Thursday, January 27, 2022



Doctor! Doctor! Can't you see I'm burning, burning? More skin BELOW.

Thursday Ad Watch


I don't know about you. But if this guy showed up to repair my plumbing, I'd start shoving celery stalks down the garbage disposal in hopes of never letting him leave. Watch HERE.

Song of the Day: 'Rich Girl' by Hall and Oates


This song -- not unlike Daryl Hall's look -- is as fresh today as it was 45 years ago! See where "Rich Girl" ranked when I polled my readers about favorite Hall and Oates songs back in 2008 HERE.

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Morning Wood

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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Scouting Down Under


I haven't a clue what to expect from the remainder of the Aussie Open. On paper, Barty and Medvedev should still win the trophies. In my fantasy, Keys and Tsitsipas would capture their first majors, finally living up to their potential. But with my luck, Collins -- the 21st century's answer to Bonnie Gadusek -- and Nadal will end up winning it all, the latter of whom being almost fitting seeing as Djokovic didn't even give himself a chance because he is so painfully Serbian. Leave me a comment if you have any idea what's going to happen.

Meme Spirited


I'll be home soon, Harvey!

Wrestle Wednesday


The Buckeyes have probably had a hard time filling this one's singlet. More BELOW.

Song of the Day: 'Tomahawks' by Killer Pussy


While I don't miss the socially acceptable homophobia, I sure wouldn't mind spending a little time back in the "good old days," when my parents were healthy, my brother was alive and records like this made all the bad things in the world disappear in three-minute increments. 

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Morning Wood


Are pecs on the menu? Shirt comes off BELOW.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Arizona Sighways


While these photos from Damian have me more homesick than ever, I am feeling pretty great that my mom and I were able to bring my stepfather (Gary) home from the rehab facility yesterday. (The poor guy has been in hospital beds since Dec. 9.) Although he's confined to a shell-like brace around his torso -- he had a tumor removed from his spine on Dec. 29 -- he's a real trooper and is already getting around with the help of a walker. This afternoon I am driving my mother an hour each way to Tucson to get her twice-a-year Prolia shot. (Osteoporosis.) First thing Wednesday, I am driving Gary an hour each way to meet with his oncologist in Mesa -- a stone's throw from where we lived from 1979-1990 -- to map out a plan to treat his cancer. And then on Friday I'm driving him to his surgeon's office -- an hour each way -- to have the sutures removed from his back. Not bad for a NYC boy who hasn't driven regularly since 1992! xo

Tennis Tuesday

If this is supposed to be funny, consider me far more titillated than amused. Two more BELOW.

Song of the Day: 'Walking on the Moon' by the Police

Although I think Sirius/XM Radio gives the Police an outsize presence, its doing so has reminded me that I do like a lot of songs by Sting and the boys, of whom I generally think of myself as being a rather casual fan. When I saw them live in 1983 -- a spur-of-the-moment invite from a junior high friend I had grown apart from -- at the height of their popularity, I really only went because the Thompson Twins (and Madness) were opening! 

Interesting to note that the song hit No. 1 in the U.K. while not charting in the U.S. Its predecessor, "Message in a Bottle," also hit No. 1 in the U.K. but stalled at No. 74 here. Perhaps this disparity -- five No. 1 and 15 Top 20 singles across the pond versus just one No. 1 and eight Top 20 in the U.S. -- explains why Richard Blade puts more of an emphasis on the band than I ever did.

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Morning Wood

More of his 6-3, 245-pound frame BELOW.

Monday, January 24, 2022

Weekend Tennis Roundup

Week two of the Australian Open is under way as I write this. And with so many upsets and surprises in both the men's and women's draws, it's anyone's guess who will come out victorious. In the meantime, check out all the highlights on and off the court Down Under BELOW.

Manspread Monday


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Song of the Day: 'There Is a Light That Never Goes Out' by Dum Dum Girls

You know I'm a sucker for a fun gender reasSONGment.

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Morning Wood


Cornfed for your pleasure. Two more BELOW.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Sunday Funnies

At least the internet was good for one thing.