Thursday, March 22, 2018

Hunks of 'House Hunters'

This one was called "Seeking in Cincy," with the standard-issue disagreement what style of home and degree of fixer-upperness they wanted: "A job transfer to Cincinnati has a young couple seeking a new home. While she dreams of a Tudor-style home with steeple roofs and tons of character, he's hoping for a Craftsman that doesn't need any renovation."

Kim's a knockout while Matt's a bit of a goofball in that smarmy James Franco kind of way. 

But as the gay truism goes, it's all about the body. And I'd be more than willing to overlook his career as a toothpaste salesman(!) to feel those arms around me at night! 

More pecs 'n' 'ceps HERE.

Face(book) the Nation

Alarmingly good.

What Ever Happened to Carrie Bradshaw's Bi Boyfriend?

The "bisexual" episode of "Sex and the City" came on the other night -- "Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl ...," featuring one Alanis Morissette -- and Damian and I immediately got to wondering what Carrie's bi boy (Sean) looked like all grown up. While digging around I discovered Eddie Cahill had also been on "Friends" and that he's been on all 197 episodes of "CSI: NY" (huh?). OK, so maybe this isn't news to many of you. But I was happy to see that these days he's a 40-year-old SILVER FOX.

Song of the Day: 'Nervous Killer' by the Breeders

The Breeders' "All Nerve" is the followup to the classic line-up's 1993 alt-rock masterpiece, "Last Splash," you never thought you'd have to wait a quarter century for. How they managed to capture that same sound -- all grizzled and grown up -- is anyone's guess. But the important thing is they got there in the end. Catch 'em on the road if you can. They're really appreciate to still be playing and the show's a hoot.

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Page 1 Roundup (03/22)

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

RIP: Henry Cavill's Mustache (2017-2018)

Believe me -- no one is more sad to SEE IT GO than I am.

Remains of the Day (03/21)

The Associated Press: Tennis umpire who was accused of killing husband aims to clear name

Hot Cat of the Day: This one's from my friend Chad, who writes:
Here’s my boss Carol’s cat … who always likes a seat at the table. Deal Buster in!!

Dead Serial Bombing Suspect in Austin Railed on Homosexuality, Abortion

Read posts from his Mensa-approved blog HERE.

Relieved to see that this murderous lunatic has finally been stopped. Why am I not surprised to read that he's an angry white man who was home-schooled and has a lot of opinions about gay people and women's reproductive rights? 

The suspect in the deadly bombings that terrorized Austin blew himself up early Wednesday as authorities closed in on him, bringing a grisly end to a three-week manhunt. But police warned that more bombs could be out there.

The young man behind the attacks was identified as Mark Anthony Conditt, an unemployed 24-year-old who bought bomb-making materials at Home Depot. His motive remained a mystery, along with whether he acted alone in the five bombings in the Texas capital and suburban San Antonio that killed two people and wounded four others.

Police zeroed in on Conditt using store surveillance video, cellphone signals and witness accounts of a strange-looking customer making purchases while wearing a disguise that included a blonde wig and gloves.

Officers located his vehicle at a hotel on Interstate 35 in the suburb of Round Rock. Officers were waiting for armored vehicles to arrive before moving in for an arrest when his vehicle began to drive away, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said at a news conference.

Authorities followed the vehicle, which ran into a ditch on the side of the road, he said.

When members of the SWAT team approached, the suspect detonated an explosive device inside the vehicle, the police chief said.

A law enforcement official provided the dead man's name. The official, who has been briefed on the investigation, spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity because the official was not authorized to discuss the case publicly.

Investigators released few details about Conditt, except his age and that he was white. Online postings indicate he was home schooled. He later attended Austin Community College from 2010 to 2012, according to a college spokeswoman, but he did not graduate.

In posts dated from 2012, a blogger who identified himself as Mark Conditt of suburban Pflugerville wrote that gay marriage should be illegal and that homosexuality is "not natural.". He also called for the elimination of sex offender registrations and argued in favor of the death penalty. In addition, he railed on the government providing women with free abortions, saying, "If a woman does not want a baby, or is incapable of taking care of one, she should not participate in activities that were made for that reason."

Of gay marriage, Conditt wrote: "Homosexuality is not natural. Just look at the male and female bodies. They are obviously designed to couple."

Olympic Post Script: Joey Mantia

It's hard to imagine a more adorable man than Joey Mantia. See more of the American speed skater's best ass-et HERE.

