Thursday, May 25, 2017

Get Ready for 'The Fabulous Allan Carr'

Jeffrey Schwarz dazzled us with "Wrangler," "I Am Divine," "Vito" and "Tab Hunter Confidential." Now I can't wait to his latest documentary, "The Fabulous Allan Carr," about the pervy producer behind "Grease," "Can't Stop the Music" and "Grease 2," for which he handpicked an unknown Maxwell Caulfield as the lead after seeing him nearly naked playing a bisexual hustler in an off-Broadway play.

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Q: Allan Carr was one of the ringleaders of 1970s gay debauchery, it seems, and while an entire documentary series could be made about that aspect of his life, what we see of it in this film is enough to give us strong impressions of how much fun he had, and how much pleasure he brought into other people’s lives. 

A: This is a feature film, after all, and as such must be an overview, to a certain extent, but it’s telling that certain sections of the film are so well executed that they made me long for deeper dives.

Read John Boucher's full interview with Jeffrey Schwarz HERE.

Song of the Day: 'Any Other Way' by Jackie Shane

Even if you normally skip over these music posts, you might want to read this one. Boy Culture just discovered Jackie Shane, who was a black, trans soul singer from Nashville who had some hit singles in Canada in the late 1960s! "Any Other Way" is a gem, and there's more music, photos and details HERE.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

All the Kyle

Nice interview with Kyle Chandler about his slow rise to fame, moving away from Hollywood and the final season of "Bloodline" (premieres Friday on Netflix) in The Wall Street Journal HERE.

Vatican Observatory

From HERE.

From HERE.

Michael Musto Roast Served Up in NYC

An eclectic group of hookers, models, actresses and waitresses kept legendary journo Michael Musto squirming in his seat during a birthday roast benefiting the wonderful Callen-Lorde clinic in Chelsea. Read all about it HERE!

Some highlights:
Judy Gold to Michael Musto: 
"Michael Musto is Al Franken run over by a pride parade.”  
Bruce Vilanch to United Airways: 
“I came in from LA for this. It was incredible this morning as they dragged me off my United flight. Which was really unusual because I thought United only does Chinese take-out.”  
Johnny Skandros to Countess LuAnn: 
“You’re the worst thing to happen to music since Whitney Houston started taking baths.”

Wrestle Wednesday

I totally played the wrong sport.

Orlando Bloom Apologizes to Waitress Who Got Fired After Spending Night With Him

The Sun reports that Orlando Bloom reached out to apologize to a waitress who spent the night with him (having "incredible sex") after serving him drinks at the swanky Chiltern Firehouse hotel in London. But something tells me she thought it was a small price to pay for some celebrity dong.

Song of the Day: 'Feel About You' by Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie

Order HERE.

As expected, the first Christine McVie single off the duo's eponymous debut is noticeably better than Lindsey's opener. If "In My World" reminded me a bit reminiscent of "Tango in the Night" ("Bigger Love") then this one has a "Mirage" sensibility ("More Love in Store"), which is to say it's low-key but stays with you. Would be fun if they toured smaller venues together.

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