Monday, February 29, 2016

Dan Osborne 'Accidentally' Posts Crotch Shot

Dan the Man

It's not nude, but with those veins, it might as well be. See why he removed it HERE

Bill O’Reilly Loses Custody Battle With Ex-Wife Over Their Two Kids

But who gets custody of the loofah? Read HERE.

South American Way

My pal and former NYT colleague Erik posted this from Bogota, a city I unfortunately visited before it got in touch with its LGBT feelings:
If Epcot opened a massive gay playground the size of the Roxy, Mars and Club USA combined, it would look like Bogota's Theatron, a mini-city of such gay ferocity it makes New York nightclubs look like Olive Gardens. It cost about $12 to get in, once you got through the huge lines. You receive a plastic cup good for unlimited drinks. Guards keep the flow between the many rooms orderly in a way I've never seen before. Oh, and this guy was in the reggaeton room.
The first time I went I was just happy that my Colombian boyfriend was no longer pretending I was his "roommate"!

East Side Story

Sounds, St. Mark's Books and Patricia Field are now gone forever. But the going-away party for Trash and Vaudeville over the weekend was just to say goodbye to the St. Mark's Place location it's called home since 1975. Read about it and the new location HERE.

Is Matthew Morrison Dating Andrew Rannells?

Apparently not.

Eddie Redmayne Speaks Out for LGBT Youth

My friend Jim Key from the Los Angeles LGBT Center writes:
I'm excited that the indy I wrote and produced with Eddie Redmayne is finally getting released. ;-) In addition to being an incredibly talented actor, the guy is definitely a class act. Thanks for helping to make this happen, Joe Keenan.

Hartland Wins Its First State Title

From an eagle-eyed reader:
News from Michigan: 
Hartland won the wrestling championship this weekend .....always did like wrestling :)......this also proves the statement you made couple of weeks ago....Midwest white boys are indeed circumcised ! You picked a great time for your West Coast trip....hope you had fun.

'Spotlight' on Academy Awards

It's nearly 2 p.m. and I just peeked at the Oscar winners. The only major motion picture I saw last year -- which was the only one I wanted to see -- won Best Picture, so there's that. Full list of winners HERE.

Defensive Lineman's Dick Gets in Way of 40-Yard Dash

Mississippi State defensive lineman Chris Jones couldn't quite finish his 40-yard dash during the NFL combine thanks to his third leg. 

Jag-Off Material

You won't even believe how sexy Argentina's Jaguares Super Rugby team is. See HERE

Hillary Feels the Bern

As Andrea Mitchell notes, this doozy is the first time Hillary Clinton has ever retweeted Bernie Sanders. I still want to believe Trump is a trojan horse -- but something tells me that even if he started as one his ego can't cash the check his head wrote.

Melissa Harris-Perry Fired From MSNBC After Public Feud With Network

Although I found her softball questions to be frustrating and her lisp to be distracting, I'm still disheartened to see Melissa Harris-Perry exit MSNBC after a very public and ugly dispute. Only the principals involved know what really happened. But for the life of me I can't understand why someone so smart would wage a war with her bosses like this -- at one point saying "“I am not a token, mammy, or little brown bobble head" -- then have the audacity to say she DIDN'T think race played a role in her show's being pre-empted various times during election season . “I don’t know if there is a personal racial component,” she said. “I don’t think anyone is doing something mean to me because I’m a black person.” So you DON'T think race played a role, but you used the most racially charged language you could possibly think of? This just seems so reckless, especially for someone in her position as an authority on racism and diversity. I don't hear any of her colleagues coming to her defense, so something tells me this woman's ego has gotten the better of her. The network desperately needs different types of voices, but not in the form of someone who seems slightly unhinged. Perhaps it's time to give Joy-Ann Reid another shot, she's always struck me as a pro.

UPDATE: Plans for Alex Wagner to have another show have been scrapped.

Song of the Day: 'I Miss You' by Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes

I know I say this way too often, but they really don't make songs like this anymore. Kendrick Who? 

Morning Wood

Page 1 Roundup (02/29)

Did he go too far?

Saturday, February 27, 2016

King of the Hil

As the former secretary of state gave her victory speech this evening in South Carolina -- her most moving and eloquent to date -- it became clearer to me than ever that I REALLY want Hillary Clinton to be our president. I want it because I think she is by far the most qualified candidate. But I also want it for my 74-year-old mother, who tells me as a woman she's spent her life feeling like a second-class citizen, from needing a husband in order to have her own credit card, to having a judge tell her she was being "hysterical" when she calmly asked that my father -- who had never properly provided for us and physically abused her -- not be allowed inside our home for his visits, because that's where his abuse took place. (She's the strongest woman I know.) And I want it for my niece, Ally, and all the other young girls, so they grow up never realizing that not having a woman president -- just like not having a black president -- was ever a possibility. No one is saying identity politics are the most important factor is the race. But in 2016 -- after 227 years of XY chromosomes in the Oval Office, an ovary or two at the con would go a long way toward shattering the glass ceiling. And a woman's touch might just be what Washington needs to get things working again, 'cause God knows in my experience it's always been the women who get shit done. 

Call of Booty

Hope your weekend is headed in the right direction ...

More HERE.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Taylor Made

Sweet story in The Hollywood Reporter about one of Elizabeth Taylor's sons, who reveals where he keeps her Oscar for "Butterfield 8." (Shirley MacLaine is still reeling about losing to a tracheotomy!) Read HERE.

P.S. Her Oscar for "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" resides in Santa Fe, N.M.

You're Under A Chest!

It's nice to see that the police in Weymouth, Mass., are working intimately with the community. Read HERE.

On the Rag, Vol. 396

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