Sunday, March 31, 2019

Checkpoint Harvey

Speedo Sunday

See more of Nathaniel Bell in the outfit he was born to wear HERE.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Page 1 Roundup (03/30)

Saturday 'Stache

Rub-a-dub-dub, one big man in the tub! 

Friday, March 29, 2019

Nancy Coleman Awarded ACES Bill Walsh Scholarship for 2019

Congrats, indeed! My brother Bill’s love of language lives on through outstanding young editors like her. Note the person who liked the tweet is last year’s winner, Jamie Zega! xo

Remains of the Day (03/29)

The Daily News: So this is why Garfield phones have been washing ashore in France for the past 40 years

Instagram: Is Aaron Schock even pretending to be straight anymore?

Washington Post: Federal judge rejects Trump’s health-care plan to go around Obamacare

New York Post: DoorDash deliveryman caught on camera taking sip of customer's milkshake

HuffPost: Mike Mulvaney gets his ass kicked in his private trivia league

Twitter: And some people thought Mayor Pete Buttigieg wasn't "gay enough"

Boy Culture: A review of the documentary "Circus of Books," chronicling the legendary adult bookstore in West Hollywood

ICYMI: I wonder if they'll mention the man I fell in "love" with who wanted to meet me in the ally behind Circus of Books on Santa Monica Boulevard

The New York Times: How to be a better listener

Dlisted: Tori Spelling thinks it's healthy to eat cake for breakfast

Back2Stonewall: George Clooney calls for boycott of Brunei hotels over anti-gay death laws

Gay City News: Nationwide support is up for LGBTQ rights, except Republicans

Los Angeles Magazine: Meet Duke Mason, the fresh-faced celeb spawn running for WeHo City Council (ICYMI)

Baseline: Miami bids farewell to former finalist David Ferrer

Socialite Life: Sam Heughan is adorable in plaid ... and a tight T

BBC: Maybe nothing can pass because the best plan for the U.K. was to never leave the European Union in the first place

BosGuy: Furry Friday meets Speedo Sunday

Gr8er Days: Agnes Varda, New Wave cinema icon, dies at 90

When Variety Was the Spice of Life

People of a certain age: Try explaining Shields and Yarnell to your 10-years-younger boyfriend ...  

In case you’re wondering, the conversation began after a not-so-veiled reference to Doug Henning on "At Home With Amy Sedaris." Needless to say, variety shows are where I started ...

Above: This about explains it ...

Solo Act: The hottest guy at Page Middle School, John Costa, was a dead ringer for dreamy Shields ... feathered hair, tight jeans and all!

On the Rag, Vol. 548

A weekly look at what's making news in the gay magazines:

Lavender (Minnesota): Sail like a celebrity

Man About Town: Tom Holland out front

Song of the Day: 'Play That Song' by Train

My pop-culture bubble keeps me very happy -- "Bob Newhart" and "Mary Tyler Moore" are still going strong on my television, and Blondie and the Go-Go's still have hit singles on my stereo -- so I avoid most of what the world has to offer these days. So imagine my utter horror when it was slightly perforated in my gym's locker-room today by perhaps the most annoying song I have ever heard in my entire life, performed by something Shazam tells me is called Train. At first it sounded somewhat familiar -- Hoagy Carmichael's famous piano line is the only thing I can play on the piano -- but what did we as a society do to deserve this assault on our ear drums? And don't even get me started about my discovery of LMFAO last week ...

This video has been viewed more than 40 million times and people wonder how Trump got elected?

Page 1 Roundup (03/29)

Morning Wood

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Remains of the Day (03/28)

Washington Post: How Trump inflated his net worth to lenders and investors

Towleroad: Grindr not liable for man who sent 1,000+ sex-seeking men to his ex-boyfriend's house

Back2Stonewall: Google appoints right-wing extremist Heritage Foundation president to its advisory council

The New York Times: This is why I nudged a freshly out Gus Kenworthy that it probably wasn't a good idea to be partying with the son of the sultan of Brunei

Gr8er Days: "Day of the Dead" actor dies at 70

The Randy Report: White supremacist who drove his car into a crowd of people during a rally in Charlottesville, Va., pleads guilty to 29 federal hates crimes 

The Verge: How Grindr became a national security issue

Quora: What does Debbie Harry mean when she says something like "Francois sais pas, Flashe no deux" in Blondie’s song "Rapture"?

Metrosource: 6 outstanding LGBTQ documentaries you may have missed

Attitude: "Arrow" actor Colton Haynes details dive into alcohol and drug addiction

Reuters: U.S. Supreme Court refuses to block gun "bump stock" ban -- finally its ardent defense of the Trump administration pays dividends!

TheStreet: Facebook is even more horrible than we already thought it was

The Source: The boy is no longer Monica's

Hot Cat of the Day: And you thought cats were aloof ...

Thursday Ad Watch

Jesus, doesn’t he know you’re not supposed to flash the high beams directly in someone’s face? And certainly not the first time Nick Bolton has caught my eye.