Thursday, March 29, 2018

Page 1 Roundup (03/29)

P.S. Another concern raised was that it was "normalizing" the acceptance of Trump, who is anything but normal. I have always agreed with activist Mike Signorile that if you voted for Trump, you are essentially dead to me. But what if it's a close family member, perhaps an elderly one you love? Oddly enough, Tim Murphy -- perhaps the most "woke" person I know -- wrote this interesting comment on Facebook that allowed me to feel a little less horrible about not writing off my flesh and blood (lol). While I do fully believe racism and xenophobia played a huge role in the election, I have to believe -- as Tim does -- that some underinformed types voted for him thinking it was for the right reasons, however wrong they were.

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Cosmo Tupper said...

It's one thing to have voted for trump but then seeing the err of your ways and regretting the choice. But if you still support him today, you are dead to me and your kinship to me is effectively over. You are entitled to make a mistake based on election meddling, but once he showed who he was, trump should never get a pass.