Friday, March 22, 2019

Mueller Report Has Been Delivered to Attorney General

Robert Mueller has submitted his full report on Trump and Russia to the attorney general, who now must decide how much of it to release. My hunch (hope?) is because Mueller is the ultimate G-Man -- and knows better than anyone what a criminal Trump is -- he will hit Trump as hard as humanly possible knowing that he is the only one who can possibly stop this threat to democracy. 

But from my lips to God's ears -- the waiting is the hardest part. 

Via WSJ:
Special counsel Robert Mueller presented his long-awaited report to the Justice Department on Friday, ending his nearly two-year investigation that has roiled the Trump presidency and likely setting up a battle with Congress over what he has found. 
No details from the report on the investigation, which examined Trump campaign connections to Russian election interference and whether the president himself tried to obstruct justice, were immediately made public. Attorney General William Barr has said he would bring as much transparency as possible to Mr. Mueller’s findings but stressed that Justice Department policy prevents officials from disclosing much about investigations that didn’t yield criminal charges. That means a swath of Mr. Mueller’s probe -- especially as it relates to Trump -- may not be revealed any time soon. 
The wide-ranging inquiry yielded criminal charges against 34 people and the convictions of five Trump advisers, including his former campaign chairman, his first national-security adviser and his personal lawyer, several of whom admitted to lying about contacts they had with Russians before Mr. Trump’s inauguration. 
But the special counsel hasn’t made public any of his investigation as it relates directly to the president, who answered a series of written questions, setting up what are likely to be protracted disputes with congressional Democrats over access to all of the evidence Mr. Mueller compiled, even if it didn’t lead to any action. Democrats have vowed to subpoena the full report, many parts of which are expected to remain secret, or even to call Mr. Mueller in to testify or sue the Justice Department if they don’t get a full accounting of the investigation.
Mr. Barr told Congress in a letter that he may advise them of Mueller conclusion "as soon as this weekend."

FIRST LEAK: Special counsel is not recommending any further indictments, according to a senior Justice Department official

Maybe. But he always acts like a lunatic -- it was hard to tell the difference.

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On the Rag, Vol. 547

I can so relate to this tweet from the great Chris Hayes because of my long-running "On the Rag" feature. Sorry, but he and I are not part of "the problem." Yet both of us have trolls going after us because it makes them feel morally superior, or something. Get ready for a Trump landslide in 2020!

A weekly look at what's making news in the gay magazines:

Song of the Day: 'Dreamers' by Judy Collins

I went down a Judy Collins rabbit hole the other morning -- remember when song interpreters were cherished beings? -- and Spotify started to play this song about immigration that I could not believe was so prescient in every way. Well it turns out it's from 2018, but her voice and style is so timeless that it blended in seemlessly with her back catalog -- unlike Babs' more heavy handed attempt to address the monster in chief.

Says Collins, who is also a composer: "It's a song that I wrote a couple of years ago. I started singing it in concert a couple of months ago. I just decided that I would put it out there during this strange time that we are living in. I decided to put a little video together for it. I am very happy with it."

As well she should be. 

Page 1 Roundup (03/22)

Morning Wood

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Trump & Friends

So, which Fox News personality brought up the Golan Heights this morning? 

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