Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Remains of the Day (06/26)

The Gay Salon: Want to really get to know your friends?

Towleroad: Adult performer Blu Kennedy pleads guilty to child p**n charges

The New York Times: House panel subpoenas Kellyanne Conway on ethics law violations after she fails to show up for hearing

Twitter: You don't have to be Catholic to observe Ass Wednesday (but this might make you want to convert)

Washington Post: A mother reported a teen bully for racially taunting her son. Then he beat her unconscious, attorney says.

Dlisted: Robin Thicke has officially turned into his dad

The Daily News: I never understood why anyone would want to see a fake Cher on Broadway when the real Cher is still touring

Baseline: Serena Williams is on a Wheaties box, the third female tennis player to receive the honor (can you name the other two?)

Mother Jones: How toxic masculinity fuels mass shootings

Back2Stonewall: When Life Magazine covered the “sordid world” of homosexuality in America

The WoW Report: Mass immigration raids postponed just as Pence arrives in Miami to sell “Trump for Latinos” campaign

NBC News: "These gays are big Republicans and used their connections to get this passed in Virginia. While that's a good thing they still support the GOP in every aspect. Which means they still support people who would try to take away their rights to adopt/have children. It's maddening."

Greg in Hollywood: Farrah Fawcett died 10 years ago today

NPR: Not all heroes wear capes

Washington Blade: "Harry Truman" amendment seeks to restore trans military service

New York Post: Hot American doctor killed alongside tour guide during Belize vacation

Associated Press: Yankees honor Stonewall anniversary with commemorative plaque

ET: New Kid on the Block's Jonathan Knight and pop star Tiffany talk dating, coming out and 31-year friendship

Hot Cat of the Day: Harvey's been known to do this!

What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Solidarity?

Another well-meaning article that offers no supporting evidence for its claims that queer minorities are being "denied the rewards" of the LGBTQ movement. (And denied by whom?) Every city, state and federal law to protect queer people applies to queer people of color. And every bad thing happening to queer people of color is also happening at a disproportionate rate to non-queer people of color. Shocker: Stonewall didn't fix institutional racism! As for the trans smoking gun about the Employment Non-Discrimination Act excluding transgender people: It was an attempt to get something on the books -- and guess what? It didn't pass for LGB people, either.

Still, if bringing more attention to queer minorities who contributed is the objective, I can accept a little shoddy reporting ... unless it leads to more of THIS

Stonewall 25: We’ve come a long way, baby ...

(Click through HERE to read about an unsettling incident that happened to me Friday night in Chelsea during World Pride month.)

Wrestle Wednesday

He looks like he has a lot to be CELEBRATING.

Song of the Day: 'Rebound City' by Bleached

Every time I discover a new band I tell myself, you could have been doing this the past 30 years. (This Bleached song is like the second coming of Holly Beth Vincent, while “Kiss You Goodbye” is the female response to Strange Names.) But the way I see it is this: It's this much more special my way! (Shoutout to Best Coast -- the last "new" band I discovered -- for retweeing this.)

Page 1 Roundup (06/26)

Morning Wood

It's how BIG?

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Remains of the Day (06/25)

Today: Vacation buddies? See George Clooney and Barack Obama together in Italy

Vox: The 22 women who have publicly accusing Trump of sexual assault or misconduct

Instagram: Did I forget the weekend's hunkiest tennis winner?

Associated Press: Indiana school fires gay teacher to keep diocese ties

The Hill: House Democrats unveil changes to border bill to win over progressives

Washington Post: Iran calls new U.S. sanctions "outrageous," warns path to diplomacy is closed

Greg in Hollywood: While guesting on “WWHL,” Rosie O’Donnell covers the roses and thorns of her career

Boy Culture: MrMan's Top 10 hottest gay-sex scenes

ATP: Marcos Baghdatis to retire after competing at Wimbledon

Queerty: Brandon Flynn addresses Richard Madden relationship rumors

MetroSource: Now you can tell the "Golden Girls" thank you for being a friend

NewNowNext: Smithsonian’s “Illegal to Be You” exhibit revisits 150 years of queer history

The Daily News: Sister charged with stabbing her identical twin to death in New Jersey apartment

The WoW Report: Wishing Carly Simon a very happy birthday!

Dlisted: Dean McDermott ALSO has a story about his child walking in on him having sex with his wife

HuffPost: Young Americans are becoming less comfortable with LGBTQ people, GLAAD finds

Matthew's Island: Shirtless men together

The Randy Report: Gus Kenworthy gets "Nailed" by Michael Henry

Hot Cat of the Day: I'd be pursuing my Ph.D. if this were routine!

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