Saturday, March 31, 2018

Undercover Deviled Ham

This would make a great companion to the film "Union City"! I once walked in on a colleague helping herself to the sliced turkey I had in the break-room refrigerator. I was so embarrassed for her I couldn't even say anything -- my jaw just hit the floor as she made her sandwich with a smile on her face.

Saturday 'Stache

He says he's balancing a cupcake addiction and a gym addiction. See which is winning HERE.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Remains of the Day (03/30)

Back2Stonewall: A reason to revisit the work of Bob Mizer, publisher and photographer of the Athletic Model Guild

Towleroad: Pulse nightclub terrorist's wife acquitted on all charges

Beantown Cubano: My pal Johnny Diaz was named one of South Florida Gay News's Out 50 for 2018

New Statesman: Tracey Thorn on the return of Sade

Between the Lines: Sandra Bernhard on why she supports political blasting of "Roseanne" 

TV Line: "Roseanne" renewed for (a larger) Season 11 at ABC

The New York Times: Stephon Clark, the unarmed black man who was shot 20 times by the police, was struck 8 times from behind or the side, family-ordered autopsy finds

BosGuy: This sexy otter was born to sport a Speedo

The Daily News: School shooting survivor said he was given detention, told to apologize after taking part in mass walkout

Popular Publicity: The Saint at Large announces DJ line-up for the Black Party, NYC's intense, immersive and infamous fetish ball

It's Either Sadness or Euphoria: "Legendary," the second book in Stephanie Garber's "Caraval" series, takes you on a kaleidoscopic ride full of dazzling imagery, incredible magic, and so many twists and turns, you wonder what will come with each subsequent page

New York Post: 81-year-old Glenda Jackson has two Oscars and no patience for BS

The Cut: What a "surprise" that the woman who got a heavy-handed five years in prison for illegally voting in 2016 was a minority

The Washington Post: "Maybe someone dies": Facebook VP justified bullying, terrorism as costs of network's "growth"

UnPresidented: Malcoln Nance, former intelligence officer and national security expert, says "Russia owns Trump" (podcast)

Greg in Hollywood: Sean Hayes gets Debra Messing good in this "Will & Grace" outtake from Thursday's (rather moving) episode

Boy Culture: "Moonlight" star Andre Holland is no one-trick pony

Tennis Life: Jelena Ostapenko looked very good yesterday advancing to the final in Miami 

OMG Blog: Get a load of Pietro Boselli in a white, wet and very see-through Speedo

PinkNews: Maybe there is some hope -- Kansas just rejected a bill to make anti-gay discrimination legal

Washington Blade: Gay man found murdered in D.C. apartment

The WoW Report: Jake Gyllenhaal wouldn't be "afraid" if he were to be sexually attracted to a man (it's a start!)

Hot Cat of the Day: Paws and effect

Here Comes the Grooming

My continent-hopping, illustrator pal Adam Hurly -- who's been known to have Saturday 'Stache potential -- has the five grooming "rules" you should be breaking HERE.

On the Rag, Vol. 503

A weekly look at what's making news in the gay mags:

Gloss (San Francisco): I wanna do the White Party with Dan

Song of the Day: 'Nightlife' by Pet Shop Boys

Tuesday's find got me in a PSB hole -- leading me to the omitted title track from the guys' 1999 album, "Nightlife." Hard to believe this goody couldn't make the cut ... it's included in the new "Further Listening" series that came out last July.

Morning Wood

Best guess for this image: bearded tattooed buff men.

Page 1 Roundup (03/30)

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Underemployed Inc.

"Doorman Confidential," Long Island survivor Paul Hallasy's exploration of the challenges faced by a stand-up comedian who is forced into taking a minimum wage doorman job, as well as the difficulty of finding a job in today’s economy, returns to Dixon Place this Friday at 7:30 p.m. Damian and I saw the first iteration -- just as my guy's long search for full-time employment had come to an end -- and it was very timely, sometimes dark and oft-times funny. Admission is free. More info HERE.

Remains of the Day (03/29)

Towleroad: Man's close encounter with cheetah goes viral

Washington Blade: HRC's Griffin again urges Crazy Donald to condemn Chechnya anti-gay crackdown

Dlisted: Admit it -- you'd still f**k Ian Ziering

Baseline: American Danielle Collins -- who reminds me of a young Sandy Dennis with a wicked backhand -- blew Venus Williams off the court last night in Miami

Boy Culture: Get into the groove with Madonna March Madness

The Village Voice: Laurie Metcalf's four-decade overnight success

The WoW Report: The great Pearl Bailey was born this day; will never forget her commencement speech at my college graduation

Deep Dish: How I'd like to walk this guy's dog ...

