Saturday, February 28, 2015

Careful What You Wish For

Friday, February 27, 2015

Cat Man Doable

I see hunky Spanish DNA cover model Leo Rice and I have at least one thing in common! Buy the current issue HERE

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Die Alone With Him

My friend Danny Casillas -- known to some KIT212 readers as the hilarious Frieda Laye from "Chico's Angels" -- is daring to do what few would today: He's started a blog:
I haven't given up on love. I think I've just given up thinking it's going to happen magically at some special time. I think as I get older, I get more comfortable with myself and more accustomed to that comfort. This makes it difficult to compromise and deal with another's faults and special behaviors that might have made them seem adorable to me when I was younger. Now, I find that being alone for the rest of my life is s distinct possibility. I am a single gay man, with no partner and no children. I don't even have a dog. I'm not sad. Occasionally I'm lonely, but I enjoy my own company. I got the idea for Die Alone With Me, when I considered my other friends, who are my age, single and gay, with no children and dating. Maybe when we're in our 80's we'll be roommates, like the Golden Girls, single and dying alone together. This is not a place of loneliness, but a place for finding people like you, or people you love, who are alone and can find the humor in it. Seriously, you gotta laugh, otherwise you'll scare people off and you'll end you dying alone alone! So, if you're aging, getting more finicky, gay or straight, looking for a chuckle or an accidental insight, pop on over and DIE ALONE WITH ME.
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Will You Marry Me, Phil?

Posted in Chelsea. From HERE.

Song of the Day: 'Valerie' Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse

Probably not a big shocker that Amy Winehouse wasn't on my radar much back in her heyday, but I've sure come to appreciate her since -- especially this one. 

Morning Wood

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Aaron Schock Can't 'Shake Off' Incriminating Instagrams

Jon Stewart had a field day with the pretty-boy congressman, who may not be gay, but is knee-deep in mud. 

Thorn in the Brit Awards' Side

Madonna told a Bedtime Story back in '95

The Brits are so polite these days. One reason? There’s no bands left. 

"It used to feel like a school canteen full of rival gangs - now it's a civilised dining room."

My (Everything But the) Girl Tracey Thorn attended the Brit Awards for the first time in decades and wrote a fun essay about them. Back in 1995, she got invited to Madonna's private party at Brown’s in Soho. Both Tracey and Madonna had recently recorded with Massive Attack -- who were up for best album -- and it was the first time Tracey had heard anyone refer to her as “Madge.” (I assumed that Nellee and 3D and Mushroom and Daddy G, no slouches when it came to nicknames, had invented it themselves.)  

And then there was this year: 
There’s less camaraderie, and less rivalry, and the absence of both is what dulls the air. Band camaraderie is infectious, and enlivens an audience – you want to be part of that gang, whether it’s the Rolling Stones or the Spice Girls, the Libertines or One Direction – and bitchy rivalry is entertaining. Blur vs Oasis was silly but funny. Now, admiration and respect are the order of the day. Sam loves James, Ed loves Sam, and everybody is Taylor’s best friend.

Thorn's first-person account of Madonna's plunge is the real gem, though. Read HERE.

In Focus: Chris Salvatore

More HERE.

The Daily Grindr

Sounds magical. Send yours HERE.

The Ick Factor

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Move Over, Cat Ladies

There are cat men too -- and some of them are hot! Click HERE.

Big City, Small Living

How One New Yorker Lives Comfortably in 90 Square Feet

Suburbanites are always taken aback by how small my (one-bedroom) apartment is -- but I know I'm living the (comparative) good life! Read HERE.

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