Friday, June 29, 2007

Critter Update

For those of you who have been sweet enough to ask about my kitty, Troy, I just wanted to let you know that against all odds he is alive and well. As he was sleeping in my favorite (pretzel) pose this afternoon, I just had to take a camera-phone pic of my little guy. He's been getting monthly steroid shots and is eating a lot and behaving 100 percent normally. The prognosis (lymphoma and pancreatitis) is obviously not good, but compared with how he was doing (a day away from being put down) back in April, just having him around is a real treasure. If you thought he was spoiled rotten before you don't even wanna know what kinds of things I've been doing since all of this transpired -- but I know you'd do the same thing too!


David said...

That's great to hear, Kenneth—I'm delighted he's still doing well! Cute pose, also.

David said...

So glad Troy is hanging tough, as are you. Hmmm, will everyone who comments here be named David?

David said...

Yes! (No, it's just me again. :) )

john said...

Looking good Troy!

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