Monday, July 31, 2023

Voir (Oh) Dire


We finished HBO's "Last Call" about the serial killer targeting gay men in NYC in the early 1990s last night and I highly recommend it. (It's based on Elon Green's book of the same name.)  Despite the brutal murders and dismemberments of our gay brothers, somehow this question posed during jury selection made me even more sick to my stomach. 

What are you personal views of homosexuality and consensual homosexuality?

1. Live and let live
2. Disapprove
3. It is an illness
4. It is a sin
5. It should be illegal
6. AIDS is God's punishment for such activity 

I only hope that younger people can appreciate how dehumanizing it is that the best we older types could hope for in a court of law in the United States of America -- and we were lucky that the prosecutors thought to ask -- is "live and let live" when asked what people's "personal views" of homosexuality were. 

Remains of the Day (07/31)

Hot Cat of the Day: Those ears! Is he part bunny rabbit? 

Weekend Tennis Roundup

We're in that weird period where the European clay-court season resumes just as the North American hardcourt season begins. Full photo report BELOW.

Sunday, July 30, 2023

Sunday Comics


Hell hath no fury like a kitty denied treats.

Friday, July 28, 2023

Remains of the Day (07/28)

Speedo Sunday: Spread, white and blue

On the Rag, Vol. 770

A weekly look at what's making news in the gay magazines:

The Unleashed Voice: Meet the Davis-Washingtons 

Thursday, July 27, 2023

'Introverted Queers' Need Love Too

Conversation with a friend who shared with me this disturbing, I guess I'll go with, sign:
This is surely some sophisticated bluff plot to turn us into massive right wingers


Ron DeSantis finding a new route to get votes


I'm staying in forever; that's my first thought

I'm interested in sex with gay men -- not a a bunch of "queers"
Haha. Plus: "Clowning? Theater? 10 hours?"


For one thing, who has this kind of time?

10 minutes maybe

Totally, at the most. Otherwise hands off lady, momma's off to Elmo.
And scene.

Remains of the Day (07/27)

Thursday Ad Watch: Ron Dorff for the win!

The WoW ReportThe hilarious (and sexy) Matteo Lane is on tour now (and it looks like he has a hot, new boyfriend too!)

Hot Cat of the Day: Came from a literate litter.

Song of the Day: 'Haunted' by Shane MacGowan and Sinead O'Connor

If there was a more romantic duet of the ‘90s, I never heard it. 🙏❤️☘️

The original 1985 version had its charms, too.

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Remains of the Day (07/26)

Dennis Anyone?: A chat with Andy and Danny Vallentine, the husband-and-husband team behind "The Mattachine Family," about a male couple in L.A. and their long, complicated journey to becoming fathers. The film stars Nico Tortorella ("Younger"), Juan Pablo di Pace ("Fuller House") and Emily Hampshire ("Schitt's Creek").

NPRIs the streaming business model broken? (I'll save you a click: Yes.)

Wrestle Wednesday: A few you won't forget

Found: I've been on a bit of an R.E.M. bender lately, so this Top Forty Playlist of the band's music according to Berry, Buck, Mills and Stipe is perfectly timed!

YouTube: Although we pay for full cable television and multiple streaming services, I still frequently find myself itching for something new to watch. In this case, I found a "new" 20-year-old sitcom called "It's All Relative," which I would describe as a cross between "All in the Family" and "Frasier" (very high praise coming from me). It came out in 2003 but I had never so much as heard of it in passing. The premise is the refined daughter of a gay couple -- one uptight, one hunky and fun -- in Boston becomes engaged to the son of working-class Irish pub owners. Harriet Sansom Harris (who played Frasier Crane's conniving agent Bebe Glazer) is wonderful as the O'Neill matriarch. And a pre-"Veep" Reid Scott plays the dim-but-lovable groom-to-be. (Paige Moss is also sublime as little sister Maddy O'Neill!) But it's Broadway veterans John Benjamin Hickey and Christopher Sieber as the gay parents -- both played by gay men back when that wasn't typical -- who are the real stars of the show. Although I'm guessing "It's All Relative" isn't for everyone -- it's a three-camera sitcom with a laugh track, gay stereotypes (that now seem to bother people even though they're based entirely in reality) and old-fashioned potshots galore -- I found it to be hilarious (and smart) and retroactively wish it had stuck around a little longer. Irony alert: You don't even need to subscribe to anything new to watch it -- the entire series is currently uploaded on YouTube HERE.

