Thursday, June 01, 2023

Meme Spirited

And I've got some naughty Pride mancandy for you HERE

Remains of the Day (06/01)

ID: Ohmyf**kinggod. Stop reading if you don't want spoilers, but I am still reeling over "The Curious Case of Natalie Grace." I credit the producers for deftly presenting things so that you could firmly believe either side of the story: "In this stranger-than-fiction series that turns expectation on its head, we explore the question of whether Natalia Barnett is an exploited Ukrainian child with dwarfism or a dangerous adult masquerading as a child." But at the end of the day, regardless of her age it's obvious that she was the victim of physical and mental abuse -- torture, really. And I don't credit the filmmakers for abruptly ending the lengthy six-part series with a bombshell allegation from the mouth of Freddie Gill -- that Michael Barnett is said to have sexually abused Natalia -- literally midsentence. Does anyone know if this is being investigated further? Or are they blowing it off because the court randomly ruled that Natalia was an "adult," so prosecuting would be difficult? (Until someone can prove to me otherwise, DNA says she was a very young girl at the time and he was her adoptive father, so it's still incest if you ask me.) While you can't believe anything the source of the allegation (insane ex-wife Kristine Barnett) says -- or anyone in that family, really, because they've all been beaten into lying by the menacing matriarch -- it would go a long way to explaining why Natalia was so hypersexual, which has been confirmed by the mental ward where she was briefly held and all of her neighbors at the first apartment complex where she was left to fend for herself. None of this makes any sense. First Michael is acquitted (because the juror wasn't allowed to know all the facts) and then prosecutors withdrew charges against mastermind Kristine. It sure feels like there's something else we're not being told here. FWIW: Although I'm not convinced it will help much, a follow-up documentary called "Natalia Speaks" is set to air on ID later this summer.

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Postcard From the Upper West Side of Minneapolis

I just walked outside my apartment and the *first* person I saw was a young guy who was also wearing a Mary Tyler Moore T-shirt(!). When I smiled and pointed it out, he was more blasé than Penny Marshall as Miss Richards's nurse neighbor, then begrudgingly agreed to a photo. And I was led to believe love is all around! 

Remains of the Day (05/31)

Wrestle Wednesday: I want one

HBO: "Being Mary Tyler Moore" is worth a watch. The documentary did a good job of finding the person who truly was neither Mary Richards nor Beth Jarrett -- the star's Oscar-nominated character in "Ordinary People" -- and charitably left out some of her late-in-life missteps. The rare photos and footage were a revelation -- I also want to be best friends with Beverly Sanders! -- although I'm still reeling at just how awful David Susskind was to her on his chat show back in the day. (WTF?) 

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Meme Spirited