Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The 'Boy' Who Cried Woof

Excited to hear that "Boy Culture" -- the best-selling novel by Matthew Rettenmund that was turned into an acclaimed film 10 years ago -- is coming back as what is being billed as a "daring new digital series," tackling a variety of hot-button issues facing the modern gay. Taking over the role of hustler X from Derek Magyar will be Matthew Wilkas, who charmed audiences in "Gayby" before charming the pants off of Gus Kenworthy. Ageless Darryl Stephens (of "Noah's Arc" fame) returns as Andrew -- plus a bunch of new faces including Internet favorite Matt Crawford and singer Steve Grand. 

I was first introduced to Matt via Q. Allan Brocka's film adaptation -- Matt and I ended up having lunch at Blue Fin after I accidentally stood him up the day before at Le Grainne Cafe in Chelsea -- and I've been a fan (and friend) ever since. (I immediately bought the book, which is great and is the shortest thing he's ever written!) I'm eager to see where these sexy characters find themselves a decade later -- the original had a MySpace page! -- as the landscape for all denizens of the LGBTQ community has changed so dramatically. Watch the pitch and consider donating today.

Or click HERE for details.

Music Fan Goes Nuts

My apologies to anyone who got hurt at the reunion show of my high-school punk band.

Prince Charming

Read HERE.

In our defense, we did have very good reason to think William would be the hot one. (Boy were we WRONG!)

Tennis Tuesday

More of this hunky strength trainer to the pros HERE.

Song of the Day: 'Arthur McBride' by Paul Brady

Rosanne Cash revealed that when John Leventhal included Simon and Garfunkel's "The Only Living Boy in New York" and Paul Brady's version of "Arthur McBride" on a mixtape he made her when they first met, she knew she had to marry him. (And she did!) In addition to approving of her Romeo's music taste, it made me smile because Damian also made me a mixcd early in our courtship, many of whose songs have turned up as Song of the Day. 

Morning Wood

Page 1 Roundup (07/25)

The New York Post: DA who offered kayak killer a plea deal isn’t happy about it 

The Daily News: Bring on the transit tax already

The New York Times: So it turns out Ivanka is dumb and deaf

The Wall Street Journal: ‘Phelps vs. Shark,’ Reviewed by a Shark

Monday, July 24, 2017

Shut the Chuck Up

Follow HERE.

Yes. Shame on Hillary Clinton for sending out news stories about her running a child-sex ring in a pizza parlor in Washington.

Hardy Har Har

You'll die laughing when you see THESE!

Harvey Gets Physical

For those who have kindly asked, Harvey is alive and well -- although he was none too pleased that we went away this weekend after having already ditched him for our European vacation. Our one-year adoptiversary wasn't too long ago, so we took him in for a check-up this morning, eager to see how he'd act at the office. He's so rambunctious around our apartment -- loves anyone who comes over, always tries to hang out in the hallways -- that we figured he'd be a big ham for the vet and her staff. But he was pretty shy at first, wanting to stay close to his carrier (that he inherited from Larry) and his fathers. Eventually we got him to come out of his shell, and he charmed the socks off of everyone, purring nonstop through the examination, vaccinations, claw trimmings -- those things were sharp! -- insertion of a microchip and having blood drawn. (OK, we didn't see that last one, and the technician said he did let out a disapproving growl, which we would have killed to have heard since he's always so happy!) 

Dr. Lang thought it was very "fancy" of him to wear a tux to his physical. And she said he appears to be in excellent health -- she was very impressed by his pearly fangs although she said at 15.1 pounds he might want to cut back on the in-between-meal dry food (ouch!) -- and we will get his blood-work results tomorrow. 

Dr. Lang, Harvey's white socks and my new Wimbledon umbrella

Big Boy Alert!

Now wait'll Harvey finds out I'm going to Arizona at the end of the month to check in on my mom and then to Vegas to celebrate turning 50 with four other friends who were born during the summer of love! 

Weekend Tennis Roundup

Photo collage from HERE.