Hot Cat of the Day: This is how you get me to return to the office!

Vanity Project

This is how I responded when someone said a(nother) catfish was using my likeness to dupe a poor woman in Sweden. 🤣🤣🤣


Queer and Present Danger

We watched the first episode ("Peter and Thomas") of HBO's "Last Call: When a Serial Killer Stalked Queer New York." (First episode was gripping. So moving to hear from the daughter of one of the earliest victims.) As you may recall, I rolled my eyes when I saw they'd used "queer" in the title (mimicking the book on which it’s based) when the story was explicitly about the murder of gay men back in the 1990s. With that in mind, I couldn't help but laugh when they showed a clip from a contemporaneous class for police officers on how to deal with the gay community with sensitivity, featuring a chalkboard of words NOT to use. Note the upper left above pajaro!  

Don't let the black & white fool ya -- this was in the 1990s.

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Remains of the Day (07/25)

Max: I've largely avoided the world of reality dating TV. But my friend worked on "Swiping America" so Damian and I decided to give it a look. Much to my surprise, it's one of the most moving shows I've seen in years. Without giving away too much, I will tell you that if you liked "The Real World" growing up -- and what Gen Xer didn't? -- you will probably enjoy this show. Although they do go on dates, the show's heart is the relationship between the four roommates -- only these roommates are in their 30s, mature and thoughtful -- and instead of looking for drama they're focused on getting to know themselves (and each other) better as they search for a romantic partner. All of the housemates are endearing, but it's the one who you would guess at first blush you'd like the least who might really steal your heart. 

Tennis Tuesday


This is the kind of targeted advertising I don't mind seeing. And it turns out this is the company that outfits American doubles hunks Nate Lammons an Jackson Withrow. See BELOW

Johnny Hit and Run Elon

This hilarious tweet is the only "good" thing to come out of this whole misbegotten takeover. You can find me on Threads HERE.

Monday, July 24, 2023

Remains of the Day (07/24)

AP: Luca Guadagnino's tennis-themed "Challengers," starring Zendaya, has been pulled from the Venice Film Festival on Aug. 30, where it was to be the opening night film, due to the actors strike. Amazon Studios will instead release “Challengers” in theaters April 26. (Do we think this is going to be worse than "Players" and "Racquet"?!)

Rob LoweWhen you say '80s, I say ...

Back2StonewallIt’s OK to be gay and lesbian and not 'queer'; as much as I dislike the adjective queer, I was stunned to see an ad from City Winery about an upcoming event called Queers Got Talent. Now we're really calling LGBT people "queers"????? 

Manspread Monday: Ginger on the 1 train

Daniel Reynolds: What Barbie dolls meant to gay boys ... I wasn't a big Barbie boy -- my Tuesday Taylor Penthouse Apartment made any Barbie Dream House look like a nightmare -- but I did have a Growing Up Skipper!

Weekend Tennis Roundup

The dullest week on the tennis calendar saw titles for Rublev, Mannarino, Cachin, Zhen and Timofeeva. Full report plus all the ATP beef that's fit to post BELOW

Friday, July 21, 2023

Remains of the Day (07/21)

Glenn Gaylord: A review of 'Studio One Forever,' about a youthful haunt of mine where I had the time of my life!

Hot Cat of the Day: Nothing but the finest for this little cutie