Thursday, August 22, 2019

Remains of the Day (08/22)

Curbed: Meryl Streep slept here

Newsweek: Cory Booker discusses transgender nephew at candidate forum

KIT212: Feast your eyes on Chris Hemsworth in a fitted dress shirt

New York Post: Priest accused of stealing $98K from church to pay Grindr hookups

The Randy Report: Porn set of charity show?

EW: LGBTQ books are being censored in middle schools. Authors are speaking out.

Rolling Stone: How Woodstock 50 fell apart

Reuters: Homophobia seen rising in European countries without gay marriage

The WoW Report: Former GOP chairman arrested in Idaho for masturbating (in a wig) outside his ex-wife's apartment

Metro Weekly: Transgender service members can sue over Trump's military ban, federal judge rules

Towleroad: Delusional Log Cabin Republican spokesman says LGBT community is better off under Trump than it was four years ago(!)

Boy Culture: In bed with sex bomb Griffin Barrows

Hot Cat of the Day: I love a kitty with a flair for the dramatic!

Thursday Ad Watch

I'm buying whatever this guy's SELLING.

Song of the Day: 'Ukrainian Cowboy' by Josie Cotton

The inimitable Josie Cotton -- who has thus far escaped after-the-fact cancellation for her '80s New Wave anthem "Johnny, Are You Queer?" -- returns with her most irresistible song since "Jimmy Loves Maryann."
"Ukrainian Cowbow" subtly reminiscent of Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’,” the song blends flavors of country, pop, and new wave, along with tints of traditional Russian folk music, into a tasty sonic confection.  
The video blends visuals akin to "A Fistful of Dollars" fused with "Dr. Zhivago," as Cotton, wearing a white dress, rides a horse across the screen, followed by playing her guitar caparisoned in a glitzy, kitschy cowgirl outfit complete with Dolly Parton-like big hair. During her ride, she comes across Russian soldiers standing at attention or dancing, a marching band, and a balalaika playing bear.
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Page 1 Roundup (08/22)

Morning Wood

More of British model Adam Lewis HERE.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Arctic Meltdown

Sorry. She’s just not intuit. 

Remains of the Day (08/21)

Towleroad: Colton Haynes shares photos of "dark times" during addiction to pills

The Ethicist: I go on family vacations with my rich siblings. Must I pay the same?

Washington Post: The dog is one of the world’s most destructive mammals. Brazil proves it.

NewNowNext: Trump “defunded” Planned Parenthood. Here’s why LGBTQ people should care.

Baseline: Petra Kvitova shares her comeback story with "Behind the Racquet"

Greg in Hollywood: Andy Cohen in full-blown "daddy" mode

Hot Cat of the Day: We hit the pause button on our TV whenever Harvey hits the water bowl -- the way he drinks is adorable -- but we might get rid of it all together if Harvey were to do this!

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