Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rest & Relaxation

I'd never dreamed of being a rubber ducky -- until now ... (Photo spotted on WoolGatherer)

Picture Perfect

Just because the tabloids don't have a photo of Jennifer Aniston with her new man, Paul Sculfor, doesn't mean they can't run one for a hot cover story. (Gawker)

Friday, June 29, 2007


The Edwards camp is really turning up the gay charm. First Elizabeth Edwards marched in San Francisco's gay pride parade and announced she supports gay marriage, then John stopped by to visit the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center in West Hollywood yesterday (seen above with the center's CEO Lori L. Jean and government affairs director Curt Shepard). I'm impressed by the former senator's attempts to reach out to the gay community, but call me old-fashioned, I've decided I can't endorse him. I'm just not comfortable having a president I'd like to f**k. (Photo via QueerSighted)

Afternoon Delight: Chad White

I know, I know. These photos made the rounds a few weeks ago. But my friend Greg wanted me to pick up a copy of Chad White's June Tetu cover so he could make wallpapers out of these superhot photos, so I ended up scanning them myself. The top photo -- my personal favorite -- doesn't seem to be around on the 'Net anywhere, so consider it a bonus from this Johnny-come-lately.

  • Chad White Wallpaper
  • Chad White Does Out
  • Chad White: Perfect Fit
  • Morning Glory: Chad White
  • Critter Update

    For those of you who have been sweet enough to ask about my kitty, Troy, I just wanted to let you know that against all odds he is alive and well. As he was sleeping in my favorite (pretzel) pose this afternoon, I just had to take a camera-phone pic of my little guy. He's been getting monthly steroid shots and is eating a lot and behaving 100 percent normally. The prognosis (lymphoma and pancreatitis) is obviously not good, but compared with how he was doing (a day away from being put down) back in April, just having him around is a real treasure. If you thought he was spoiled rotten before you don't even wanna know what kinds of things I've been doing since all of this transpired -- but I know you'd do the same thing too!

    iWouldn't Dare

    Given my iPod history you know where I stand on this one, but have any of you dared?

    "Sicko" -- A Horror Film

    Michael and I took in an afternoon showing of "Sicko" yesterday on the Upper West Side. We both really enjoyed it, although it suffers from the same flaw all of Michael Moore's films do: for his core audience it's presented in a way that's preaching to the choir. (How great would it be if The Others were forced to sit through "Fahrenheit 9/11," "Bowling for Columbine" or this?) The things I was supposed to feel shocked and outraged about here in America -- like a non-wealthy guy having to decide which finger to have sewn back on in a saw accident or cancer patients not being approved for by their insurers for experimental therapies -- were not the least bit of a surprise. Ditto for the obscene corporate profits fueled by being in bed with Congress and denying even the most basic services to its customers. (I guess this should say something about us as a country, but I do read the papers after all.) Some of the perks of other countries' universal health care, however, did spark quite a bit of envy in me (I won't spoil them here, but people with children will be especially green).

    Another good effort from everyone's favorite self-appointed government watch dog -- and let's hope that this will kick-start the debate for the United States' badly needed health care reform (Hello -- Hillary Clinton was on this more than 10 years ago. Can you imagine how many U.S. businesses could have been spared without the weight of this national crisis on their backs?)

    And kudos to Moore for not really being in the film very much. We all know how unpleasant that is.

    Thursday, June 28, 2007

    Thursday Ad Watch

    Something tells me this Ermenegildo Zegna model smells really good.

    Levi's has really been coming up with some hot ads lately.

    Once again, Real Jock = Real Hot

    I'm not even sure that this is an ad for AussieBum's Wonderjock brief, but as far as I'm concerned it is ...

    This week's eye-catching advertisements.

    Afternoon Delight

    Lucas Kerr wallpaper courtesy of Greg Jelinek.

    Women on the Verge

    If you think it was hard being Paris Hilton in the slammer, try being a transgendered woman. A new documentary, "Cruel and Unusual," examines the plight of four transcriminals who are incarcerated in men's prisons across the United States. Denied medical and psychological treatmen and the victims of rape and violence, the film asks if the punishment for their crime is indeed cruel and unusual. (Queerty)

    (WARNING: This is no lighthearted revival of "Tranny Get Your Gun.") 

    Courtside Doppelganger

    My brother Bill sent me an e-mail (with photos) asking if I was "enjoying my time at Wimbledon" ...

