Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wrestle Wednesday

8th Avenue Threefer

A few notable changes on Chelsea's 8th Avenue. The former specialty pharmacy on the northwest corner of 20th and 8th is now Adam's Marketplace, a cute grocery store of sorts. 

Next door in the former Spice Thai restaurant is ... Spice Grill. (Clever, guys.) I'm an Indian food novice but the florescent lighting and cafeteria-style service didn't exactly make me want to take lessons.

And just across the street on West 20th Street off 8th, where Trois Canards had briefly become Cafe Bamba is now a tiny wine and tapas bar called Lamano. Here's wishing them better luck!

Suspect 'Appeared to Be Walking Strangely'

Now that's some crack police work.

Song of the Day: 'Centerfold' by J. Geils Band

This song was so huge I would kill to know how much money it earned writer Seth Justman, who would later produce Debbie Harry's "Rockbird." 

Morning Wood

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Rep. Eric Swalwell: Devin Nunes’s Behavior Looks Like a ‘Cover-Up to a Crime’

Keeping track of the Trump transition team's connection to Russia is exhausting. Luckily for us, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) looks like that guy on the lacrosse team you had a crush on all grown up -- and is ready to explain it to you HERE.

Hunky and pro-LGBT ...

Finally, a Republican sees the obvious.

Tennis Tuesday

You may remember Calum from a couple weeks ago.

Legendary NYC Drag Queen Sweetie Has Left the Nightclub

From HERE.

I'm not a big fan of drag queens. (I'm too insecure to be in the same room with them knowing they will home in on my flaws!) But I did grow to appreciate fellow Detroiter Sweetie (aka Daniel Booth) via her appearances on Sandra Bernhard's "Sandyland" show on Sirius-XM Radio. That she was not well wasn't a total surprise -- I attended a fundraiser for her in 2010 during which Linda Simpson announced that she was having so much fun she hoped Sweetie's health would remain in limbo so we could do one every week! -- but I was not aware that she was battling cancer. RIP, funny lady.

Michael Musto remembers Sweetie HERE.

Dirty Old Rag

New York City's pre-HX nightlife guide. Wait'll you see Michael's other THING.

Cutler Both Ways

Quarterback Jay Cutler was body-shamed when wife Kristin Cavallari posted this photo of the couple on vacation early this year after the Bears' season had come to an end. Wait'll you see HIS ASS now.

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