Thursday, August 21, 2014


Born February 6, 1942, in Philadelphia

From HERE.

Fun Couples: Carly Simon and Debbie Harry

Absolutely DYING at Carly's Throwback Thursday photo. Longtime readers know that Carly is my other girl -- and I had no idea these two had ever even crossed paths. Thinking this could have been related to the film "Soup for One," which featured Debbie's "Jump Jump" and Carly's "Why" on the soundtrack, but that's just a guess. Anyone know more?

Team Fruity

If one of his used jockstraps is the prize inside, I may go Fruity over Cocoa Pebbles for the first time in my life ... 

Meet 6-3, 235 lb. Panthers Linebacker Luke Kuechly

All this and he cleans up nicely, too!

'10 Things I Hate About You' Heartthrob Starts His Own Religion

Some are calling Andrew Keegan's Full Circle religion a cult, but it's not like you didn't already worship him back in the '90s. Read HERE.

Hook, Line and Stinker

Montana man busted for calling 911 on stripper who denied him sex after he paid her $350

Well, what was he supposed to do? Read HERE.

Get Your Geek On

Gay geeks return to Easton Mountain for fresh air and fun, Sept. 19-21. Complete details HERE.

Song of the Day: 'Our Lips Are Sealed' by the Go-Go's

Although it's based entirely on old interviews, Matthew Duersten's story on the Go-Go's for Los Angeles magazine is still worth a read HERE. He's 100 percent right that "Our Lips Are Sealed" is their legacy, no matter how popular "We Got the Beat" was.

Morning Wood

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

If I Ever Get Out of Here ...

My friend who sent me this said he'd insist on a strip search.
KATHMANDU, Aug. 20, 2014 -- A passenger is seen monitored by a thermal thermometer at a health desk at Tribhuwan International Airport in view of the outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease in West African nations in Kathmandu, Nepal, 

Just the Fax, Sir

There is paper and ringing noises coming out of this strange machine near my desk. Are we under attack?

Lyp Service

Exciting news -- the legendary Lypsinka is returning to New York City! Details HERE.

It Seems I'm 'Catfish' Bait!

Hot in Cleveland 

Well, this is certainly something I never expected. A woman just emailed me to let me know that my photo is being used by someone on Facebook to try to pick up women(!). (That Google Image Search never disappoints.) While I am completely flattered and thrilled don't approve of this in any way, I do like my new occupation and have family in Aberdeen, so I guess it could be worse. (God I hope I get to meet Max!)

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