Friday, December 03, 2021

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On the Rag, Vol. 685

 A weekly look at what's making news in the gay magazines:

Also inside is a fun interview with drummer Gina Schock of the Go-Go's, who once dated one of the most famous lesbians in the history of world yet managed to sidestep her sexuality while speaking to a gay journalist. She recently posted this photo with former girlfriend Jodie Foster, who famously followed the same playbook until recently

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MetroWeekly: Holiday gift guide

Song of the Day: 'Sea of Love' by Cat Power

I had never heard of Charlyn Marie "Chan" Marshall -- dba Cat Power -- until someone recently made a snide comment about her opening (along with Garbage) for Alanis Morissette. So I looked her up on YouTube Music -- sorry, Spotify, I can't resist the access it gives me to commercial-free videos on regular YouTube! -- and noticed she'd done a cover of the legendary Phil Phillips's song "Sea of Love." Her version was understated and adorable, and the next thing I knew I had listened to about 100 songs of hers and was a fan. Her pedigree is nice  -- she opened for Liz Phair, whom she replaced on the "Jagged Little Pill" tour, back in 1993 -- and was signed by Matador Records, home of New Pornographers, Spoon, Belle and Sebastian et al. And while I don't approve of her sober lifestyle(!), I do like that she's a gifted songwriter who also isn't afraid to record other people's music. Enjoy!

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Art ForumJohn Waters’s 10 best films of 2021 (I haven't seen a film this year!)

Morning Wood


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Thursday, December 02, 2021



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Lesbian Coming-of-Age Film 'One in a Thousand' Now Available


Remember movies like "Desert Hearts" and "Bound"? Feels like we're overdue for a modern Sapphic classic -- might this be it?

When Iris meets Renata in the projects of One Thousand in Argentina, she is immediately and inexplicably attracted to her. The new presence of Renata makes everyone uncomfortable, and prejudices grow. Iris will have to overcome her fears and struggle with her insecurities in order to experience first love. The two girls and their small group of friends are the queer resistance in a hostile environment where desire adapts to many forms in the darkness, and gossip can turn into a hateful weapon.
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