While Damian and I were watching Andy Roddick and Kim Clijsters be inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame, some low-key events were going on around the globe, including in Newport, R.I. We caught John Isner beat Bjorn Fratangelo (that surname reminds me of one of those tabloid names for a celebrity couple!) in the semis -- and Isner went on to win the event by defeating Matthew Ebden of Australia in the final, 6-3, 7-6 (4). Elsewhere, David Ferrer kept the AARP circuit alive and well, winning his first tournament in nearly two years with a 6-4, 6-4 victory over Alexandr Dolgopolov of Ukraine. Kiki Bertens of the Netherlands took home the crown at the Swiss Open, beating Anett Kontaveit of Estonia, 6-4, 3-6, 6-1. Irina-Camelia Begu of Romania won her home title in Romania, beating Julia Görges in the final, 6-3, 7-4. And lastly, 19-year-old Russian cutie Andrey Rublev won the Croatian Open, beating Pablo Lorenzi, 6-4, 6-2, and picking me up as an Instagram follower!

Also: Word on the street is that Novak Djokovic is unlikely to play this U.S. Open. The given reason is a "bone bruise," but we all know it's a head case.

Some highlights from inside the Hall of Fame Museum:

I stole a copy of "Tracy Austin: Powerhouse in Pinafore" from the Rhodes Junior High library. (The statute of limitations has to have run out by now, right?!)

Thought it was interesting that they chose Tracy's mixed doubles victory with brother John at Wimbledon for the interactive video on her Hall of Fame panel ...

And you know I can't resist a NYC - tennis connection, like Andy Warhol's treatment of Chris Evert!

Last Call for Unitard at Joe's Pub

Facebook invite HERE.

The comedy trio Unitard -- Nora Burns, David Ilku and Mike Albo -- will close out their residency at Joe's Pub on Wednesday (July 26) at 7 p.m., with the final performance of "Tard Core: There Are No Safe Words." The set is littered with all sorts of hilarious topical bits about politics, gender, glasses of wine that cost more than a bottle and the hyper-gentrification of the city. Read my review from May HERE -- the show's a riot! -- and buy tickets now HERE!

Mug Shot Monday

This Texas cop is pretty hot, but don't leave him in charge of children.

Song of the Day: 'One-Way Street' (demo) by Pet Shop Boys

Bonus track from the upcoming reissue reissue of "Fundamental," which you can enter to win HERE. The boys reportedly offered this demo to Bananarama, feeling the lyric's metaphor was a bit too contrived. (Gee, thanks for thinking of us!) But the gals rejected it, and wound up putting out one of their best post-Siobhan efforts, "Drama," which included "Move in My Direction" and "Look on the Floor," by written by the Ramas.

Morning Wood

Page 1 Roundup (07/24)

The New York Post: And Trump thinks the media is hard on him!

The Daily News: 9 immigrants found dead in scorching tractor-trailer in Texas Walmart lot in botched human trafficking operation

The New York Times: It looks like Putin isn't getting everything on his Wish List

The Wall Street Journal: A Vasectomy Doesn't Have to Be a Sterile Affair

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Speedo Sunday

I miss the '80s. When Shannon Tweed was considered an actress, and guys like Bruce Penhall flaunted their natural gifts.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Postcard From Newport

Fun day seeing Andy Roddick and Kim Clijsters get inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Roddick's speech was part stand-up, part heart-tug and fully unforgettable. (Mother Blanche is a hero. But the more he praised his late father, the more apparent it became that he was a bit of a prick.) However, the bonus appearance by Chrissie Evert -- who inducted journalist Steve Flink -- was by far the highlight.

 Kim was lauded for being so nice -- when students arrive at the academy bearing her name she actually says "Hi" to them(!) -- but I couldn't help but wonder if that doesn't actually say more about how awful most of the other players are. #mariaserena.

With Gabby, Elsa and Damian

Saw a bunch of familiar faces wandering about, including James Blake, John Newcombe, Brad Gilbert, Jim Courier and Mardy Fish, who Damian is more than a little sweet on.

Class of 2017

Friday, July 21, 2017

The Bill Walsh Lending Library Established

My sister-in-law, Jacqueline, shared these photos on Facebook on Friday, announcing that some of my brother Bill's books had been moved to his old newsroom to establish The Bill Walsh Lending Library:
It is an understatement to say that Bill Walsh enjoyed building collections of books on subjects that interested him. His books on boxing, tennis, food, newspapers, Washington, Detroit, Kennedy, serial killers {ahem}, TV, and music along with the sizable lineup of memoirs, fiction, and classics titles could probably function as a wholly acceptable small-town library. But the books that meant the most to him were of course the ones on language and editing. It made perfect sense that he stood in front of these when I took the picture that became the author photo on "Yes, I Could Care Less." ... From Safire's "On Language" to the Buffalo News Style Manual (yes, really) to more dictionaries than any human should own, these shelves do more to keep Bill's legacy at the Post vibrant than just a photo on a wall would ever do.

