Friday, May 25, 2018

What's Your Favorite Blondie Album?

To my fellow Blondie fans, there's a poll over at Albumism going on through Sunday to vote for your favorite album of the band's. While it feels like Sophie's choice to me -- hard to say "Parallel Lines" isn't perfect, that "AutoAmerican" isn't feyly sublime and that "Eat to the Beat" isn't the greatest power-pop album ever recorded -- I ended up going with my tried-and-true answer: "Plastic Letters." With two of their best singles of all time -- "Denis" and "(I'm Always Touched by Your) Presence, Dear" -- my favorite album track of theirs ("Fan Mail") and a stream of quirky songs -- "Bermuda Triangle Blues (Flight 45)," "Contact in Red Square," "Youth Nabbed as Sniper," "I'm on E," "Kidnapper" -- that seemed a little more organic and polished than their debut's tongue-in-cheek brand of pop, "Plastic Letters" is still the one I didn't have the nerve to say no to. Vote on their site and don't be shy about leaving me a comment with your answer.

Vote HERE.

We want to hear from you, our readers! This week, we’re celebrating Blondie’s prolific studio discography, and we want to know what YOUR favorite album is across their expansive recorded repertoire. Simply select your favorite studio album below and click “submit.” Your submission is anonymous and no personal information is required to vote. The submission deadline is this Sunday, May 27th at 10:00pm ET, and we will publish the results soon thereafter, so check back via our Facebook and Twitter pages to discover the consensus #1 selected by your fellow readers!

On the Rag, Vol. 511

A weekly look at what's making news in the gay mags:

Between the Lines (Detroit): Meet trailblazer Garnet Lewis

Song of the Day: 'Mistaken Identity' by Kim Carnes

Funny factoid: I've had four serious boyfriends, and all four of them go by a different name with me (and the wider LGBT community) than they do with their families. Two use middle names with family, two use middle names with the gays. 

Kinda weird, no?

Page 1 Roundup (05/25)

Morning Wood

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Remains of the Day (05/24)

The New York Times: So much to love about this interview with David Sedaris, whose upcoming book will cover the bonds of siblings, the trials and comforts of domesticity, the general confusion of the world, his family’s extremely weird sense of humor and his troubled sister's suicide

The Daily News: Harvey Weinstein set to turn himself in on sex crime charges in New York

UnPresidented (podcast): Sarah Kendzior on how the media enables the Trump kleptocracy

Daily Intel: Self-proclaimed world's best deal-maker made to look like a fool by North Korea -- and now it sounds like he's itching for war

Towleroad: Gay man in ICU after being brutally beaten, burned, left in Amtrak rail yard in what family suspects is a hate crime

BosGuy: This rugby photo the sexiest thing you'll see all month

Boy Culture: In the wake of new allegations about Jeffrey Tambor and now Morgan Freeman, is there any way to acknowledge wrongdoing without completely rejecting a person's overall life and work?

JoeMyGod: Crazy Donald says maybe kneeling football players "shouldn't be in this country"

The Gay Almanac: Today in 1976, "Tales of the City" debuted in the San Francisco Chronicle

Greg in Hollywood: Watch former co-stars Hugh Grant and James Wilby talk about the gay love story "Maurice"

The Randy Report: Season 2 of "Queer Eye" set to premiere June 15 on Netflix

Deep Dish: This couldn't wait for Ass Wednesday

Dlisted: Will Arnett's new film has cut two scenes that may send the wrong message about molestation to kids

Minneapolis Star: She won him and wed him at the Mall of America nearly 20 years ago -- and he died Sunday

OMG Blog: Benedict Cumberbatch's ass stars in "Patrick Melrose"

Back2Stonewall: Democrats introduce bill to amend so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act to protect LGBT Americans

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Hot Cat of the Day: Nothing better than a nap with your best friend.

The Hypocrisy of Ronan Farrow

Read HERE.

Ronan Farrow -- who thinks trying to "discredit" his sister for running around repeating disproved allegations her mother fed her as a child is somehow beyond the pale -- wasted no time in trying to discredit the person who is in better position to know what happened than anyone. Even putting the molestation claims aside, how can Ronan so casually dismiss his brother's harrowing recollections of being physically and psychologically abused by their mother? That's what's beyond the pale here.

Says the 4-year-old with no memory of the events, and the adult who obviously cannot look at the facts impartially, despite devoting his life to a profession that requires him to be able to. #BelieveMoses #TrainInVain

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