Saturday, July 04, 2015

Happy Fourth of July!

 Hope you're having a great holiday wherever you are.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Curtain Comes Down on Tribeca Cinemas

Another huge loss for downtown. It'll always be The Screening Room to me.

Via #SaveNYC:
Originally known as The Screening Room (1996), this indie movie house survived a post Sept 11th world with a little help from Robert DeNiro. In 2003, it became Tribeca Cinemas. Last showing was in June of 2015. Photo by Mandy. #tc4ever #riptribecacinemas #savenyc #sbjsa #supportsmallbusiness #supportthearts

A Groovy Kind of Love

Song of the Day: 'Since You're Gone' by the Cars

In a classic case of "the American public is stupid," the far-superior follow-up to "Shake It Up" stalled at No. 41 on the Billboard charts. But with lines like "You're so trachea-ress" and "the moonlight ain't so great," it remains one of their best songs ever. (The video's a classic, too.)


Morning Wood

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Culture Club Tumbles 4 'Today'

Anyone catch a Jon Moss-less Culture Club on "The Today Show" this morning? (Fear not: Moss is still in the band, just out with a back problem.) I knew their tour had been postponed because of Boy George's throat polyp, but I didn't realize the album ("Tribes") had also been. The band's playing the Beacon Theatre later this month and I'm still debating going: They were SO FLAWLESS at Radio City Music Hall back in '99 (for the horribly underrated "Don't Mind If I Do" tour) I'm not sure I wanna test fate again!

UPDATE: Yikes. Just dug this up. Boy's voice sounds pretty shredded.

Get a load of this ...

Friends Without Benefits

Vlogger Raymond Braun talked to gay psychotherapist Matt Dempsey (above) about friendships between gay guys and how to navigate "the friend zone," a topic I can't imagine Dempsey has any experience with.


Tart Response


Moore, Moore, Moore!

Does foxy Shemar Moore have a thing for bears? They're saying it's his cousin, but I have my doubts.

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