Sunday, July 23, 2017

Speedo Sunday

I miss the '80s. When Shannon Tweed was considered an actress, and guys like Bruce Penhall flaunted their natural gifts.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Postcard From Newport

Fun day seeing Andy Roddick and Kim Clijsters get inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Roddick's speech was part stand-up, part heart-tug and fully unforgettable. (Mother Blanche is a hero. But the more he praised his late father, the more apparent it became that he was a bit of a prick.) However, the bonus appearance by Chrissie Evert -- who inducted journalist Steve Flink -- was by far the highlight!

Kim was lauded for being so nice -- when students arrive at the academy bearing her name she actually says "Hi" to them(!) -- but I couldn't help but wonder if that doesn't actually say more about how awful most of the other players are. (Mariaserena.)


With Gabby, Elsa and Damian

Saw a bunch of familiar faces wandering about, including James Blake, John Newcombe, Brad Gilbert, Jim Courier and Mardy Fish, who Damian is more than a little sweet on.

Friday, July 21, 2017

The Bill Walsh Lending Library Established

My sister-in-law, Jacqueline, shared these photos on Facebook on Friday, announcing that some of my brother Bill's books had been moved to his old newsroom to establish The Bill Walsh Lending Library:
It is an understatement to say that Bill Walsh enjoyed building collections of books on subjects that interested him. His books on boxing, tennis, food, newspapers, Washington, Detroit, Kennedy, serial killers {ahem}, TV, and music along with the sizable lineup of memoirs, fiction, and classics titles could probably function as a wholly acceptable small-town library. But the books that meant the most to him were of course the ones on language and editing. It made perfect sense that he stood in front of these when I took the picture that became the author photo on "Yes, I Could Care Less." ... From Safire's "On Language" to the Buffalo News Style Manual (yes, really) to more dictionaries than any human should own, these shelves do more to keep Bill's legacy at the Post vibrant than just a photo on a wall would ever do.

Each new bit of information puts a giant pit in my stomach -- his familiar handwriting on the sign, the penmanship that was so nice we used it for personalized stationery at my childhood office-supply business (Handitover House), the note he wrote (below) and simply seeing his books again. 

But above all it makes me happy -- and proud -- that the legacy of his knowledge and love of language lives on so beautifully.

Teacher Busted for Lap Action With Student

It seems this NYC high-school biology instructor is in hot water for his hands-on approach to teaching the birds and the bees:

The Daily News writes: 
A Queens teacher has been pulled from the classroom after he was caught in the dark with a student on his lap, according to a source at the high school. 
Farzad Ghelichkhani, 35, was yanked from his job at John Adams High School in Ozone Park and put in a rubber room in June 2016, following an investigation of charges against him. 
“This behavior is completely inappropriate, and Mr. Ghelichkhani was removed from the classroom and reassigned away from students last year,” said Education Department spokesman Michael Aciman. Department officials are trying to fire Ghelichkhani, who is still collecting his $86,185 salary. He had no prior disciplinary history. 
Ghelichkhani, a biology teacher, didn’t respond to a call for comment. A dean walked in on Ghelichkhani and the student in a compromising position, according to the school source. “They were in an embrace,” the source said. “It was a definitive sighting. A student on his lap, lights out.”
No word on the gender of the victim. But this year-plus-old story seems to have made the tabloids today as a result of GOP mayoral candidate Bo Dietl running to the press to try to use this as ammunition against Mayor Bill de Blasio, in case you're wondering. .

Aleshia Brevard, Trans Trailblazer, Is Dead at 79

What a fascinating life, which led her to modeling, film, TV and the stage -- plus 3.5 marriages! RIP, sweet lady.  Read more HERE.

I love that her one line was cut, but she still managed to garner this much attention!

On the Rag, Vol. 467

A weekly look at what's making news in the gay mags:

Get Out!: Seth Fornea and Vinny Vega look Pump-ed and ready! / Online edition HERE.

Edge Media: Radio Ad Campaign Opposes Texas "Bathroom Bill" / Read HERE.

Metro Weekly (D.C.): Studio Theatre enters the world of LGBTQ ballroom culture with a thrilling, immersive production of Tarell Alvin McCraney's poetic masterpiece "Wig Out!" / Read HERE.

HIV Plus: Freddie Mercury Biopic Will Not Mention HIV/AIDS (WTF?) / Read HERE.

QX (London): People across the LGBTQ spectrum recount their experiences of living, working and partying in Hong Kong / Read HERE.

Out magazine: The Power 50 list for 2017 is HERE.

GCN (Dublin): "Below Her Mouth" stars Natalie Krill and Erika Linder out front / Read HERE

POZ: Body’s Protection Against Autoimmune Disease May Shield HIV / Read HERE.

Lavender (Twin Cities): Revisit Pride in photos! Read HERE.

The Gay U.K.: Milan Christopher’s poolside attire leaves NOTHING to the imagination / Read HERE.

Echo (Phoenix): The Wedding Issue / Read HERE.

Gay Times (U.K.): The boys of Garçon Model are bulging out of their pants / Read HERE.

Attitude (U.K.): Gay extreme athlete -- or is it extremely gay athlete? -- Gavan Hennigan graces the cover of the August issue / Read HERE.

Têtu (France): This Instagram account will make you a little red / Read HERE.

The Advocate: Just when you think Republicans can't get more vile / Read HERE.

Get Out!: Meet Tomik Dash / Read HERE.

Winq (and a nod): Glasgow cathedral becomes first in the U.K. to host gay weddings / Read HERE.

The Body: "Monsters Among Us" Writer Andrew Shayde on Comics and the LGBTQ Community / Read HERE.

Passport: Sightseeing in Style -- Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences / Read HERE.

Song of the Day: 'Just Got Paid' by Johnny Kemp

Broke into this song yesterday at work only to be greeted with blank stares from my 30something colleagues, who earlier in the day were talking about the suicide of the lead singer of Limp Bizkit Linkin Park -- a band I couldn't name one song by, much less who the lead singer is. Led me to Johnny Kemp's Wikipedia page, which sadly revealed that he too was dead, after falling and hitting his head while walking on some rocks off the coast of Montego Bay in 2015. RIP.

Morning Wood

More loaded guns HERE.

Page 1 Roundup (0720)

The New York Post: Nicole Brown's sister rips into O.J. after 'conflict-free life' claim

The Daily News: New York's more sensible tabloid started out with this cover ...

 ... but then realized it could do better after that doozy of a "defense"

The New York Times: Naturally Trump is mad at Jeff Sessiosn for the only honorable thing the elf has ever done

The Wall Street Journal: Supreme Court’s Junior Justice Has to Run the Cafeteria. Don’t Eat There

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Rosanne Cash Has Lunch With the Gray Lady

ICYMI: Rosanne Cash and hubby John Levnthal performed a few songs and answered a few questions at New York Times headquarters earlier today in Midtown. They're promoting the 30th anniversary of her classic "King's Record Shop" LP  -- just reissued with bells 'n' whistles (on CD and digitally) and on vinyl -- as well as the vinyl debut of "Black Cadillac," which is arguably her masterpiece. The Q&A was awfully cute, and revealed a detail of their romance that reminded me of my own, which I'll tell you more about next week in Song of the Day. xo

Upcoming tour dates HERE.

Earlier in the day I got a reply on Twitter, which is always fun.

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