Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Wrestle Wednesday Six-Pack

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Christine McVie Dies at 79

Definitely not the obituary I wanted to read today -- or ever. Few musical artists have brought as much joy as Fleetwood Mac did. Truly the end of an era. So grateful I got to see the full classic lineup in concert before personality conflicts once against tore them apart. Christine penned many of the band's biggest hits -- and released a few good solo records. But for whatever reason, "Love in Store" was always a favorite of mine. RIP, Miss Perfect. 

(P.S. Shocked to read of the two women in Fleetwood Mac, her mother was a psychic!) 


Best part of her NYT obituary: 
Just over a year and a half later, the group released “Rumours,” which generated outsize interest not only for its trio of Top 10 hits (two of them written by Ms. McVie) but also for several highly dramatic behind-the-scenes events within the band’s ranks, which they aired out in the lyrics and openly discussed in the press. During the creation of the album, the two couples in the band — Ms. Nicks and Mr. Buckingham and the married McVies — broke up. 

Ms. McVie’s song “You Make Lovin’ Fun” celebrated an affair she was then having with the band’s lighting director. (At first, she told Mr. McVie that the song was about her dog.) The optimistic-sounding “Don’t Stop” was intended to point her ex-husband toward a new life without her
“We wrote those songs despite ourselves,” Ms. McVie told Mojo. “It was a therapeutic move. The only way we could get this stuff out was to say it, and it came out in a way that was difficult. Imagine trying to sing those songs onstage with the people you’re singing them about.”

Read the BBC obit, statements from Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham (separate, natch) and a heartfelt post by Chris Isaak about the songbird HERE.

Hot Cat of the Day



Morning Wood

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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Cannibal Fratboy Found Not Guilty

Unf**king believable that the young Florida man who murdered two people in their own garage -- then attacked a neighbor who tried to help -- before chewing off one of the victims' faces was found not guilty by reason of insanity. The cops originally assumed Austin Harrouff, then a college sophomore, 
was high on synthetic cathinones (known as bath salts) because they'd never seen something so heinous. But it turns out his toxicology report came back clean. (Because he's telegenic, Harrouff got the chance to tell Phil f**king McGraw: "I hope that something like this never happens again. I never wanted, consciously, to do something like this or I never planned it. I didn't want to do it.") Question: Did anyone check for ANABOLIC STEROIDS? Because clearly he has abused them around the time. I'm not big on virtue-signaling, but there is no doubt in my mind that he would not have been cleared if he didn't "look" the way he does. Our justice system is a laughingstock. 

Dicky to the Rescue

 Imagine falling off a cruise ship, wading around in the water for 15 hours and then having THIS GUY show up to rescue you!

Tennis Tuesday

Will Grant is just one reason to love Florida's tennis team! More BELOW.

Morning Wood


Works the schwing shift, no doubt.

Monday, November 28, 2022

Caption Me

Ask me if I could relax -- much less eat -- with this woman's head an inch from me for hours on my flight home from Phoenix. Straight people are disgusting. 

Wait'll I do this. 

Weekend Tennis Roundup

Team Canada won the Davis Cup, taking out 28-time winner Australia in Sunday’s final. It was a remarkable feat for a country that had never won the crown -- and was only in the draw as a lucky loser (to the Netherlands) after Russia was removed because of Putin’s sickening invasion of Ukraine. More from the tie and other tennis news BELOW

Manspread Monday

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Song of the Day: 'Fame' by Irene Cara

Like just about every gay of a certain age, I was saddened to hear about the death of Irene Cara. Although I knew about her work as a child star ("The Electric Company" et al.), I had no idea about Cara's being virtually blacklisted by the recording industry after things got ugly with her label (RSO) -- and had assumed she was just one of those people whose star burned bright before quickly fizzling out, a la Christopher Cross. That she was only 63 and had been so badly burned by the industry has me thinking the worst about her mysterious death. (I hope I'm wrong.) Rest in peace, Ms. Escalera. "Fame" meant the world to many -- who among us didn't relate to the "sensitive" boy played by Paul McCrane? -- so I truly hope you knew that before you exited stage left. 

