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Knee-Jerk Reaction

Funny, this is my go-to response in these situations too!
Fine was resting her head on a tray table and became irate after the woman in front of her leaned her seat back and struck Fine on the head, sparking an argument, flight attendants told airport police. 
When the staff tried to calm down Fine, she reportedly told one of the flight attendants to "eat sh-t and die," according to the report. 
I sure hope this latest incident makes the airlines address this problem. I have been saying this for years -- either EVERYONE needs to recline, or NO ONE should recline. That the plane leaves it up to each person to decide whether or not to make another person's flight that much more uncomfortable is just BEGGING for these things to happen. Whether or not you think it's rude to exercise your right to recline the way things are now is your business, but I personally think it's pretty horrible to do something when you know it's making someone else's life miserable, whether it's your "right" or not. (Don't act like you don't know there's a 6-foot man sitting behind you, bitch.)

I had this exact same thing happen to me on my recent flight to L.A. -- the only way I can rest is to put my head down on the table, I just can't do it sitting up -- and I've also had an incident where the seat in front of me was broken was was reclining WAY MORE than it should have so asked the person if they could please not recline so far and had them rip me a new asshole.

It's ludicrous and the airlines need to figure out a solution.

Of Flesh and Blood He's Made

Most hilarious line ever from an online profile I read, listed under the "Activities & Interests" section:
Dressed as a wizard and sat in Central Park for 7.5 hours but still have not been photographed by Humans of New York, what is this bullshit?!

Southern Charmer

Been remiss in mentioning the recent publication of my friend Chris Shirley's debut novel, "Playing by the Book," which is getting rave reviews.

When seventeen-year-old high school newspaper editor Jake Powell, fresh from Alabama, lands in New York City to attend Columbia University's prestigious summer journalism program, it's a dream come true. But his father, a fundamentalist Christian minister, smells trouble. And his father is rarely wrong.

In "Playing by the Book," Jake navigates new and unfamiliar ways "up North," starting with his feelings for a handsome Jewish classmate named Sam. What Jake could keep hidden back home now rises to the surface in the Big Apple.

Standing by his side are a gorgeous brunette with a Park Avenue attitude and the designer bags to match, a high school friend who has watched Jake grow up and isn't sure she's ready to let him go, and an outrageously flamboyant aunt who's determined to help Jake finds the courage to accept love and avoid the pain that she has experienced.

Provocative and moving, "Playing by the Book" is a feel-good novel about the struggles and triumphs we encounter in the search for our own truth.
Congrats, Chris!

Order your copy today HERE. Learn more about Chris and the book HERE.

Dungeons and Fagons

   Read all about the big, sexy pop-up dungeon party in Brooklyn HERE!

Too De Muir?

With David Muir's ascension to the top of "ABC World News," the Internet is buzzing with opinions about the handsome anchorman, which has been a windfall of traffic to my blog thanks to my post about possible plastic surgery HERE, his hunky muscles HERE, just how handsome he is HERE, what he would look like with a hairy chest HERE and how it's an open secret he's gay HERE.

My friend Jim writes:
As I read this New York Times story about Muir starting as one of the Big Three news anchors this week, I thought it was odd the paper didn't mention that he's gay. After all, that's another huge first in big-time broadcast journalism. Anderson Cooper's out, of course, but he's not at broadcasting's pinnacle. Then I Googled around and discovered that, while it's an open secret in New York City's gay community, Muir has never actually confirmed it. 
And the media webiste NewsBlues opines:
"His earnestness seems practiced. His stories always seem to revolve around him as a main character. In fact, his self-absorbed presentation captures a younger generation's image of what a TV reporter should be. In the age of social media, news is "all about me."
What do you think of David Muir -- and do you think his sexuality needs to be addressed?


Born in Covington County, Miss. 
(January 1, 1909 – December 17, 1992)

More HERE.

To Catch a 'Thief'

I know I'm a honest person, but like sexuality, morality has a sliding scale. Yesterday I bought a pair of readers at Duane Reade. I'd left the ones I like in a taxi last week, and the old pair I had at home -- a plus 1 -- weren't strong enough anymore. I found a pair I liked at the drugstore and used the little eye exam to figure out plus 1.5 was what I needed. The following morning I reached for them and tried to read my email messages on my iPhone. I was still struggling to see them early in the morning, so I quickly realized my lost readers must have been a plus 1.75 or 2. Last night I went back to Duane Reade to see if they had the same pair with the stronger prescription -- and they did. I had already thrown the receipt away, so I knew exchanging them would be an unpleasant, if not entirely futile, effort -- it's hard enough PAYING for something at Duane Reade -- so I asked the friend I was with if he was comfortable with me "exchanging" them myself, aka swapping out my 1.5 pair for the the 1.75s. (It would have been seamless, and they would have easily been able to be sold again.) He freaked out and said he most certainly would not, and that was the end of it. But getting back to the sliding scale of morality: I really don't it's hurting anyone -- much less stealing -- to do what I proposed, and I don't really have any qualms about doing something like that. Yet I'm "moral" enough to know it's wrong on some level, so I wouldn't do it if I thought it would make someone with me uncomfortable. (This Laverne surely needs her friend's support!) Curious what others think about this scenario, or other so-called victimless crimes.

Of course, ever since I read an article in high school about a girl who murdered her bitchy tormentor, I've also kind of thought I could kill someone who truly deserved it without thinking twice about it, so maybe my morality is a little more off than I realize!

Lay's and Confused

This is as vile as it sounds -- and I only know because a with (obviously) questionable judgment -- Tim Teeman -- bought them in my presence. A few tays later I found out they're one of four being considered as a new permanent flavor, which only makes the whole thing slightly less disturbing.

Valentine's Day

Great interview with my pal Kathy Valentine, discussing the many projects she's working on post-Go-Go's.

Sign Language

Taken outside my apartment -- and I didn't even have anything to do with its creation! (Via my Instagram ... follow me HERE.)

Song of the Day: 'Pulling Mussles (From the Shell)' by Squeeze

Hard to imagine a better pop single than this Difford-Tilbrook gem, even if it was ignored in America and only peaked at No. 44 in the U.K. And I always thought the British were so much wiser than us musically speaking.

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