Sunday, January 31, 2016

Novak Djokovic Wins Sixth Aussie Open

Before the final I told my (Nadal and Murray-loving) boyfriend that it really wouldn't bother me if Djokovic lost -- because the only thing I REALLY want now is for Novak to win the French. (I'm not greedy.) I guess you could say I've entered the Federer stage of my love Serbian love affair, where I stopped losing sleep once Roger broke Sampas' record for majors. What I didn't anticipate, however, is that Novak would break away from the pack to such a degree. And with no reliable challengers or obvious successors, for the first time it's beginning to look like he too could surpass Sampas, and Roger as well.

Can he do it?

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Now Serving Glamour at LAX

Vive La Graf!

Congrats to Angelique Kerber for her impressive victory over Serena Williams to win the Australian Open! What a way to capture your first Grand Slam title -- she's now ranked No. 2 in the world -- and to help a German sister out.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Tiger Dad

Love that Expedia commercial where the dad who lost his daughter in a custody dispute dresses her up as a tiger to try to smuggle her out of the country.

Think 'Pink'

Plan to stop by the great Book Soup this evening to support my pal Greg Cope White's new memoir, THE PINK MARINE. Will I see you there? xo

Newspaper Helps Readers Spot Homos

I don't know about you, but I find this article to be offensive and patently ridiculous.  

Murray Outlasts Raonic in Melbourne

Was pretty agnostic about this one. But if Murray ends up rolling over in the final, I'm gonna wish Raonic had figured out a way to pull it out, if for no other reason than to expand the relm of possibilities. As it stands, the Canadian has progressed to a Tsonga-level threat, which is nothing to sneeze at. But likewise, his constantly being injured is. 

Brooklyn Bites


RIP: Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane Is Dead at 74

The hits keep coming. Condolences to daughter China, from his relationship with Grace Slick. Read Paul Kantner's New York Times obituary HERE.

Song of the Day: 'I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)' by Aretha Franklin

"Respect" was No. 1 on the charts the week I was born, but it was the title track from the album that made me a true believer. (Can you believe "Do Right Woman-Do Right Man" was a b-side?!!!) Tell me: What's YOUR favorite Aretha song?

Morning Wood

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sign Language

Stuart Reardon Is Back in Black

Sexy as hell, although his RED SPEEDO may be even sexier: 

Venice's Roosterfish to Close in May

The Roosterfish, where Daniel Craig was rumored to have gotten some man-on-man tongue action, is slated to close after 37 in business, citing a rent hike. Hearing this sad news -- it was the Westside of L.A. only gay bar -- made me feel like I brought a little of Chelsea's 8th Avenue with me. 

Swiss Dismiss

There aren't many things more mortifying than having your boyfriend get into a duel with your ex. But if that's the way it's gonna be then I guess you've got to be happy with your current squeeze coming out on top.

Song of the Day: 'Quiet Americans' by Shearwater

From the Austin band's new LP, "Jet Plane and Oxbow," available HERE.

Recommended by a friend whose musical taste overlaps with mine more often than not. 

Morning Wood

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

'Lust & Wonder' in Los Angeles

Poolside with KennY! and Augusten.

Taiwannosaurus Sex

Love her, and props to the photo editor!

The Gray Lady Doth 'Protest' Too Much

Good lord, would you look at these people? I agree with Mike. This is clearly a lot more about "incest." 

GLAAD Media Awards Nominations Announced

This year's Oscar nominees were a blur of things I had no interest in. Can't say the same about GLAAD's list. Congrats to all, but what happened to the "best blog" category?

