Monday, November 28, 2022

Song of the Day: 'Fame' by Irene Cara

Like just about every gay of a certain age, I was saddened to hear about the death of Irene Cara. Although I knew about her work as a child star ("The Electric Company" et al.), I had no idea about Cara's being virtually blacklisted by the recording industry after things got ugly with her label (RSO) -- and had assumed she was just one of those people whose star burned bright before quickly fizzling out, a la Christopher Cross. That she was only 63 and had been so badly burned by the industry has me thinking the worst about her mysterious death. (I hope I'm wrong.) Rest in peace, Ms. Escalera. "Fame" meant the world to many -- who among us didn't relate to the "sensitive" boy played by Paul McCrane? -- so I truly hope you knew that before you exited stage left. 

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j said...

Cara was a great star- sad she did not get to make more great music but she left us with memorable hits. Paul McCrane was the first gay teen I remember seeing in a film. Even though seriously you know there had to be more than one at the High School For Performing Arts