Friday, September 19, 2014


What's that maneuver you're doing here, Brett? Maybe this is why HIS DICK looks so weird.

SEC Charges Brooklyn Man for Facilitating Insider Trading Scheme Via Post-It Notes

 Romy and Michele would be proud. Read HERE.

Meet 6'1" 201 lb. Oklahoma Quarterback Trevor Knight


Jesus Christ: How many HOT GUYS are on this team?

Life in the Text Lane

Those Chinese think of everything -- except breathable air!

Ancient Morning Wood

It turns out I didn't invent Morning Wood!

From a news release:
In perhaps its most ambitious exhibition to date, the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art will present Classical Nudes and the Making of Queer History, opening on October 18, 2014. For the first time ever, the exhibition will trace the same-sex gaze as grounded in the classical form, from Antiquity to the modern day. Curated by Jonathan David Katz, Classical Nudes and the Making of Queer History establishes the centrality of the classical nude in the historical development of same-sex representation by following a chronological timeline of four major periods.  
Says Katz, “For over 2,500 years, we have cohabited with one aesthetic archetype—by far the longest such relationship in the western canon: the classical nude. Not only is it the longest lasting, most influential visual form for representing the human body up to the present day, but also it has become so powerfully naturalized as merely ‘the nude’ that we have often lost the ability to see it as a specific historical type, with a particular history, geography and canon. For many centuries now, certain men and women have scoured this most respectable of aesthetic type for secret signs that speak of them, to them. And no wonder, for the nude has become an identification with, and projection onto, the culture that first birthed it, a classical world that saw both same-sex love and the human body as not only worthy of public representation, but as itself inherently beautiful.”
More details HERE.

Hey, 19

It doesn't get much cuter than Ana Ivanovic and Novak Djokovic when they were in their final teenage year.

Song of the Day: 'Nights on Broadway' by the Bee Gees

Anne Bobby did this last night at 54 Below -- "a super creepy arrangement since it's really about a stalker," says her musical director -- but I call this just one of a dozen Bee Gees greatest (nearly) forgotten hits.

Morning Wood

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pretty Mess

Any of you boys looking for a new housekeeper?


Born May 30, 1936, in Cleveland

Greg writes: He was very good as a troubled youth in “Hoodlum Priest,” starring previous HHOTD,Don Murray

Bravo, Valerie!

Andy Cohen tweets:
I DO need to SEE that! It's official - you'll see me on return of the (amazing, before it's time) THE COMEBACK on HBO in November. Pinching myself..
Valerie's not a Real Housewife this time around, but if you want to know what Andy has to do with the new season, read EW's piece HERE.

Down, Doggy

Florida sex offender Joseph Cecil Jordan is being sought by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office after being caught with his hands in his pants during yoga class. 

 Just so I'm clear since I've never done yoga before: It's OK to fart in class, but you can't jerk off?

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