TV Line: Chelsea Handler returns to NBC fold following short-lived Netflix detour

The New York Times: Crazy Donald is jealous that Jeff Bozos is an actual billionaire

The Daily News: Laura Ingraham is truly a horrible person

New York Post: The convicted killer profiled on "Serial" is getting a new trial; I never listened, but nothing I heard about it persuaded me he was anything but guilty

Greg in Hollywood: I can't believe Carrie endorsed Miranda for New York governor after what she said to her at the vintage shop

Hunk du Jour: This guy was the "It boy" when I first started blogging

Back2Stonewall: Is the erstwhile GetEQUAL a victim of its own social-justice agenda?

OMG Blog: The buttons should say "Unqualified Actress"

The Washington Post: Vladimir Putin and Donny Trump are having their first lovers' quarrel

Outsports: Love at first "like" for these two gay athletes

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Hot Cat of the Day: Sweet enough to eat!

Down on the Farm With Jeremy Parisi

Follow the handsome Frenchman on Instagram HERE.

Song of the Day: 'Billionaire' by Lisa Stansfield

Catchy first single off the British singer's new album, "Deeper."

I'm an "I'm Leaving" man.

Morning Wood

Oh-my-stars. More HERE.

Page 1 Roundup (03/29)

P.S. Another concern raised was that it was "normalizing" the acceptance of Trump, who is anything but normal. I have always agreed with activist Mike Signorile that if you voted for Trump, you are essentially dead to me. But what if it's a close family member, perhaps an elderly one you love? Oddly enough, Tim Murphy -- perhaps the most "woke" person I know -- wrote this interesting comment on Facebook that allowed me to feel a little less horrible about not writing off my flesh and blood (lol). While I do fully believe racism and xenophobia played a huge role in the election, I have to believe -- as Tim does -- that some underinformed types voted for him thinking it was for the right reasons, however wrong they were.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Tamir Me About It

God help us all.

Remains of the Day (03/28)

Just Jared: Charlie Hunnam hits the beach

The Randy Report: A judge just ruled a lawsuit accusing Trump of violating the Constitution can go forward

Towleroad: Man had girlfriend rape 11-year-old autistic son he thought might be gay

The Daily News: New organ discovered in human body may explain spread of cancer

Dlisted: The cast of "Dawson's Creek" 20 years later

HuffPost Queer Voices: Yet another transgender woman has been murdered

Greg Scarnici: We caught Levonia Jenkins in NYC last month and nearly choked on our wine. Now she's bringing her "Gender Fluids" to San Francisco and Los Angeles -- with a follow-up in NYC in the fall -- that you don't want to miss

The Washington Post: Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio looks completely ethical compared with this

Dallas Morning News: Texas teacher suspended for discussing her sexual orientation with students, officials say

The New York Times: Lindy West is spot-on in so many ways about people complaining about "political correctness," I just wish she didn't invoke Cailyn Jenner, who does not represent the trans experience in any meaningful way -- and has actually been worse for the trans community than every bad "tranny joke" ever told

Tennis Life: Conchita Martinez out of Team GarbiΓ±e

Outsports: Hunky college soccer player came out as gay at Christian college and it was no big deal

Deadline: "The Handmaid’s Tale" Season 2 trailer brings fight for freedom on Emmy-winning Hulu drama

Metrosource: Could a gay sitcom called "Silver Foxes" be the new "Golden Girls"?

Boy Culture: Gus Kenworthy's ass is the gif that keep giving

Talking Points Memo: Senior Democrats are demanding that Congress’s investigative arm probe whether Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s mass reassignment of senior career civil servants last summer violated federal anti-discrimination laws

OMG Blog: "X Factor" contestant Casey Johnson exposes off his johnson

Daily Intelligencer: So far Cynthia Nixon's campaign is off to a bad start for riding on the "unqualified lesbian" stupidity and trying to say Cuomo is "the same" as Trump -- you mean Crazy Donald got tough gun laws and marriage quality on the books? It's not like insisting the Dem is "just as bad" as the Republican could turn out badly -- oh, wait ... 

Baseline: Is Judy Murray a gay man trapped in a tennis mom's body?

Daily Kos: Trump proposal set on punishing immigrants and their kids

Greg in Hollywood: As Sonny and Leo have their first date, Will and Paul have second date then make love on "Days of Our Lives"

The Center: Anna Wintour to receive visionary award and Ricky Martin -- who came out in 2010(!) -- to receive trailblazer award from NYC's LGBT Community Center

Hot Cat of the Day: Must have peanut-butter toast!