Sunday, July 24, 2016

Speedo Sunday

I'm ready for a Roman holiday ...

Friday, July 22, 2016

Kaine She Choose Again?

Sigh. Obviously not the worst pick, but hard to see what he brings to the ticket -- were we going to lose Virginia? -- and easy to see what he takes away from it. Let's just hope Gov. Terry McAuliffe isn't in the slammer when it comes time to appoint Tim Kaine's successor. 

UPDATE: I'm moving into the "acceptance" phase.  

Absolutely Feminist

At 17, I was already too, let's say, sophisticated to have any desire to see the original "Ghostbusters." But you didn't have to be a misogynist to know that the reboot was a Grade A stinker. (Sometimes people are right based on the trailer alone.) So I'm heartened to see that a like-minded individual who wants to support female-driven films recommends "not white-knuckling it through 'Ghostbusters' -- while insisting IT'S FUNNY" -- and instead seeing "Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie," which he swears truly is just that! Read HERE.

Hillary Clinton Visits Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Meets Victims' Friends and Families

Nice to see Mrs. Clinton doing what any legitimate presidential candidate would do. More photos and video HERE.

Shooting Kills 9 in Munich; Manhunt Shuts Down Transit

The news out of Germany is so mind numbingly depressing that I am sharing this photo from a reader, under the rubric: Lust to Keep From Crying.

UPDATE: Transit is back running. Police say attack committed by lone gunmen who likely committed suicide. #IslamNeedsAMakeover

On the Rag, Vol. 417

A weekly look at what's making news in the free gay mags:

Next: The swimwear and underwear special is HERE.

Meet trainer of the month Nate Feliciano HERE.

Get Out!: Ari Kiki is waiting for you HERE.

Metro Weekly (D.C.): 'Hand to God' star Liam Forde on puppets, performing and politics / Read HERE.

QX: London boys love their dirty disko / Online edition HERE.

Next (South Florida): Develop a rock-hard foundation / Read HERE.

The Fight: LA LGBT Center Reacts to Trump’s Choice of Anti-LGBT VP Running Mate Mike Pence / Read HERE.

Lavender: Re-live Twin Cities pride HERE!

Frontiers (L.A.): 'EastSiders' stars Van Hansis and Kit Williamson out front. Now that the show moved to Netflix I have been trying to get into it, although I can't say I'm hooked. Does it, like gay life, get better? 

Gloss (SF): The heroism of Mariah Carey? Read HERE.

Echo (Phoenix): Here come the brides! Read HERE.

GT (London): Max Emerson and Colby Melvin want to get you into some new swimwear / Read HERE.

Sign Language

As seen by my friend Kelly in Ketchikan, Alaska. 

Feliciano Lopez and His Long Hose

The Spaniard isn't shy about showing off his assets, is he?

Song of the Day: 'Super-Connected' by Belly

Anyone super-connected enough to get me tickets to either of the band's reunion shows next month at Bowery Ballroom? Motherf**kers sold out before I knew they were on sale!

Morning Wood

From HERE.

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