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Remains of the Day (11/12)

Politico: Although many of my Democratic friends are (understandably) groaning about the prospect of Hillary Clinton running for president in 2020 my thought is this: Let her make her case. There certainly won't be a so-called "coronation" this time around -- and how many men have repeatedly run without being given grief?

Newsweek: Robert Mueller reportedly ready to indict some folks

The Randy Report: Wisconsin high school students give Nazi salute in prom photo

Politics USA: My second home state hasn't had a Democratic senator since I lived there decades ago, but Kyrsten Sinema -- a bisexual atheist who has moved to the center because she knows how to read the room, queen -- is now the projected winner of Jeff Flake's old seat!

Boy Culture: There weren't many men sexier than Jack Scalia -- packed in Jordache jeans back in the day

The WoW Report: Graham Nash sings "Our House" for Joni Mitchell's 75th birthday

Towleroad: Mother whose "pup" son died of silicone injections to his genitals confronts "master" boyfriend over his death

Birthday Sluts: Who knew Stanley Tucci had such a hot body?

Gothamist: Correction: The annual Rockefeller Center tree slaughtering is actually delightful

Back2Stonewall: Hunky Turkish pop singer Bulut Duman accused of "gay blackmailing" more than 50 men

Dlisted: You're not imagining that your CVS receipt is REALLY LONG

Greg in Hollywood: Behold Steve Grand in yet another tiny banana hammocki

The Daily News: Tribeca man, 29, killed by hit-and-run driver remembered as "full of life"; driver still on the loose

Outsports: NBA fines Nuggets center Nikola Jokic $25,000 for using gay slur

The Washington Post: A reader’s guide to 12 Trump administration targets House Democrats are preparing to investigate

Deep Dish: This Movember man was too sexy to wait for Saturday 'Stache

Associated Press: Psychopath accused of murdering gay student Blaze Bernstein pleads not guilty

OMG Blog: Aussie Damon Gameau gets nekkid in "Save Your Legs"

Hot Cat of the Day: Take a load off!

Weekend Tennis Roundup

I'm enjoying all of the men dressed up in suits and ties for the ATP Finals in London, but I must say the actual tournament has been sucking ass for me, and not in a good way. So far, not a single match has gone the way I've wanted it to: Dominic Thiem continued his inability to beat Kevin Anderson. Roger Federer played horribly to lose in straight sets to Kei Nishikori. And Alexander Zverev took out Marin Cilic ... again. 

Notice how pretty boy Alex Zverev has no socks and a masterful pout ...

It's parliamentary, my dear Watson. Mate Pavic and Mikola Mektic are the hottest MPs yet ...

Cheers, queers!

Even the crowd is stunning ...

Doubles troubles

Novak Djokovic has climbed his way back to the top ..

What did you think of the ATP World Tour awards this year? Seems weird to call Djokovic the comeback player of the year ...

I was tickled to see Tommy Robredo win the Arthur Ashe Humanitarian Award ... now if he would just come out already.

And in women's action ...

Despite a weakened team sans Karolian Pliskova and Petra Kvitova (who was there for moral support), the Czech Republic was too strong for an equally depleted U.S. squad, winning its sixth Fed Cup title in eight years. Katerina Siniakova outlasted American Sofia Kenin in a 3-hour-45-minute marathon in front of a boisterous, sold-out home crowd, 7-5 5-7 7-5, to secure a 3-0 win. 

At least Team USA was able to beat them AT HOCKEY

And finally, what better way for a young player who is trying to escape the pressure of having a famous father in the same sport than being written up in the New York Times?!

Mrs. Neil Patrick Harris to Guest Star on Web Series 'West 40s'

Some casting news for you.

David Burtka -- who is best known for being married to gay-icon-after-being-pushed-out-of-the-closet Neil Patrick Harris -- is slated to join the cast of "West 40s," Mark Sam Rosenthal and Brian Sloan’s web series about five gay men stumbling through their 40s in Hell’s Kitchen NYC

From a release:
David Burtka will play a major guest-starring role in Episode 3, slated for production in January 2019. Burtka has been acting in film, TV and theater since moving to New York City in the 1990s. He has appeared on "The West Wing," "American Horror Story" and as a celebrity judge on "RuPaul’s Drag Race." He is also a professional chef, having studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena with appearances on Food Network’s "Beat Bobby Flay" and as a judge on "Worst Cooks in America." He has a book coming out in 2019, "Life is a Party." His role on "West 40s" will be his first major scripted role in a few years, after focusing mainly on his culinary career.  
“I love this series and I’m honored to be a part of it. I have always been a fan of Brian Sloan’s work and I am so happy I finally get to work him,” said Burtka, 43. Burtka and his husband, who have been together nearly 15 years, are New Yorkers too, having moved permanently to the city in 2015 when Harris’s run on "How I Met Your Mother" ended. 
Should be fun to see. Is Episode 2 ever coming out?

Song of the Day: 'Kitchen Sink Drama' by Soft Cell

Had dinner with my Boston DJ friend Taffy yesterday, who dazzled us with stories of his trip to the U.K. to see Soft Cell's wave goodbye tour. I probably wouldn't have gone even if I'd known about it -- you have to pick your battles with these things and Kim Wilde and Roddy Frame didn't even make the cut -- but if I'd known Mari Wilson was going to turn up onstage it might have made the difference. Sigh. I must be the most casual American fan who can sing every word to this melodramatic masterpiece off "The Art of Falling Apart," or as Taffy would say: "You actually know they had more than one album" ...

In a January 1983 interview with Melody Maker, Marc Almond said: "One of my favorite subjects [is the] the housewife. Again, the real sort of salt of the earth. People say, 'Oh, she's just a boring housewife.' But it's not true. Imagine being at home all day in your Barrett house, you're in your middle age and you're preparing the evening meal for your maybe very boring husband -- who's not interested in you anymore -- and he's eyeing up other, younger, women. It's that awful chauvinistic attitude that women have to be quiet, that they're there to do the housework, and that's all, that they don't have minds, that they don't have fantasies."

David Ball added that he played the song to his mother, who said "Oh, this is nice," then he told her to listen to the words, "and the smile disappeared a bit, which was good because it's actually achieving something."

Beauty without cruelty ...

Standing in for Sarah Cracknell ...

Page 1 Roundup (11/12)

Morning Wood

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Speedo Sunday

THICK, for your pleasure. 

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