Morning Wood


How's this for a post-holiday palate cleanser? 

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Sunday Comics


Speedo Sunday

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Saturday ‘Stache

Flying back to NYC today. Hope everyone had a nice holiday as we reach the end of Movember! Donate HERE

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Turkey Day

You should have seen how crestfallen my stepfather was when he finished his one-man show about "people who took out student loans should be required to pay them back" and all I did was reply: “It's a lot more complicated than that -- I'm gonna go jump in the shower."

Happy Thanksgiving, all! 🦃

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!

Visit is going well. About to start ripping bread for stuffing and slicing apples and grapes for Waldorf salad over here at my parents’ in the bowels of the Sonoran Desert. Everyone is doubling down on being caricatures of themselves, so at least I will have new stories when I get back home!!😩😜🤣

Highlight of the trip so far has been sifting through a cache of new (old) photos my mother recently received in the mail from her late brother’s widow. The pictures are actually their mother’s that my uncle retrieved when family cleaned out of her stuff when she took her own life in her home in Westport, Conn., after her third husband filed for divorce back in 1970 weeks after her 50th birthday.

My maternal grandmother, Annamarie, on the far right with her four siblings 

A baby photo of my mom none of us had ever seen!

My grandmother with second husband Don and his two boys from a previous marriage, Herbie and Donnie

My mom and Aunt Dianne with their stepbrothers 

My great grandparents Ross practicing a dance before their 50th anniversary party in Omaha

Mom with brother Patrick and sister Dianne

Dianne with my brother Terence, Mom with me, and my mom’s cousin Michael Ross in Omaha for my grandmother’s funeral in 1970

Also got to go for a spin in my niece’s bitchin’ Camaro, which she got for her 16th birthday!

And last but not least, finally got to see my sister’s beautiful “new” house, which had to be entirely rebuilt after an (unintentional?) arsonist burned it to the ground on the Fourth of July 2021. My niece described it as “living in a Pinterest board”!

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Hot Cat of the Day

Now this might get me excited about returning to the office!

Morning Wood

Just arrived in Phoenix for Thanksgiving followed by my mom’s 81st birthday on Friday. It’s my first time seeing my parents since I was here at the beginning of the year helping out while my stepfather underwent cancer treatment. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I am happy to report that they’re both holding their own. Hope you’re all gearing up for a nice holiday wherever you’re celebrating this year. 

Monday, November 21, 2022

East Valley of Death

To friends from my Arizona youth: If you want a blast from the past -- covered in blood and betrayal -- be sure to catch this week’s episode of “American Monster” on the ID channel (“Brothers and Sisters”). Good old Mesa is the setting for the disappearance of Cindy Monkman, whose tumultuous relationship with KDKB deejay Mark “in the Dark” Mauer and wild nights of partying at “trendy”(!) Bobby McGee’s (across from my high school job at AMC Fiesta Village) -- where she meets a mysterious 6-foot-7 and blond international banker (and his brother) from Düsseldorf -- end in tragedy.

Cindy's sister has written a book and started a blog that you can check out HERE.

Michael Apelt is still on death row

I remember our family went to Bobby McGee's for my brother Bill's high school graduation. My family doesn't really do corny, so my condolences to the server who popped out from around the corner and declared "Hello, I'm Supperman!!" only to be met with disdainful stares. 

The most Mesa-looking apartment complex I've ever seen

"Mark in the Dark" from KDKB

The Mesa location has been demolished 

My brother used to keep his change is the keepsake “glass” he had his first legal drink in.

Back in the (hey)day

Manspread Monday

I think I have a new favorite professional rugby player.

Meme Spirited


I swear I didn't create this. But as I get older and wider -- I mean wiser, I'm lucky my partner has a paunch fetish! 

Weekend Tennis Roundup

The professional tennis “season” is officially over. Click through for results from the ATP Finals and more BELOW.