Friday, October 09, 2015

Morning Wood

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Tim Tebow Is a Sexy Couch Potato

Timmy's BULGE SHOT has sent traffic through the roof, but I like this one even more. Love the treasure trail and his loyalty to his Jockey sponsorship

And these shots from a Gatorade Performance Lab are nice, too.

Curse of the Train Heroes

--French train attack hero Spencer Stone was stabbed four times in the chest in Sacramento early Thursday
--Footage of the incident shows him fighting off a group of men who flee the scene after the attack 
--Stone, 23, was with three girlfriends and two male friends and had just left the gay bar Badlands when the attack occurred
--Authorities are now searching for two adult Asian males who drove away in a dark Toyota Camry
--Initially police did not believe that Stone, 23, would be able to survive his injuries and began treating the case as a homicide
-- Stone was one of the three Americans who managed to take down a gunman as he opened fire on a Paris-bound train this past August

Jesus Christ. First these three guys encounter a box-cutter and gun-wielding terrorist on a Paris-bound train speeding through Belgium in August. Then one of them unwittingly avoided danger last week by being in California for an appearance on “Dancing with the Stars” when a gunman shot up the campus of his school, Umpqua Community College. (That was HIS school!) And now this? Beginning to wonder if one of them is wearing Greg Brady's tiki necklace. Here's hoping he makes (another) quick recovery.

Mystery Meat

Cafe Metro: We Prepare It, You Decide. 

From HERE.

Grey Lady in the (212)?

No, this isn't a photo I dug up from a porn site. It's from a story about Australia's Rugby World Cup in The New York Times!

The Blue Gremlin Rides Again!

Did Chapter 3 of "Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?" finally get greenlighted for TV?!!!

Division 1 Basketball Coach Chris Burns Comes Out as Gay

Chris Burns, the assistant men’s basketball coach at Bryant University in Smithfield, R.I., has come out as gay, and is the nation’s first Division 1 coach to do so. Read how he told the team and watch his first interview HERE.

Welcome to the team!

Meet the World's First Plus-Size Male Model

Hexjam reports that model Zach Miko is 6 feet, 6 inches tall, with a 40-inch waist -- and is currently modeling clothes on Target's website. 

I think the handsome hunk kinda -- who is also part of a comedy duo -- looks like every guy on Scruff.

 Would you "woof" him? 

Blond Ambitions

I'm constantly being asked to help ID hot guys in the players' boxes on the tour. This time it's Ana Ivanovic's coach -- Andrew Bettles, a British tennis player who's barely in the Top 1000 and is just 22. As Damian described it, "With those dubious credentials, I'd guess Ana appreciates something else about having him around!"

Not to be confused with Sloane Stephens' former hitting partner, a Brit named Andrew Fitzpatrick. He seems to be working with Naomi Brody now, and can be found on Instagram HERE.

Song of the Day: 'Straight On' by Heart

I've written about my love affair with Heart HERE. Last night I went to see Ann Wilson's solo project at City Winery. The review's to come. But until then, enjoy this classic from 1978 she wrote with sister Nancy and childhood friend Sue Ennis.

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