Tuesday, October 06, 2015

What's Going on Here, Tim Tebow?

A friend swears we've got a bulge situation here, but Larry David and I know a misleading bunching of the pants when we see one! (Wouldn't that be too high?)  BTW: Just how many HOT FRIENDS does Jesus' starting QB have?

Shooting From the Hip

Yes, yes, yes.

Via Boy Culture:
This guy is a gun nut who was concealed-carrying a gun during the OCC shooting, yet he didn't fire a shot. Why? Listening to him explain his sensible reaction completely obliterates arguments by fellow gun nuts that everyone should be armed in order to prevent mass shootings. 
Click HERE.

A Modest Proposal

That's all it would have taken

Stonewall Inn Officially Named a City Historical Landmark

The Stonewall Inn has long been a landmark in the gay rights movement — and now it's official!
“It is a tremendous part of our history,” said Councilman Corey Johnson (D-Manhattan), who represents the district and is gay. “Because of the real estate boom and pressures we’ve seen in the Village and all across Manhattan, we needed this further level of protection.”
I'll drink to this.

Now tell President Obama we need to create a national park for Stonewall. Sign the petition HERE.

Pope’s Gay Former Pupil Dishes About Their Meeting

I'm not sure why people are so heartened by the pope meeting with a gay former student when a Vatican official was just fired after coming out on the eve of Church conference on family, but if you're into that kind of thing, Towleroad has more about the reunion.
“When he [Francis] shows up on that corridor and I see him, and we embrace, it was so wonderful. “I joked with him, we told each other a couple of jokes, and then I introduced all my friends to him, and they had things to bless and we talked. He asked me how my business is doing, what kind of food I was cooking, really things of a friend, that a friend would ask another friend.”
Read HERE.

Judge Orders New Trial for Man Convicted in 1990 'U.S. Open' Subway Platform Murder

I remember this case like it was yesterday because it felt like it could have been my family -- coming to New York (from Utah) to go to the U.S. Open only to be attacked by a group of young men on a subway platform in Midtown Manhattan. When they slashed his father and knocked his mother down and kicked her in the head, their brave son (Brian Watkins) stood up for them -- only to be stabbed to death. It was later reported that the men said they needed money to dancing at Roseland Ballroom (huh???). The son could have been me, minus the bravery, and the tragedy galvanized public outrage over violent crime in New York -- which had become legendary through the 1970s and '80s -- and finally got police to do something about it.

Read People magazine's report from 1990 HERE.

Well, in a scene straight out of the Central Park Five, a judge has ordered a new trial for one of the men convicted for the crime, who has spent nearly 25 years behind bars. Johnny Hincapie, 43, began to sob uncontrollably when the judge read his decision after months of anticipation. Sadly, it sounds like more police corruption and another coerced confession of a teenager. I don't know what really happened that awful day, but here's hoping this man will finally get a fair trial. He and the family of the victim deserve justice. Read HERE.

Djokovic Brothers Double Their Pleasure

Novak Djokovic has never won a doubles match with his fruitier-looking brother with the hot bod, but he and the hot baby of the family came out on top in the opening-round match at the China Open!

AFP reports:
Novak Djokovic opened his new partnership with younger brother Djordje in triumphant style as they won their first ever doubles match at the China Open on Tuesday. The Djokovic brothers chest-bumped and high-fived their way to a 7-6 (7/5), 6-7 (6/8), 10-5 victory over the China-New Zealand pairing of Gong Mao-Xin and Michael Venus. It was the first time Novak Djokovic, the singles world number one, and Djordje, ranked at 1,502, have collaborated and the younger sibling did his share of the damage with some savage forehands. Fans were out in force at Beijing's National Tennis Center to see the unprecedented pairing. Novak Djokovic, eight years the elder at 28, is a five-time singles winner at the China Open. "The crowd got into it. It was exciting. I'm very happy for my brother, that he was able to experience such an atmosphere," Novak Djokovic said. "He never did that before. He never experienced such a great crowd. He never played in a big stadium. We enjoyed it very much -- encouraging each other to the first win." Novak Djokovic earlier won his 25th successive China Open match with a 6-1, 6-1 victory over Italy's Simone Bolelli.

Rosie's Daughter Aims for 'Mommie Dearest,' Ends Up Sounding Like Petty Brat

Rosie O'Donnell's daughter Chelsea, 18, breaks her silence to reveal how the star locks herself away in her 'arts and crafts house' blasting Madonna and smoking weed and left The View because she feared a heart attack from Whoopi 

--Chelsea O'Donnell tells Daily Mail Online in an exclusive interview that she never ran away from home 
--She went to live with her boyfriend after Rosie kicked her out two weeks before her 18th birthday 
--She claims her mom is a 'phony' who is a totally different person inside their family home than she is in the public eye 
 --Rosie wears tight Spandex shorts and T-shirts around house and likes to sleep late - only doing her make-up if someone else does it for her 
--Rosie told her she was in withdrawal from heroin when she was born but when she checked hospital records her tests came back clean 
 ---Chelsea denies she's 'mentally ill' but reveals her struggle with depression and anxiety since Rosie divorced Kelli Carpenter

I don't know. If these are your smoking guns -- dyke mom doesn't like to wear makeup and sleeps late; you're forced to listen to Madonna in an arts-and-crafts room -- then it sounds like you've got it pretty good to me!

Read the full story HERE.

Jack-Off Material

 Hilarious post about Jack Dorsey's rising by my pal Greg Scarnici!

Fun Couples: Serena Williams and Colton Haynes

Toss-up as to who has a better bod! (Of course they're just friends, come on.)

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