Friday, April 29, 2016

Meet 6-Foot-7, 320 Pound Offensive Taylor Decker

The Detroit Lions snatched up the Ohio State alum who "oozes leadership" in the 16th overall pick at the NFL Draft See a lot more of the tattooed love boy HERE.

Christina Tosi's Milk Bar Coming to Chelsea

I'm not exactly sure what "cereal milk soft serve" or many of the other items on the menu are, but I know they sound like trouble. No matter -- as my brother put it, the new business is "slightly better than Chase Duane Reade Glamour Nail"! Read HERE

Brexit Stage Left


Now that's a pickup truck!

Magazine Rack

Here's the latest batch of magazines that I no longer subscribe to.

First up, Ryan Reynolds ... 

and Tom Hardy ... 

join Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as covermen for GQ's Most Stylish Men Alive for 2016.

Mark Wahlberg shows Men's Fitness the way to bigger biceps and triceps

Topher Grace covers FSHN

and finally, Men's Health gets hard-core.

Song of the Day: 'Could It Be Magic' by Barry Manilow

If you had told me "Could It Be Magic" hit No. 6 and No. 52 on the Billboard charts back in the 1970s, I'd have bet a million dollars Donna Summer's was the bigger of the two. I'd be in debt right now.

Morning Wood

Page 1 Roundup (04/29)

Will Ferrell wisely pulled out of this today.

The New York Times' scathing review of "Mother's Day" almost makes me want to see it! 

Hubba hubba: Lions take offensive tackle Taylor Decker 

No. 1 with a bullet! 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Advocate on Why Black Pride Matters

The Advocate eases its way into the season with a look at why black pride matters:
For its June/July 2016 cover story, The Advocate’s Les Fabian Brathwaite explores the intricate intersection of race and LGBT identity and how a community within a community uses their collective voices through celebration to create a support system, awareness, and acceptance. The Advocate’s cover story, “Black Pride: A Celebration,” takes a closer look at Black Pride festivals and how these events foster a collective voice of power for communities that face even greater amounts of racism, homophobia, transphobia, and/or sexism.
Read HERE.

Teed Off

People are furious about this "No Fats, No Fems" T-shirt that Mic says "reveals a sad truth about the gay community." I'm more curious about finding out if it says "No Asians" on the back. Read HERE.

Frankly, I think the gay community has the same problem as every other community: People are nicer to people they want to f**k than they are to people they don't. It ain't always nice, but it's just the way it is. (And I'd be rich if I had a dime for every fat or fem who didn't want to bed one himself.)

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