Each new bit of information puts a giant pit in my stomach -- his familiar handwriting on the sign, the penmanship that was so nice we used it for personalized stationery at my childhood office-supply business (Handitover House), the note he wrote (below) and simply seeing his books again. 

But above all it makes me happy -- and proud -- that the legacy of his knowledge and love of language lives on so beautifully.

Teacher Busted for Lap Action With Student

It seems this NYC high-school biology instructor is in hot water for his hands-on approach to teaching the birds and the bees:

The Daily News writes: 
A Queens teacher has been pulled from the classroom after he was caught in the dark with a student on his lap, according to a source at the high school. 
Farzad Ghelichkhani, 35, was yanked from his job at John Adams High School in Ozone Park and put in a rubber room in June 2016, following an investigation of charges against him. 
“This behavior is completely inappropriate, and Mr. Ghelichkhani was removed from the classroom and reassigned away from students last year,” said Education Department spokesman Michael Aciman. Department officials are trying to fire Ghelichkhani, who is still collecting his $86,185 salary. He had no prior disciplinary history. 
Ghelichkhani, a biology teacher, didn’t respond to a call for comment. A dean walked in on Ghelichkhani and the student in a compromising position, according to the school source. “They were in an embrace,” the source said. “It was a definitive sighting. A student on his lap, lights out.”
No word on the gender of the victim. But this year-plus-old story seems to have made the tabloids today as a result of GOP mayoral candidate Bo Dietl running to the press to try to use this as ammunition against Mayor Bill de Blasio, in case you're wondering. .

Aleshia Brevard, Trans Trailblazer, Is Dead at 79

What a fascinating life, which led her to modeling, film, TV and the stage -- plus 3.5 marriages! RIP, sweet lady.  Read more HERE.

I love that her one line was cut, but she still managed to garner this much attention!

On the Rag, Vol. 467

A weekly look at what's making news in the gay mags:

Get Out!: Seth Fornea and Vinny Vega look Pump-ed and ready! / Online edition HERE.

Edge Media: Radio Ad Campaign Opposes Texas "Bathroom Bill" / Read HERE.

Metro Weekly (D.C.): Studio Theatre enters the world of LGBTQ ballroom culture with a thrilling, immersive production of Tarell Alvin McCraney's poetic masterpiece "Wig Out!" / Read HERE.

HIV Plus: Freddie Mercury Biopic Will Not Mention HIV/AIDS (WTF?) / Read HERE.

QX (London): People across the LGBTQ spectrum recount their experiences of living, working and partying in Hong Kong / Read HERE.

Out magazine: The Power 50 list for 2017 is HERE.

GCN (Dublin): "Below Her Mouth" stars Natalie Krill and Erika Linder out front / Read HERE

POZ: Body’s Protection Against Autoimmune Disease May Shield HIV / Read HERE.

Lavender (Twin Cities): Revisit Pride in photos! Read HERE.

The Gay U.K.: Milan Christopher’s poolside attire leaves NOTHING to the imagination / Read HERE.

Echo (Phoenix): The Wedding Issue / Read HERE.

Gay Times (U.K.): The boys of Garçon Model are bulging out of their pants / Read HERE.

Attitude (U.K.): Gay extreme athlete -- or is it extremely gay athlete? -- Gavan Hennigan graces the cover of the August issue / Read HERE.

Têtu (France): This Instagram account will make you a little red / Read HERE.

The Advocate: Just when you think Republicans can't get more vile / Read HERE.

Get Out!: Meet Tomik Dash / Read HERE.

Winq (and a nod): Glasgow cathedral becomes first in the U.K. to host gay weddings / Read HERE.

The Body: "Monsters Among Us" Writer Andrew Shayde on Comics and the LGBTQ Community / Read HERE.

Passport: Sightseeing in Style -- Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences / Read HERE.

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