Eternal Flamer: A Night With Susanna Hoffs and Belinda Carlisle at Largo

After countless trains, planes and automobiles, I am happy to report I did manage to salvage my trip to Los Angeles, including one night with Susanna Hoffs (and Friends) at Largo, which is now located in the old Coronet Theatre on La Cienega just around the corner from the bungalow I lived in nearly 25 years ago. Susanna, adorably awkward as ever, was in forever fine form, looking and sounding like it was still 1987 as she busted out of the gate with the fitting "Hazy Shade of Winter." She followed it with a violin-heavy reworking of "Manic Monday," which then had her dreaming of her Prince as she segued into "Take Me With U," perhaps the biggest surprise of the night. Next was Bob Dylan's "I'll Keep It With Mine" (popularized by Judy Collins, as were most songs back in the day) from the "Rainy Day" project before introducing special guest -- and fellow Southern California girl -- Belinda Carlisle.

Belinda, who is still stunning at 57 but in an increasingly Priscilla Presley way and sounding more and more like a huskier Cher (or Jack McFarland as Mrs. Bono), was in a fun mood as she slinked about the stage and provided the big-sister leadership Sue so desperately lacks when away from her Bangles. Mrs. Mason kicked things into high gear with the Go-Go's classic "This Town," which was even more exhilarating with Sue singing co-lead. "Circle in the Sand," "How Much More" and "Different Drum," the Stone Poneys classic Sue covered with Matthew Sweet a decade ago, rounded out the set before "Best Week Ever" comedian Doug Benson did a brief Q&A that was funny if a little too reliant on stoner humor. (That he was such a fanboy nearly excused him.) A less-effective-than-one-might-expect piano-only version of "Heaven Is a Place on Earth" and a more-crowd-pleasing-than-you'd-expect "Leave a Light On" (with Sue relying heavily on a cheat sheet to sing backup on a song that has about three lines) were followed by "In Your Room," which was the evening's highlight not only because it's such a brilliant song, but because Belinda seemed truly thrilled to be backing Susanna up on it. (When asked during the Q&A, Belinda said "Eternal Flame" is her favorite Bangles song, but clearly this is not true!) Susanna's finest solo moment followed with a background-vocals-free version of "Hero Takes a Fall," the should've-been-a-hit from her band's debut long play, "All Over the Place," which was anything but. Things got stand-up-fun during the encore of "Our Lips Are Sealed" (with Sue still clinging to a page of lyrics!) and "Walk Like an Egyptian," which I always try to dismiss but always concede loving in the end. A better choice ofsequencing would have probably ended it in that high note, but then the Bangles' mega-smash "Eternal Flame" was still outstanding, as was the (momentum-busting) performance of it. A great show by two icons of the '80s who could not be more different, yet work so well together. (A national tour was strongly hinted at.)

With Jim and Danny, two of my three partners in crime ...

Get Lucky With James McGee

Meet my homeland's highest-ranked tennis player. James McGee isn't quite the Andy Murray of Ireland, but he runs circles around him on the beach! Lots more of him and his hot countrymen HERE.

Song of the Day: 'Coffee' by Sylvan Esso

Another one I discovered at Grey Dog -- an indie pop duo from Durham, N.C. Love the "sample" of Tommy James and the Shondells' "Hanky Panky" -- great touch!

Morning Wood

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Abe Vigoda, TV's Fish, Is Dead at 94

After decades of being the wrong answer in celebrity "dead or alive" games thanks to an erroneous report 34 years ago, beloved actor Abe Vigoda has actually left the 12th Precinct. So happy Antennae TV is running "Barney Miller" in heavy rotation, I'm gonna risk mercury poisoning when I get back from L.A. RIP, kind man.

Debra Messing Confirms 'Will & Grace' Reunion

Am even more excited about this than I normally would have been since I have been watching reruns for the past tear with my boyfriend who ignored it the first time around. Surprised by how many people say the show doesn't hold up, because my second time around has me thinking the show was even better than it was previously credited, and it didn't exactly go unpraised. (And as good as the writing was, you just can't write those performances -- like when Karen reacted to Leo's carat/carrot story that was supposed to convince her he was funny!!!!)

Woody Allen Casts Miley Cyrus in Amazon Series

In better news, Elaine May and the writer/director will also appear in the as-yet-unnamed show.

