Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Remains of the Day (11/14)

New York Post: Chris Watts's parents blame his (murdered) pregnant wife for murders of family

Page Six: Matt Damon and his pecs leave sweet tip at chocolate restaurant

The New York Times: As Florida recount swirls, Andrew Gillum is taking a public stand on voting rights

YouTube: Watch Tom Daley teach hunky British bodybuilder Joe Delaney to dive

The WoW Report: "This is where we are in 2018: We're congratulating a kid for not being a Nazi"

Greg in Hollywood: Celebrate Russell Tovey's 37th birthday with a look back at many of his steamy on-screen kisses

Towleroad: Check out three new episodes of "Jaded," examining San Francisco's gay hook-up culture

The Randy Report: Hate crimes are up again

Dlisted: Now Bill Cosby will stand trial for sexual assault of a minor

Homorazzi: Philippe Belanger certainly qualifies as an "Insta-stud"

Instinct: The bare-naked chef, Adrian De Beradinis, is touring with Michelle Obama

Boy Culture: Behold Parker Gregory in a pair of tighty whities

TV Line: I was obsessed with the "Dirty John" story and podcast, but critic Dave Nemetz says Connie Britton deserves better than the Bravo TV adaptation

Gr8er Days: Remembering Mr. Sitcom: Sherwood Schwartz!

Jeremiah's Vanishing New York: Two Boots Pizza has been seized for "nonpayment of taxes"

OMG Blog: A Russian deep-sea fisherman posts photos of the creatures he finds at the bottom of the ocean and people can't even believe what they're seeing

Baseline: Accused rapist Cristiano Ronaldo spotted ATP Finals in London

The Daily News: "SNL" vet Darrell Hammond opens up about abuse, recovery and humor with his "Cracking Up" documentary

Hot Cat of the Day: Water, what water?

Wrestle Wednesday

This would be perfect if there were one more gif ...

Song of the Day: 'Rabbit Hole' by Rosanne Cash

Every song's a winner on Mrs. Leventhal's new album, "She Remembers Everything." 

Page 1 Roundup (11/14)

Morning Wood

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Foresight Is 2020

I guess it's officially "not too soon" to start thinking about this. Even before DNAgate, I always felt Elizabeth Warren's schoolmarm persona wouldn't work as a presidential candidate, and I still feel that way. (She's perfect for the Senate -- and maybe as a veep.) Surprised Kirsten Gillibrand isn't on the list, even if I'm not saying I'd want her to be. (Again, perfect in the Senate.) Beyond that, I'd add Rep. Eric Swalwell to the list. There are so many good things about Sherrod Brown -- it's just too bad he sounds like McGruff the Crime Dog. And I love seeing Amy Klobuchar so high on the list -- plus we know she's never blacked out drinking! That's about all for now. I'm sure I'll have stronger opinions as we more along. Who are your picks? (There's a robust discussion on my Facebook account HERE.)

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Adam Scott tweeted this "Party Down" reunion that has me wanting to cater-waiter all over again!

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