Thursday, March 31, 2016

'King Cobra,' James Franco's Gay Porn Murder Film, to Premiere at Tribeca Film Festival

Details HERE

The crime -- how Joseph Kerekes seduced 18-year-old military recruit Harlow Cuadra, then eventually turned him into an escort and porn star before the duo brutally murdered a rival porn producer to get Brent Corrigan released from his contract -- was recently featured on "Snapped: Killer Couples." Read HERE.

From the Geniuses Who Brought You 'Why Isn't There a White History Month?' and #AllLivesMatter


Equity responded to this stupidity HERE.

The Dream Is Still Alive

From HERE.

From A to Me

I know I'm late to this one, but in case you (also) missed it!

Valley Fever

Seen by a friend in Phoenix -- of all places!

A Fabio for the 21st Century?

UPDATE: This guy just got a lot less attractive. A friend just discovered that our hunk has an issue with publishers using his photo on books for gay men -- and will only do threeways if they're geared toward women. (How classy!) Anyone else thinking the lady doth protest too much? ...

Found this story about romance-novel cover hunks to be especially entertaining since the publisher of my book was acquired by an outfit better known for this steamy fare!

The New York Times writes:
Jason Aaron Baca is good-looking, not handsome like the Ryans (Gosling and Reynolds) or rugged like Daniel Craig, who is fetching in a tailored Tom Ford suit. But when Mr. Baca, 42, slipped on a pair of dark aviator glasses recently, he looked remarkably like Tom Cruise in “Top Gun.”

He was dressed for work in a khaki military jumpsuit. And even though it was barely noon, he had already stopped by the gym to make sure his biceps and legs looked combat-strong. His assignment: To be a military helicopter pilot saved in a crash by a female rescuer with whom he once had a torrid affair. Reunited, their passions have flared.

Mr. Baca is a cover model for romance novels. He has been on nearly 500 book covers, by his own account — one of scores of men like him vying to be heroic heartthrobs. Not since the flaxen-haired Fabio Lanzoni dominated drugstore book racks in the 1980s and 1990s, with his lion’s mane and bulging biceps, have cover models been in such demand.
Romance writers and publishers, as it happens, are among publishing’s most innovative participants. They were early to digital serialization. Book sellers, too, now crowdsource ideas to find fresh writers. And if you want to explore a virtual relationship, you can try a romance-novel app.

How hot are romance novels? Over all, annual sales totaled $1.08 billion in 2013, according to the Romance Writers of America, which tracks sales. And their popularity is expected to grow. Last year Scribd, an e-book subscription service, sharply reduced the number of romance and erotica novels it offered because it couldn’t afford to keep up with readers’ appetites. (Scribd pays publishers every time a book is read and loses money if a book is too popular.)
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What Have You Done to Deserve This?

On the eve of the release of the Pet Shop Boys’ 13th studio album, "Super," the kids at Idolator went all out for you and graded Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe’s prior 12 releases. See how they did on their report card HERE!

Download "Super" HERE or get the vinyl or CD HERE.

Hillary Rocks LGBT Fundraiser in NYC

The second Damian and I saw Hillary Clinton on "The Rachel Maddow Show" with a stylish black leather jacket and glam eye makeup, we both knew the gays had stepped in. Turns out we were right -- she was on her way to the big LGBT fundraiser for the Democratic frontrunner at Capitale NY, looking fabulous! My friend Chad and I were excited to go, despite the beyond-our-means ticket price -- we were going to pose as "young professionals"! -- but alas I was unable to get the night off at work, so we missed it. Nonetheless, my friend Ben and others were on hand and said it was a great evening, as these photos featuring Billie Jean King, Cynthia Nixon, Michael Urie and Rosie O'Donnell support! 

'Everybody Wants Some" ... Except Me

There's no denying this Blake Jenner kid starring in Richard Linklater's "Everybody Wants Some" -- described as the spiritual sequel to "Dazed and Confused" -- is a hot piece of ass. But how could a movie set in the '80s -- starring such a hot piece of ass (and a lot of other sexy guys) -- look so feeble? Note to potheads: It may be fun for you, but it ain't fun to watch. Hope I'm wrong ...

Actor Sports '23 Centimeters'

ICYMI: If you don't know how many inches that adds up to, you'll probably want to see JoaquĆ­n Ferreira fully naked in the Mexican play of the same name HERE

Are You a Man of Metropolis?

Find out HERE.

Song of the Day: 'This Time That Place' by Debbie Harry & Elliott Sharp

Download HERE.

This one's new to me -- from 2011 -- and it has a chess reference!

Morning Wood

Page 1 Roundup (03/31)

Good grief -- have we figured out a way to blame Hillary for Trump's campaign manager shoving someone?


I know I've been dying -- have you?

Can't imagine living in Washington and having no Metro for SIX months.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Market Values

So simple and pure. Kinda sweet that my mom supported us by working at Kroger as my dad succumbed to alcoholism. My mom even met my stepfather of 43 years there, too! 

Tat Probably Wasn't the Best Idea

I'd like to introduce this Trump supporter to this guy ...

Gentlemen Takes Polaroids

Via Boy Culture: Richard Corman sheds more light on those 66 new/old Madonna Polaroids of his that he recently unearthed. They were shot in 1983 as part of a movie in which his mom, Cis Corman, wanted Madonna to star. Read HERE.

Punk Turns the Big 4-0

The Go-Go's in 1978

A lot of places are celebrating the 40th birthday of punk, a movement that definitely had an influence on my youth, albeit mostly by way of its more accessible cousin New Wave. New York magazine goes inside the less-covered Los Angeles scene of the Dead Boys, the Bags, X, the Go-Go's, the Germs et al. HERE.

Debbie Harry in 1977

A friend just asked me if Blondie was punk. I responded that the Ramones are considered the quintessential New York punks, and when you listen to their music they're awfully pop (like Blondie), too, so I think it's fair to say Blondie came out of the punk scene.

Exene Cervenka and John Doe of X in 1977

Meanwhile ...

The Wall Street Journal reports that a series of exhibitions and events in London will mark the 40th anniversary of the short-lived, take-no-prisoners genre that exploded onto the music scene in the 1970s / Read HERE.

The Clash

And The Guardian goes inside the British Library exhibit HERE.

 "Slash: A Punk Magazine From Los Angeles, 1977–80" is available HERE.

Heavens to Betsy


Honest to God, what is wrong with people? I don't think I've been this frightened since I watched "Dear Zachary."