    Page 1 Consider (06/28)

  • Tangled: Nathaniel thinks it's no coincidence that cardboard cutouts of two notoriously closeted gay Hollywood stars from the remake of "Hairspray" were used at San Francisco Gay Pride. I think he's on to something (of course they needed stand-ins: Queen Latifah was too busy with the Dykes on Bikes crowd and god only knows which backroom John Travolta had wandered off to). (FilmExperience)

  • He Cannot Can Be Serious: Former tennis bad boy John McEnroe has finally put his famous temper to good use in a new commercial for PETA encouraging pet owners to spay or neuter their animals. (PETA via The PETA Files)

  • Reunion Tour: But does anyone even know who the Spice Girls are anymore? (And what is that android doing on the left???) (AP)

  • No Escape: Ex-Journey singer Steve Perry talks about the resurgence of his former band's 1981 hit "Don't Stop Believin'" -- which actually had become an iTunes bestseller when "Laguna Beach" used it a couple years ago and is now red-hot because of "The Sopranos" and "The Clintons." WARNING: don't count on a "real" Journey reunion. This bitterness runs way too deep; even Aamer Haleem would have no hope of reuniting this band. (Newsweek)

  • At Least She Lost Rod Stewart: Slim Fast has signed up model Rachel Hunter to be the spokesmodel for its new "Find Your Slim" campaign -- only she doesn't think she needs to lose weight (" I look very horsy when I get thin. It's not attractive:), has never had a Slim Fast shake and thinks it's "irrelevant" if she's being paid or not to endorse a product she knows nothing about. The only good thing about the interview is they ask her what she thought of Tyra Banks saying she felt great at 161 pounds --and then immediately losing weight(!). (Newsweek)

  • Paris Hilton Superstar: It all makes sense now: She's an Aquarius. (NYT)

  • Make it Stop: President Bush, moving toward a constitutional showdown with Congress, asserted executive privilege Thursday and rejected lawmakers' demands for documents that could shed light on the firings of federal prosecutors. Is it 2009 yet? (AP)

  • Milan Dandies: On looking like a billion bucks. (NYT
  • Exhibit A

    For all of you bitches who questioned my love of Cyndi Lauper's music, this one's for you.

    Wednesday, June 27, 2007

    Where's My Lobster Roll?

    So Michael and I were going to spend my "weekend" in the Hamptons starting tonight when we arrived to chaos at Penn Station. Next thing we know they announce that all Long Island Railroad service (which we needed to get to Amagansett) has been suspended -- and they start pushing everybody out. Oh, well ... this Irish skin only burns. (Newsday)

    London Calling

    Tommy Haas and Marat Safin looked great in white, but rain kept either from finishing their second round match.

    Novak Djokovic of Serbia shows off his best asset ... while Andy Roddick continues to display incredible flexibility ...

    Roger Federer is always picture perfect ... while Amer Delic looked delish in his first-round win
    Canadian cutie Frank Dancevic wore a shirt with sleeves for once and came away a winner in his first-round match ...

    (Not) Everybody's All-American

    Ever wonder who the lucky bitch is who gets to cast all those hotties for Check out the interview with Mike Downs, AAG creative director, in OutFront Colorado in which he offers tips for guys looking to become AAG models. (Here's a hint from me: Look like the guy in this photo.)

    Westside Club

    This photo of Chris Evans hardly seems fair.

    Page 1 Consider (06/27)

  • She's a Rebel: Heroic Elizabeth Edwards supports gay marriage and asked GOP hag Ann Coulter to shut her pie-hole on national television. Why isn't she running for president? (MSNBC)

  • Voir Dear! A Massachusetts jury has finally been selected to answer the $20,000 question: Should a murderer serving life in prison get a sex-change operation at taxpayer expense? (AP)

  • Some Like it Cold: The secret to a perfect iced coffee is revealed. (NYT)

  • Pauley Girl: Legendary television anchor Jane Pauley is set to receive the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism from my alma mater. "She has been one of the leading voices in broadcast journalism for a long time," Cronkite School Dean Christopher Callahan said. "I can tell you that from a journalism school perspective, she's been a great role model for a lot of young women who were thinking about going into the field." (AZRepublic)

  • State of Grace: My worship of crazy-prosecutor-woman Nancy Grace is well-documented, but a secret wedding and twins on the way at 47? This woman out-tabloids her most salacious court cases. (NYP)

