Thursday, June 30, 2016

Death of a Male Model

RIP. Jorge Ilich reportedly committed suicide in Miami. Read HERE.

Turning of the Tide

Speaking of people insisting there isn't much light between the Republican and Democratic parties. Take a look at this New York Times article Gay Marriage, a Year Later. It features my friends Scott and Daniel and look what Scott said!
Mr. Prendergast: My husband’s parents are immigrants from Korea. They were a bit hesitant and frightened by the idea of a big public wedding. They wanted us to keep the whole thing more private, discreet. It was very helpful to have the actual president of the United States on television saying this was a good thing. The tidal wave of news and social media posts about gay marriage gave us some legitimacy at the exact right moment.  
We got married three months after the Supreme Court ruling. The parents had a great time at the wedding. In the end, I think they wished they had invited more family. And despite their initial requests for discretion, the national public embrace maybe made it easier for them to tell family back in Korea.

Pizza Smackdown: Detroit vs. New York City

The Detroit Free Press didn't take too kindly to the recent New York Post op-ed about the new Detroit pizza joint out in Brooklyn called Emmy Squared that described it as "the new hipster horror." Damian and I went and thought the pizza was divine, despite the fact that there's nary a mention of the Motor City elsewhere in the joint, much less on the menu. (No Faygo Red Pop, no Vernor's, no Sanders desserts!) The Lou-Wow (sauce, mozzarella, spicy pineapple and ham) was absolutely to-die-for, and the Deluxe (sauce, mozzarella, sausage, peppers, mushrooms) was great, too. If you're not familiar with Detroit pizza -- a kinder piece in The Post described it pretty well -- Emmy Squared is definitely a good place to get indoctrinated. Let's hope the joint lasts longer than Motor City, the Lower East Side watering hole that really was just like being on 8 Mile! 

He's Ready to Blow!

I wonder if Mom knows Dad is on Scruff ...

Transgender People Will Be Allowed to Serve Openly in Military

just become enraged when people -- especially LGBT friends -- say there is barely any light between the Republican and Democratic parties. Do you really think any of this would be possible under Presidents McCain or Romney? 

Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter on Thursday removed one of the final barriers to military service by lifting the Pentagon’s ban on transgender people serving openly in the armed forces. The decision pushes forward a transformation of the military that Mr. Carter has accelerated in the last year with the opening of all combat roles to women and the appointment of the first openly gay Army secretary. He made his feelings on ending the transgender ban clear last year, when he called it outdated and ordered officials across the military to begin examining what would need to be done to lift the prohibition.

Training With a Savage

So you're telling me you just have to watch this video to get a body like THAT? (Walter Savage is lucky I didn't jump him when I saw him on the F train!)

Song of the Day: 'Tarzan Boy' by Baltimora

Because every day is a little brighter with a little Baltimore in it. Singer Jimmy McShane was diagnosed with AIDS in 1994 and returned to his native Northern Ireland where he died the following year at age 37.

Morning Wood

Page 1 Roundup (06/30)

Morning Sickness: I can't think of a rumored couple in whom I have less interest than Mika and Joe ...

The 1 Percenters: I'm surprised so many black people like Trump ...

Facebook, a News Giant That Would Rather Show Us Baby Pictures ...

Do-it-yourself painting fad puts couples in a ticklish spot ...

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Tribute to the Orlando 49

Ryan Murphy has directed a Human Rights Campaign-themed video featuring 49 stars describing the victims of the Orlando mass shooting. The names include Jane Fonda, Lady Gaga, Gerard Butler, Sofia Vergara, Chris Pine, Matt Bomer (pictured above) and many more. It's a moving tribute you can watch HERE.

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