Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tim Tebow and Texas A&M Quarterback Trevor Knight Are 'Brothers in Christ'

Or as I refer to them, homosexual lovers.

trevor_knight9 Had the privilege to hear@timtebow preach the gospel tonight at chapel. Grateful for great ball players who paved the path for guys like me but even more thankful for brothers in Christ who lead like Tim! Safe to say I'm all filled up. Let's rock and roll.

Trevor flaunts his stuff HERE.

Howard's End

Boy Culture reviews "Uncle Howard," Aaron Brookner's documentary about his search for his late uncle's life's work HERE. The film is coming to the New York Film Festival (Sunday, Oct. 9, 5:30 p.m., Bruno Walter Auditorium; and the Francesca Beale Theater on Monday, Oct. 10, 9 p.m.) ahead of a Nov. 18 release and sounds like a companion of sorts to Brad Gooch's recent memoir, "Smash Cut," which details his longtime love affair with the director ("Bloodhounds of Broadway") before his untimely death in 1989. 

Studio Kraut Is Latest Roadkill on Chelsea's 8th Avenue

Wow, that was quick. Just seven months after its debut, Studio Kraut has already folded. The longtime home of The Viceroy became Pounds & Ounces in 2012, only to re-brand itself as a "Bohemian bar and kitchen." The place routinely looked busy, but the quick turnaround leads me to believe it's the latest victim of Chelsea's outrageous rents.


I'm offering an addendum to my recent post about the old Koffeecake Cafe. Found out it is becoming Uncle Sam's Burgers, which is indeed Asian -- but is described as a "Chinese chain for burgers with Asian toppings plus more classic patties and fries." They had a booth set up at this past weekend's Chelsea Eat's Street Fair, but I opted for a lobster roll at a competing truck instead.

Song of the Day: 'My C*nt' by Liquid Diet

Yet another insanely catchy track off the new Liquid Diet album, "Double Life."

Get it now HERE.

Morning Wood

Naked Lunch

Based on Tom Brady's recent nude sunbathing activities, maybe I was too quick to rule Jimmy Garoppolo the sexier Patriots quarterback.  

They're With Her!

The first third of the debate was excruciating, but then Trump revealed his unhinged self. If Hillary's brilliant performance in the second half didn't win you over, maybe this "Will & Grace" reunion will!


From HERE.

Monday, September 26, 2016

'King Cobra' Slithers Into Theaters on Oct. 24

The first trailer for James Franco's much-discussed "King Cobra" has just been released and I'm already getting an unintentionally hilarious vibe off the gay-porn-murder flick.

Fun Couples: Goldie Hawn and Marilyn

I don't know which thing I'm more excited about -- Marilyn's comeback or Goldie Hawn playing Amy Schumer's mom in a new film! The blond bombshells were both guests on "Loose Women" today, along with Boy George, who was instrumental in the "Calling Your Name" singer's second chance.


Listen to Maz's comeback single, "Love or Money," HERE.

Almost 'Golden'

A revamped version of that "Golden Girls" puppet show I blogged about recently has made its way to New York City! Read HERE.

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