  • Fact of the Matter: Here's the scoop on Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal's split, never mind the fact that they were never going out in the first place. (People)

  • Sorryabouttheface: Gee, I wonder why Guy Ritchie isn't jealous that Madonna still uses Babydaddy No. 1, Carlos Leon, as a personal trainer. Now running into Sean Penn might be a different story. (HollyScoop)

  • Commencement Apology: Marion A. Bolden, the superintendent in Newark, N.J., who ordered that the face of a boy kissing another boy be blacked out in the school's yearbook, showed up at the graduation rehearsal at East Side High School, was introduced to Andre Jackson, 18, and in front of the graduating class apologized for the incident. (365Gay)

  • Roid Rage: Pro wrestler Chris Benoit strangled his wife, suffocated his 7-year-old son and placed a Bible next to their bodies before hanging himself by the pulley of a weightlifting machine, authorities said. Authorities also said they are investigating whether steroids may have been a factor in the deaths. Steroid abuse has been linked to depression, paranoia, and aggressive behavior or angry outbursts known as "roid rage." (NYP)

  • Shanghai Surprise: Nice tit job, Christina! (AP)
  • Eartha Kitt's 80th Birthday Celebration

    While I don't have the words to explain how jealous I am of my co-worker Vevlyn Wright, left, and her friend Daralyn for getting to see Earth Kitt on Monday night at Carnegie Hall -- and meeting her afterward backstage! -- this e-mail recap of the evening made me feel like I was almost there ...

    Couldn't resist sharing sharing these shots from Ms. Eartha Kitt's 80th Birthday Celebration concert at Carnegie Hall last night. Special guests included Tony Award winners Ben Vereen, LaChanze and Tonya Pinkins. Celebrity audience members included Ms. Diahann Carroll (one must say Ms. before Diahann Carroll) and Janet Jackson (who was not very nice to my new friend Cheryl, so we won't talk about her any more).

    La Kitt is an amazing performer: she was funny, sexy and thoroughly entertaining, bringing a strong voice, incredible physicality and her unique interpretations to every song. Moreover, I have never seen someone so gracious to her fans. Not only does she regularly involve them in her stage patter, Ms. Kitt greeted every single person who came backstage to meet her and offer well wishes (and there were many). She was on her feet in full dress and makeup shaking hands, signing autographs and taking pictures long after the band, special guests and audience members were in the street clothes (or even their pajamas) enjoying a late-night snack.

    As for the secret to her incredible vitality, I will share the advice she offered backstage: it's never too late to start stretching as long as you keep doing it.Gotta go. I have some stretching to do.


    Tuesday, June 26, 2007

    The Morning After

    In a brief interview early yesterday, I had a chance to ask Dick Jefferson to explain why he decided to take his former employer, CBS News, and former boss Linda Mason to court, and how he's feeling now that the lawsuit has been officially filed.

    Q: Why did you file this suit?
    A: I didn't want to. It is like suing your own family. Then again a family doesn't throw you out of the house after almost 20 years of dedicated service and do it shortly after you're almost murdered. So when CBS News offered me only six months severance after all those years I felt like I had to challenge them. Also the whole ‘gay rights’ misclassification bothered me still. First of all, they are not "gay rights," but equal right for gays. And corporations should not be allowed to say that a gay person asking for justice is somehow a gay rights advocate and controversial. That decision shows how discrimination, whether conscious or unconscious, gives an employee fewer rights because he happens to be gay.

    Q: How are you feeling right now that it's done?
    A: It's sad and scary, but at the same it's very frustrating to learn that CBS has hired an outside law firm and will probably spend a million dollars trying to defend itself. And that's also why it’s scary, it’s yet another case of David standing up to the corporate Goliath.

    UPDATE: I see the CBS News has an Associated Press story about the lawsuit up on its Web site right now, which features a rebuttal from CBS as its giant pull quote. (CBS) Not surprisingly, the New York Post version of the story ("Gay-Bash Worker Sues CBS") is my favorite! (NYP)


  • CBS Eye on Homophobia?
  • CBS News Responds to Discrimination Allegations
  • Surfer Boy: Andy Irons

    One of the sexiest surfers around, 29-year-old Andy Irons is 6-foot-2 and a three-time World Champion, not to mention the face and body of a model. (Thanks, David!)

    Hello, Sports Fans!

    Photographs by Michael Muller as seen in Interview.