Thursday, February 05, 2015

The Second Coming of an Olympic Superstar

Now we know what Jenner was running from ...

The forgotten history of Bruce Jenner: How the 1970s all-American hero ended up here

It's hard to explain how emotional seeing this Bruce Jenner story on the Washington Post home page was for me today. Having grown up adoring this man -- I had just turned 9 when the hunky American brought home the gold from Montreal and followed his every move after -- it makes realizing he was going through such a painful internal struggle hit really close to home. I've tried to come up with a Millennial equivalent so people could understand how monumental this is. Michael Phelps might be the closest we've got, but even Phelps didn't become the "It" guy Jenner was back in the high-flying '70s and '80s -- and he certainly didn't have Jenner's sex appeal. One look at this commercial and you will see exactly what I mean. Good luck, gorgeous.

UPDATE: A commenter just suggested Tom Brady as a better comparison and I think that is spot on.

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Mike in Asheville said...

That was the summer between my freshman and sophomore high school years, and, lordy, no question I was gay! Cheered him all for all the right, and, wrong reasons!

While Bruce was the man everywhere, a little later Renee Richards made her transition into women's tennis. One of the most striking moments in individual courage.

Phelps is not a good comparison. Perhaps Tom Brady or Eli Manning? Or Robert Pattison if he weren't already so pretty!

Still want to shout "GO BRUCE GO!"