Friday, November 30, 2012

West in Show

Wasn't really sure if bathhouses still existed in this post-Grindr world, but this ad in Get Out! Weekly shows they are alive and well.  In fact, the West Side Club even has a Facebook page!

(See the East Side Club ad HERE.)

The White Party

   President Obama had Mitt Romney over for lunch at the White House, a tradition that Jon Stewart thinks is kind of rubbing it in the loser's face. Of course, Romney undoubtedly pointed out that all but one of his 10 houses has more square footage that the president's digs. (Romney's ski chalet in Aspen only sleeps 10!)

On the Rag, Vol. 227

A weekly look at what's making news in the free gay rags:

Get Out! features Mike Ruiz and Martin Berusch, who both like it doggy style. Online edition HERE.

Next marks World AIDS Day with a profile of people living with HIV, like cover man Daniel Logan. Read HERE.

Metro Weekly: As the new head of OutServe-SLDN, Allyson Robinson is opening new fronts in the fight for full equality in the military. Read HERE.

Castration Model Not Nuts, But Is Guilty

Relieved to see that at least one jury in America is not completely stupid. The New York Post reports:
A Manhattan murder jury today convicted a Portuguese underwear model of bludgeoning and then castrating his sugar daddy with a corkscrew in their Times Square hotel room last year. It took just over a day for the six-man, six-woman jury to reject the insanity defense of Renato Seabra in the lurid case. The lithe, ivory-complected Seabra was only 21 when he admittedly strangled and beat his lover, Carlos Castro, a wealthy and influential fashion writer who at 65 was three times his killer's age.
Tragedy all the way around. Keep reading HERE.

Meanwhile, the case against that tennis lineswoman accused of bludgeoning her husband to death with a coffee mug has been DROPPED!

Preview Season 2 of 'Girls'

Can't wait for this to return so I can continue to hate-watch!

Naked Boys Rowing

I met Ben Cohen last night at the Out 100 party -- photo with his arm around me TK -- so the least I can do is mention this calendar featuring the University of Warwick Rowing Club that benefits the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation. (I would have never mentioned it otherwise.) Order your "Brokeback Boathouse" calendar HERE.

Mitt for Brains

The folks over at Larry King's Internet talk show sent me this clip titled "Former Romney Spokesperson Richard Grenell on Why He Left the Romney Campaign." But isn't the real question Why Did You Ever Have Anything to Do With It in the First Place? Watch HERE.


By now you've probably heard about Larry DePrimo, the young New York City police officer whose act of kindness -- buying a freezing homeless man a pair of shoes Skeechers -- has made him the toast of the town. Mayor Bloomberg is quick to point out that the men in blue perform selfless acts every day -- no doubt he's right -- but if you haven't heard Larry's story yet, it's still worth checking out HERE

Curtain Comes Down on Stage Deli

  Sad to read that the famed Stage Deli -- a staple in Midtown Manhattan since 1937 -- shut down for good last night, citing the recession and rising rents.. I used to work two doors down from it in the late '90s and early '00s and while I was more of a regular at Hello Deli -- hi to Rupert and May if you're reading! -- the times I was able to have a sit-down meal at Stage were always a delight. Read HERE.

Eric Decker Bulge Report

As you may have read here, Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker's fiancée claims his dick is a third leg. A kind reader has submitted these three photos below to support the theory -- and I've selected the, um, header photo above. What do you think?

Song of the Day: 'Heart and Soul' by T'Pau

 One of my favorite singles from the late '80s, just after the New Wave began to fade and but before grunge took over. And is anyone in the mood for a little Expose or Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam?

Leaving a Mark

 Let's hope Mark Sanchez is better at serving food to the needy than he is at playing football. Read HERE.

Morning Wood

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mug Shot Thursday

   Vote for your favorite bad boy HERE.

Thorn in My Side

 With a guy selling these on every street corner, is this completely necessary? (Via Gothamist)

A Diss Is Still a Diss

 Some feel this correction in the Wall Street Journal wasn't exactly necessary!

Take the P to the B

This isn't too far from what my friend Christopher recently witnessed, which he was convinced had to be performance art.

He writes: 
The crown goes to this pig, who combines the revolting mouth noises of apple eating with the stench of peanut butter in a crowded subway car. Good thing she's got a utensil to scrape out the crunchy PB scum. She actually took out a second apple when she was done with this one but I spared you. The soundtrack is purely to mask intimate subway conversation being held next to her, because non-pigs deserve privacy.

Eric Decker Has an Enormous Schlong

I swear, I try not to be obsessive. But then my eagle-eyed readers keep digging up stuff and what's a blogger to do? As if Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker and his fiancee weren't already the couple I'd most like to see leak a sex tape, his boo adds this titillating detail about his legs to the mix:

The closest I can get to confirming this is HERE and HERE.