Colby Cheese

Porn star Colby Keller gets not suitable for work in a new Vivienne Westwood campaign HERE.

Gramps My Style

  Everyone who knows me knows my sense of humor is a bit, um, warped. So I wasn't all that shocked when Damian was a little taken aback when I started laughing hysterically when Grandpa wiped out on the stairs in this LifeAlert commercial. (Something about the way his butt bumps from step to step gets me every time!) Obviously the fact that I KNOW it's not real is a factor -- I'm not THAT off -- but it sure was a relief when I saw someone else felt the same way ... dubbing him "Stunt Grandpa LOL"!

Song of the Day: 'Hollywood' by Madonna

Guess where I am?!

Morning Wood

Monday, January 25, 2016

Bubble Thought

Yes, please. More HERE.

Love, Courtney

Andy Warhol's death was especially hard on me because I had gotten used to spending time with him every week thanks to "Andy Warhol's 15 Minutes" on MTV right before he passed. The show, which heavily featured a "Rockbird" era Debbie Harry was chock full of good stuff, as evidenced by this interview OMG dug up of a pre-fame Courtney Love. While Boy Culture gets a Tina Yothers vibe, I see nothing but a young (bag lady) Bernadette Peters! 

Anti-Abortion Activists Behind Secret Planned Parenthood Videos Indicted

Planned Parenthood was cleared of any wrongdoing and the lying videographers were indicted -- maybe there is (a little bit of) justice in this world. Read HERE.

Beyond the Palin

Have been frazzled trying to get to Los Angeles -- still no luck -- but finally saw Tina Fey's return as Sarah Palin and its accuracy is uncanny! What I love the best is that the funniest parts are when she speaks Palin verbatim. If you missed it, watch it now HERE!

'Teachers' Pets Me Just Right

Anyone watching TV Land's "Teachers," a new show created by the improv group The Katydids that airs after "Younger"? Although the Web-series-turned-sitcom has that throw-everything-and-see-what-sticks brand of comedy that I tend to despise -- See: "Rock, 30" and "Schmidt, Kimmy" -- something about this tale of six elementary school teachers of varying degrees of awfulness works for me so far. (Something about adults who have no patience for children speaks to me.) It doesn't hurt that the hilarious Tim Bagley (Larry on "Will & Grace" and Richard on "Web Therapy") stars as the principal, and that Ms. Bennigan (played to perfection by Katie O'Brien) inappropriately lusts after  the hunky dad (played by Ryan Caltagirone) of one of her students, and is barely able to contain herself when the young boy confesses that his mom has abandoned their home. 

Ginger Ann Snap, played by Katy Colloton, is also delightfully inappropriate, but all six have their charms -- and I love the kid with "aunt hair"!

Learn more HERE.

Song of the Day: 'Leaving on a Jet Plane' by John Denver

If everything goes according to plan, I will be leaving on a jet plane for Los Angeles today -- although I do know when I'll be back again. Thought to post this song after hearing it on the PBS documentary about John Denver that's streaming on Netflix now. It's almost hard to believe this now, but for a handful of years the early to mid-1970s, John Denver truly was one of the biggest stars around, with No. 1 records, television specials, and even a smash movie. (Frank Sinatra was dying to work with John!) More importantly, though, the film reminded me that Denver, who wasn't from Colorado but had adopted it as his home after falling in love with its natural beauty, was ahead of his time in fighting for environmental causes, promoting sustainable living, aiding the poor and the hungry, campaigning for Jimmy Carter, criticizing the Reagan administration and even working to end the African AIDS crisis. Denver was never a favorite of the critics, but there's no denying his sweet hits were the soundtrack to a certain moment in American history. 

UPDATE: Spoke too soon--flight to LAX canceled ... again. Rebooked for tomorrow ... again. Might be a photo finish to Susanna Hoffs, or this hero may take a fall!