Sunday, April 22, 2018

Houston, We Don't Have a Problem

Speedo Sunday

Shazam. Haven't seen a man this big wear a Speedo since bodybuilder Stefan Havlik wore a skimpy green bikini number to a daddy-infant swimming class in Bratislava.

Page 1 Roundup (04/22)

The late, great David Rakoff on Babs in 2005 ...

From HERE.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Saturday Night Special

Damian made me Shepherd’s pie and I made him watch “Broadcast News” --  we were both impressed! #bigfinish #shadowpuppets

The Hills Are Alive With Chris Mazdzer

OK, now he's just fucking with us. (Wasn't that toothbrush "ad" torturous enough?) Time for my spluge meeting ...

Page 1 Roundup (04/21)

Saturday ‘Stache

I’m a sucker for a beefy Argentinian. See more of him HERE.

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