Wrestle Wednesday

Oh, boys. See related images HERE.

Song of the Day: "Give You My Lovin'" by Mazzy Star

I've been giving Mazzy Star my lovin' seven days a week, thanks to my new Spotify account that I can play at work. (I'm so late oughts!) 

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

NYT: The Calm Before the Stormy

Frank Bruni notes that apart from Donald Trump's own kin, there’s no category of person exempt from his attacks. Trump has gone after past presidents of the United States, current leaders of our closest allies, stewards of his own party, senior officials in his own administration, the Latina mayor of a city freshly devastated by a hurricane, the Muslim mayor of a city just struck by terrorists and the families of American soldiers killed in combat. But not Stormy Daniels. Where are the tantrums and tweets for her? It’s a glaring omission, and a fascinating one. Read HERE.

Remains of the Day (03/20)

Time Out NY: Meet the 10 hottest chorus boys on Broadway in 2018

The Hill: Another woman -- a former Playboy model -- sues to break silence on Trump

Towleroad: Former NYC Council speaker Christine Quinn returns the bitchy favor to Cynthia Nixon

Dlisted: William Hurt used to be highly f**kable

The New Yorker: Why Congress must act now to protect Robert Mueller

HuffPost: It matters that a gay man helped Trump backers exploit Facebook data

The Scotsman: In bed with Andy Murray (for a good cause)

The Arizona Republic: Mysterious dollar bill displays tip relating to missing 11-year-old girl from my Arizona hometown, who vanished in 1999

The Washington Post: Trump congratulates Putin on his re-election(!)

My New Plaid Pants: There's no denying Alex Pettyfer's a hot piece of ass

Boy Culture: Church honors Charles Manson, condemns gays

Greg in Hollywood: "Blacklisted" Kathy Griffin -- who just sold out Carnegie Hall -- reveals what she would say if she were face to face with Crazy Donald

The Daily News: Elizabeth Hurley shares gruesome picture of nephew’s stab wound in hopes of finding attackers

Back2Stonewall: When William F. Buckley suggested tattooing "all AIDS carriers"

Baseline: Ana Ivanovic gives birth to baby boy

NBC News: A package bound for Austin explodes in a FedEx center

NewNowNext: Ben Carson defends discriminating against transgender homeless people because some people are "not comfortable"

OMG Blog: Everyone's going gaga over Alfonso Herrera's CrossFit video featuring VPL

PinkNews: Researchers say gay millennials love monogamy

Outsports: Homophobia swirls around the latest Aaron Hernandez story

The Guardian: Man at center of allegations about Facebook data breach is suspended

Chicago Tribune: Crazy Donald signs bill that kills Obama-era rule targeting wage theft, unsafe working conditions

TV Line: "Roseanne" teases David's return

The WoW Report: Lindsay Lohan has a new gig -- she's now the (odd) face of

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Hot Cat of the Day: "You do me and I'll do her."

Celebrating 50 Years of Carol Burnett & Friends

It took us more than three months to get around to it, but boy am I glad I finally watched the highly rated "Carol Burnett 50th Anniversary Special." Not only did it kindly remind me that my childhood all but revolved around the show -- my friends and I used to re-enact the skits for my annual "Christmas at Harvey's" Christmas spectacular -- it tickled me to learn that I was in good company with Jane Lynch, Jim Carrey, Maya Rudolph, Bill Hader, Amy Poehler, Stephen Colbert, Harry Connick Jr. and others. ("The Family" sketches should not be underestimated for their searing portrayal of dysfunction families, with nuances that require multiple viewings to fully appreciate that often get missed in all of the more obvious yelling and name-calling .)

The special also reminded me that Lyle Waggoner was partially to "blame" for my sexuality.

They showed this clip of Lyle undressed as Mark Spitz -- who should have had to turn over his medals after Waggoner's portrayal

Lyle and Vicki Lawrence

The only negative thing I have to say about the special was that it opened my eyes to something very disturbing about another sex symbol from my childhood: it would appear that Tom Selleck is now one piece of confetti away from being Rip Taylor. 

Next up for Carol? After her Amy Poehler-produced pilot, "Household Name," didn't get picked up, the comedy legend inked a 12-episode series order with Netflix for "A Little Help With Carol Burnett," an original unscripted comedy starring Burnett and a panel of straight-talking 4-8-year-olds as they demonstrate how different generations solve life’s biggest dilemmas. 

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