And when I say Eric Decker and his fiancee are the couple I'd most like to see make a sex tape, of course I mean actual couple ...

Alan Turing Biopic to Screen in Times Square

There will be a special screening of the Alan Turing biopic "Codebreaker" Thursday, Dec. 6 at 7:30 p.m. at the AMC Empire in Times Square. You may remember that Turing was the British computer science pioneer whose codebreaking helped turn the tide of the second World War, yet he was "rewarded" for his efforts by being prosecuted for being homosexual, and chemically castrated for his punishment. (He committed suicide shortly thereafter at 41.) A recent attempt at a posthumous pardon was denied when the court found that he was "properly convicted of what at the time was a criminal offense," although a new attempt is now underway. To get your ticket for the screening, click HERE.  To learn more, click HERE.

Man Thrown Out of Subway Restaurant for Being Muslim

Wow, this is really disgusting. Good thing the cops were there to "help." Welcome to Louisiana.
The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation's largest Muslim civil liberties organization, said today that it is calling on the SUBWAY restaurant chain to apologize to a Louisiana Muslim allegedly locked out of a sandwich shop in that state because of his faith.  
A retired 63-year-old U.S. citizen of South Asian heritage who lives in New Orleans reported to CAIR that on November 21, 2012, he and his wife stopped at the SUBWAY restaurant in Shreveport, La. Before ordering, they went to the restrooms in the facility. The husband exited the restroom first and went outside the restaurant to wait for his wife in anticipation of re-entering to order their food.  
While his wife was still inside the restaurant, the victim attempted to re-enter, but was blocked at the door by a female SUBWAY employee who allegedly asked him "Are you Muslim?" When the victim replied that he is indeed Muslim, the SUBWAY employee reportedly responded, "We can't serve you." The employee then went inside the restaurant and locked the door behind her. Fearing for his wife's safety and distraught at the violation of his civil rights, the man called 911.  
When the Shreveport Police Department arrived, an officer went inside the SUBWAY restaurant and later came out to tell the victim that the manager was "scared" of him and that he "better leave."
And by "better leave" I'm sure he meant the country. Read CAIR's letter to the sandwich chain HERE.

Garden Party

I get a lot of e-mails from out-of-towners looking for uniquely New York experiences to sample when visiting here, so I thought I would mention Rosemary's, a somewhat new restaurant in the West Village where Michael and I had the most charming early dinner the other weekend. (If you're a local and haven't heard about it, you're in for a treat, too.) The space -- which used to be my favorite paper/party/card store at the corner of 10th and Greenwich Avenue before it burned to the ground -- is roomy and inviting, like you would imagine Martha Stewart's summer home to be. But it's the state-of-the-art rooftop garden -- where much of the menu's produce is produced -- that will blow your mind. (Everyone's welcome to take the tour.) Something about seeing zucchini, dandelion greens and fresh tomatoes growing as a yellow cab whizzes by below just makes me smile, as did (most of) the food we ordered. My tuna appetizer didn't quite agree with my mouth -- perhaps it was the parsley or the cece fritti (whatever that is),  but Michael's heirloom tomato salad and the linguini with clams I had were as fresh and simple as they were utterly delicious. Rosemary's doesn't take reservations, and has become enormously popular (celebrity sightings are common), but I highly recommend it. Neither one of us was that hungry when we went, but saw an opening by slipping it right at 5 o'clock before the rush. Will definitely be going back to sample more. Visit HERE.

XXX Marks the Spot

Interesting debate going on in my 'hood. Is it cool for families to want to live in "trendy" gay neighborhoods, but then turn around and try to get rid of some of the (admittedly less savory) gay elements to "protect" their children? (My gut says no.) Read HERE.

Song of the Day: 'I Decided' by Solange

  Nothing Beyonce has ever recorded has ever done much for me. But sister Solange's "I Decided," with its '60s girl-group groove and through-the-ages video, is just about right.

'Naked' and Sacred

Some fun David Sedaris news for you: Popnography reports that one of the writer's stories will be adapted for the big screen for the first time ever. Sedaris has long refused to have anything to do with the big screen because he wanted to protect his (often-written-about) family. But when director Kyle Patrick Alvarez approached him about turning the story of his experiences as an apple picker in Oregon -- chronicled in the essay "C.O.G." in the bestselling "Naked" -- into a film, the funnyman was on board. (Sedaris' family isn't mentioned.) "C.O.G." is slated to premiere at the 2013 Sundance Dramatic Competition and will star two openly gay actors, Denis O'Hare and Jonathan Groff, as well as sexy Corey Stoll, whose mustache dazzled audiences as Ernest Hemingway in "Midnight in Paris." 

Morning Wood

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