Saturday, January 31, 2015

Serena Williams Defeats Maria Sharapova for Australian Open Crown


I didn't really want Serena to pass fellow Americans Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova on the all-time majors list -- I'm of the older-technology generation and miss the game they played then -- but there's no denying she deserves it. Even Maria's best wasn't enough to win a set, so congrats. Now just stay away from my Steffi -- I'm Irish/GERMAN at heart :-)

By the numbers:

On the Rag, Vol. 340

A weekly look at what's making news in the free gay mags:

Frontiers (L.A.) introduces us to the 10 hottest male models working today / Read HERE.

Next: Lance Bass opens up about swapping "I dos" with the man of his dreams -- where else??? -- on national TV / Read HERE.

Get Out! magazine gets naked with designer Stevie Boi / Read HERE.

Metro Weekly: With vinyl on the rise, we check out 14 D.C. area stores that will feed your record-collecting addiction / Read HERE.

Grab: My friend just spent a week in Key West with Russell Tovey and Co. for a mutual friend's birthday and he didn't even bring me back a pair of the bloke's pants / Read HERE.

Echo: Local Phoenix band Fairy Bones -- aka Chelsey Louise, Robert Ciuca, brothers Matt and Ben Foos -- have just released their first full-length album / Read HERE.

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(I wonder if they are Killer Pussy fans.)

Friday, January 30, 2015

In Praise of The WB's Short-Lived 'Jack & Jill' Series

Horrible to post something new on a Friday night, but I have for years been meaning to ask if anyone else was a fan of The WB's short-lived "20-somethings living in NYC" show "Jack & Jill"? I think of it now because I am desperately trying to find a legitimate place to stream it online now that it seems nearly everything is out there. (I'm wondering if Netflix and Hulu don't have it because of the UPN-WB merger.) The timing seems perfect for a re-visit: Lead star Amanda Peet is now on the just-renewed HBO dramedy "Togetherness" while Sarah Paulson has become one of Ryan Murphy's muses on "American Horror Story." Justin Kirk was dreamy in "Angels in America" before landing on "Weeds." Lead hunk Ivan Sergei had his moment in "The Opposite of Sex" and a few duds after that, while Jaime Pressly is technically the biggest star to emerge from the ensemble show that I actually watched INSTEAD OF "Sex and the City" when it first aired in the late '90s!. (Blush!) Although they were 20-somethings and I was more a 30-something like the "Sex" crew, I initially felt I had more in common with them having just arrived "fresh faced" in Manhattan, before realizing Carrie & Co. were actually gay men and I was already kind of used goods. The show's other allure was Simon Rex, whose MTV appearances and quasi PORN CAREER had made him a favorite in the Walsh household. 

Speak up if you have bootleg DVDs and/or suggestions! Curious if it holds up -- I remember it being surprisingly good for what it was. 


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Scooter LaForge Brings His 'Travels With Johnny' to Munch Gallery

So much fun watching my childhood pal Scooter LaForge's star continue to rise, with his latest solo exhibition at the Munch Gallery on the Lower East Side. "Travels With Johnny" -- a nod to Steinbeck, inspired by Scooter's crosscountry RV trip with legendary photographer (and friend) Johnny Rozsa -- is on display through March 8. Congrats, Scootie! Details HERE.


With the artist and muse Gazelle Paulo

Christie Love

Never-before-seen footage shows the New Jersey Governor falling out of a chair last June during a visit to the WIP Morning Show in Philadelphia.

Dying laughing here -- this gives Bob's role a run for its money!


Song of the Day: 'Got a Hold on Me' by Christine McVie

Might as well finish out my Fleetwood Mac week with the songbird herself, nee Christine Perfect. Her 1984 solo album was somehow even more middle-of-the-road than her band contributions, but my mom still made a point of saying she liked this single "better than anything that one in the shawls does." Did you know Chris put out a solo album during those 17 years away from Fleetwood Mac? Neither did I.

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

PHOTO: Bruce Jenner's Sexy 1979 GQ Cover

If it's true that he is transitioning, it would go a long way to explain why a man so incredibly handsome never seemed comfortable in his own skin, which he opted to alter for as long as we can remember. Good luck, gorgeous! More pics HERE.

Idol Chatter

Oh, dear. Boy Culture's photo gallery -- I mean review -- of Billy Idol's recent show at the Beacon may be just the ticket for helping me feel better about not being able to accept an invite to an upcoming B-52's concert. (And he didn't even do "Hot in the City"!) Read HERE.

Tyrannosaurus Sex

I never even saw "Jurassic Park" -- I don't do sci-fi/adventure pictures -- but with Chris Pratt sporting his sexy 'stache in the promo photos for “Jurassic World” (out June 12), I will be spending some time with this one (and a bottle of Wet).

Hot and Cold

Ryan Reynolds: Lumbersexually yours

Hey, New Yorkers and Angelenos: If you've noticed the men in your city aren't as sexy as they usually are, it's probably because everyone's in Park City, Utah, for the Sundance Film Festival. The fun girls are there, too. See 'em all HERE.

Chris Pine 

Valerie Cherish's biggest fan with Winona Ryder and Peter Sarsgaard

Ryan and James Franco

Ethan Hawke

Brad Pitt and James Franco

Dreamboat Patrick Wilson

  Here's Sam Rockwell with wife Leslie Bibb, whose Amazon Prime pilot -- "Salem Rogers: Model of the Year 1998" -- is online now and looks a bit like "The Comeback" meets "House of Style" -- with Rachel Dratch! Watch HERE.

Song of the Day: 'Think About It' by Fleetwood Mac

Another great demo from the "Rumours" sessions. But with songs like this and "Silver Springs" left off the group's albums, it's a miracle Stevie Nicks didn't record a solo album before 1981.

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