week (not just the election itself, but the repercussions of the election)? If so, DM me. Maybe we can support each other. At least I'll find out I'm not the only one.

He's DEFINITELY not alone. I've been letting my mind wander places it shouldn't go, sleeping as poorly as I'm eating, and doing little else to take care of myself. (Eating mint Girl Scout cookies is the same as brushing your teeth, right?) But despite the scar tissue from 2016 --  which was an entirely different situation --  the polls indicate that things are definitely looking good.

So while I have this Slow Children song on a constant loop in my head, with its fitting refrain "the suspense is making me sick" ...

Damian has sought to calm my nerves with this Paul Simon rejoinder. 

Five more days, everyone! xo

Page 1 Roundup (10/29)

Gretchen WhitmerThe plot to kidnap me

Morning Wood


Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Remains of the Day (10/28)

Miles Taylor, a former Homeland Security official, reveals he was ‘Anonymous’ 

For only a Democrat is a SEVEN point lead 'narrow'  ... others say it's eight

One day the full story of Justice Kennedy's involvement in this depravity will emerge 

Hundreds of Trump supporters stranded in freezing temperatures after Omaha rally due to poor planning; 7 taken to hospitals 

I hope Liz Warren becomes a huge player in the next Democratic administration -- she should have been our next president

Perls of wisdom  

RIP. Revisit when Daniel accidentally 'reviewed' my pals the Skivvies 

I want to believe people like this are dying off, but then I see the sad sacks at Donny's rallies and realize it's simply not true 

Because we all need a stress reliever these final few days 

Reminder: Just six more days. If you're like me and voting in person on Tuesday, here is a useful list from the ACLU. 

Wrestle Wednesday


Take it OFF, big boy.

Song of the Day: 'Mr. Bojangles' by Jerry Jeff Walker

This one is in memory of country musician Jerry Jeff Walker, who died of cancer Friday at a hospital in Austin, Texas, at 78. Although he never had a Top 40 hit on the pop or country charts, his best-known composition -- "Mr. Bojangles, which everyone of a certain age knows by heart -- became a standard, and he became a mainstay of the outlaw country movement. RIP. Read his NYT obituary HERE

Page 1 Roundup (10/28)

Page SixSavannah Guthrie parlaying town hall moderator gig into new NBC deal

Pajiba: Mark-Paul Gosselaar dusted off the frosting kit

The Washington PostBallrooms, candles and luxury cottages: During Crazy Donald' term, millions of government and GOP dollars have flowed to his properties

Former U.S. attorneys -- all Republicans -- back Biden, saying Trump threatens ‘the rule of law’

‘Moderate’ Joe Biden has become the most progressive nominee in history

Morning Wood


Los Angeles Dodgers Win 2020 World Series

The Dodgers topped the Rays in Game 6, to claim their first World Series title since 1988. I don't know anything about baseball, but I'm giving the MVP award to Kike Hernandez, if not for his skills on the field then for his experimental facial hair and TWERKING abilities. 😎😎