Thursday, December 14, 2017

Hunks of 'House Hunters'

Don't remember too much about this one, except they had a lot of cash to burn on a Chicago Victorian, he was a gaydar-tripper with the mannerisms (see below), and the beard was a big improvement based on their early couple pics. 

Hello, ladies! 

Jenn and her beard ...

Check out Chris pre-beard and more HERE.

Song of the Day: 'Don Quichotte' by Machine 60

Who remembers this mid-'80s peculiarity!

Morning Wood

Page 1 Roundup (12/14)

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Remains of the Day (12/13)

Variety: Go-Go’s musical -- "Head Over Heels," produced by Gwyneth Paltrow -- targets Broadway for 2018-19

BosGuy: You know what they say about left-handed guys

Back2Stonewall: Watch the 1954 Liberace Christmas special

Brooklyn Vegan: 52 of the best indie holiday songs

Matthew's Island of Misfit Toys: Russian model was born to wear high-cut Speedo

Hot Cat of the Day: Take a cat nap with John Halbach of "East Siders."

Wrestle Wednesday

I like where this is going ...

Song of the Day: 'Boy Crazy' by the Flirts

Not the first time I've gone on about this '80s Bobby "O" Orlando outfit. "10 Cents a Dance" was the only album I ever got of theirs, but I always wondered if the other incarnations of this girl group were worth checking out. And what do you know, my Arizona best friend, Greg, did the research and told me recently that Rebecca, Holly and Andrea were the only winning combination! 

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