Saturday, March 17, 2018

Saturday 'Stache

Former Australian professional rugby league footballer Kayne Lawton has been the object of my, um, affection for years. But I think he may need to step aside to make room for his mustachioed (not so) little brother, Karl, who just joined the New Zealand Warriors! More HERE.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Tail as Old as Time

Referring this library-loving little guy to my literary agent friend now! See more pics HERE.

Remains of the Day (0316)

Baseline: KIT212 favorite -- and an inspiration for this blog -- Tommy Haas calls it a career

The Randy Report: Media banned from Mike Pence's meeting with gay Irish PM Leo Varadkar

Dlisted: Elton John was a bit of a cunt to Ellen DeGeneres when she came out

Back2Stonewall: Texas newspaper edits out references to same-sex couple in obituary for 'religious and ethical reasons'

Towleroad: Comedian James Adomian rips "Saturday Night Live" for not casting openly gay man in 30

Greg in Hollywood: Darren Criss can give me a shoulder massage in a tank top anytime he wants

Boy Culture: Madonna Polaroid cache up for auction

The Daily Mash: Last human to use two spaces after a full stop dies

BosGuy: Did you say you likes furry daddies?

Daily Intelligencer: Nancy Pelosi is good at her job and she should keep it

Brooklyn Vegan: Netflix adds more classic "Mystery Science Theater 3000" episodes

Curbed: New High Line installation is an ode to the Statue of Liberty

Gr8er Days: Isabella Rossellini on her return to Lancome at 62

The New York Times: Louise Slaughter, 16-term liberal congresswoman from New York, dies at 88 after suffering head injury in fall

NewNowNext: Another man has tested HIV positive while taking PrEP

Savage Blog: Wife of Internet troll files for divorce

OMG Blog: Dan, Ollie, Ash and Austin from "Ibiza Weekender" get naked in their hotel room

AP: Maria Sharapova withdraws from Miami with forearm injury

People: ZoĆ« Kravitz brings back Bonnie's long braids as "Big Little Lies" Season 2 filming kicks off

The Washington Post: Crazy Donald may hire multiple cable news personalities as part of White House shake-up

WGNTV: White working-class voters had a reason to be made in 2016, they were just mad at the wrong people

Reuters: Top general says U.S. not coordinating against Russian cyber threat

It's Either Sadness or Euphoria: Looking for your next book? Check out reviews of Julie Schumacher's "The Shakespeare Requirement"; Gae Polisner's "In Sight of Stars"; Fredrick Backman's "Us Against You"; Jessica Strawser's "Not That I Could Tell"; and Neal Shusterman's "Scythe"

Hot Cat of the Day: Morning nose kisses for Dad!

Cheyenne Jackson Is the Gay Darrin Stephens

Last night's "Will & Grace" was probably my least favorite so far, although a mediocre "W&G" is still better than most things. As happy as I was to hear Cheyenne Jackson was going to guest star, I didn't realize he was playing Will's ex-boyfriend Michael -- who was already portrayed perfectly by sexy Chris Potter. (You know how I feel about Fake Jan et al.) And a few things didn't quite add up. First of all, didn't Will stalk/look up Michael? The idea that Michael was lying in wait to "use" him five seconds after reconnecting seemed awfully out of left field -- and didn't track with the Michael we knew from years ago. And even if we are going along with the story, shouldn't we have seen Will fall in love again before it all imploded so quickly? (It felt like an episode was missing.) I guess it was sort of a fast-tracked sitcom romance, but the whole thing was very jarring -- and I feel like a missed opportunity at exploring getting back together with an ex. 

Secondly, I'm not sure the "both sides" cake storyline hit its mark. Are people who voted for the person who was elected to the White House -- and are members of the party that controls all three branches of government -- really on par with persecuted minorities? Do we need a sitcom to equate LGBTQ people with Nazis and people who practice bestiality? (I think a senator turned GOP presidential candidate was more than enough.) Make the cake. But any chance of this being a clear-cut case of hypocrisy is completely muddied by Trump's relentless vilification of minorities and championing of gun nuts and white supremacists -- and even the ACLU has changed its stance on some hate groups. Am I misinterpreting this?

On the plus side ... 

The little nod to Debbie Reynolds ...

and Tom of Finland -- both originally spotted by my friend Chad -- were very appreciated.

On the Rag, Vol. 501

A weekly look at what's making news in the gay mags:

HotSpots (Florida): Fit, fabulous and over 40

Lavender (Minnesota): 2018 spring arts and dining pairings

The Advocate: Latina actresses Stephanie Beatriz and Natalie Morales are the future

Passport would like to hear from you HERE.

Song of the Day: 'Pop Don't Stop' by Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde's back with a new album -- now I'm revisiting the previous one ("Snapshots") -- and the first single is awfully fun!

Morning Wood

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