Monday, July 31, 2023

Voir (Oh) Dire


We finished HBO's "Last Call" about the serial killer targeting gay men in NYC in the early 1990s last night and I highly recommend it. (It's based on Elon Green's book of the same name.)  Despite the brutal murders and dismemberments of our gay brothers, somehow this question posed during jury selection made me even more sick to my stomach. 

What are you personal views of homosexuality and consensual homosexuality?

1. Live and let live
2. Disapprove
3. It is an illness
4. It is a sin
5. It should be illegal
6. AIDS is God's punishment for such activity 

I only hope that younger people can appreciate how dehumanizing it is that the best we older types could hope for in a court of law in the United States of America -- and we were lucky that the prosecutors thought to ask -- is "live and let live" when asked what people's "personal views" of homosexuality were. 

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