Monday, April 21, 2014

Morning Wood

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Stan's (Still) the Man!

What a bizarre week in Monte Carlo. If you had told me that Stanislas Wawrinka would walk away with the title, I might not have believed you. But if you told me neither Rafael Nadal nor Novak Djokovic would make the final -- and Rafa not even the semis -- I'd have said you were crazy. Kudos to Stan for keeping his A game together and beating Roger Federer in three. Would love to see him pose a real threat in Paris.

(Tiki) Idol Worship

Still-not-gay Representative Aaron Schock is the hottest surfer boy I've seen since Greg Brady.

Happy Easter

Friday, April 18, 2014

On the Rag, Vol. 299

A weekly look at what's making news in the free gay mags:

Rage (L.A./San Diego): Cheyenne Jackson is a mad man no more / Read HERE.

Next: Remembering Frankie Knuckles / Read HERE.

Odyssey New York is all PUMP-ed up / Read HERE.

Get Out! magazine: Who is Jasmine International? Read HERE.

Metro Weekly (DC): The host of ''Chopped'' on weird ingredients, the joys of slow cooking and the importance of Dining Out for Life / Read HERE.

Lavender (Minneapolis) celebrates 20 years of Dining Out for Life / Read HERE.

Frontiers: Nobody minds Cheyenne Jackson on top and bottom -- here he sings the songs of an older era / Read HERE.

BIG Brother

"Big Brother Canada" Kenny Brain can barely keep his clothes on when being filmed for television, so it's no surprise that he lets it all hang out on Grindr. See Kenny's big pile of junk HERE.

Why Are Gay Men So Afraid of Getting Older?

Op-ed: In Defense of Aging 

Jon Bernstein's piece in the Advocate is defnitely worth a look:
Those of us who lived through the height of the AIDS epidemic know all too well that growing old is a gift. We need to start believing it. Growing older gives us the opportunity to build deep and lasting friendships and to discover our authentic selves. Past our surface, deep within, are hidden contours and deeper dimensions that we never knew were there. 
 Read HERE.

WATCH: 'The Normal Heart' Full Trailer From HBO

Wow. Maybe not even Ryan Murphy can destroy this classic work of art.

INS: 'You Have Failed to Establish That a Bona Fide Marital Relationship Can Exist Between Two Faggots'

(Click to ENRAGE)

Sobering reminder of the sacrifices made by so many in the fight for marriage equality, from the Facebook page of my friend Lavi Soloway, who runs The DOMA Project with Noemi Masliah.

He writes:
Tony Sullivan and Richard Adams went to Federal District Court in Los Angeles in 1979 to continue their fight for federal recognition of their marriage so that Tony could be granted a green card as Richard's spouse. The Immigration Service has never apologized for sending them a one-sentence denial letter in 1975 referring to them as "two faggots." The Obama administration should direct Jeh Johnson, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, to repudiate the outrageous language used by the INS Director in Los Angeles in that letter. Richard died in 2012 without receiving a formal apology from his own government, and did not live to see DOMA's demise or resolution of Tony's immigration status. It is time to right this historic wrong and approve Tony's request for a green card under the provision in the law that applies to surviving spouses of American citizens. 
The work of The DOMA Project continues to address the lasting effect of that law on LGBT families, including widows and widowers and children. Thank you to those who support our advocacy and education work and help us expose the enduring and harmful legacy of DOMA. Tony Sullivan has spent four decades as an activist and educator, protesting injustice where ever he saw it. Next week we will continue the fight for equality together, as Tony looks forward with optimism at the changing world and keeps demanding that it do better, become more decent, and respect and value love that is the basis of marriage. #keepupthefight

Gospel of Matthew

Read about a quick visit to go-go-boy-turned-Renaissance-man Matthew Camp's apartment HERE.

The ProGlide FlexBall???

If reports of the death of the beard are true, then this is coming out right on time:

WSJ reports:
The slowdown in shaving hasn't cooled the arms race in razors. Procter & Gamble Co. is preparing to roll out its latest weapon in the fight for men's faces—a razor featuring a swiveling ball-hinge that allows the blade to pivot and comes with a high-end price, according to marketing documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. Dubbed the ProGlide FlexBall, according to the documents, the new device is aimed at winning sales in a crucial and profitable business that has come under pressure as styles have favored facial hair and men have shifted at the margins to cheaper discount options.
Looks kinda scary to me, so I'm gonna stick with my current look!

Read HERE.

The Princess and the Queens

Dateline: MANLY beach:
Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, talks to junior surf lifesavers during a visit to Sydney's Manly beach April 18, 2014. Britain's Prince William and his wife Kate are undertaking a 19-day official visit to New Zealand and Australia with their son George.

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