Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Hope you have a safe and fun night. Here I am the one and only time I dressed up in the last 20 years -- with my good friend Larry Brickman, whom we lost in 2006. Miss you, Lar.

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Just Jack!

Did he arrange to have the Countess flown in to present him his award?

Boy genius Jack Andraka on last night's "Colbert Report" was one of my proudest moments as a gay American. Go, Jack!!!

Vaughn Too Far

OK. Now they're just fucking with us.

Smooth Operator

 I don't really have any strong need to buy razors through the mail -- I barely shave -- but I'm willing to let this Mike Dubin guy pitch me anything. Info HERE.

Dr. J Tells the 'Hole' Truth About Tennis Star Love Child

Wow, this has got to make one-time Wimbeldon semifinalist Alexandra Stevenson and her mom feel great: In his new autobiography, basketball legend Julius Erving claims the only reason he wound up fathering the child is because when he went over to Samantha Stevenson's house for his regular blow job, she had gotten some kind of new orthodontic appliance to straighten her teeth and f**king her face just didn't seem desirable -- so he fucked her vagina instead.

Class act, that Dr. J is.

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Feet Me in St. Louis

My brother Bill saw this article in the New York Times and immediately forwarded it to my other brother, Terence, and me, with the subject: Oh, Lord. I've never felt so not alone in my life -- we were beginning to think we were the only ones whose lives had been destroyed by this latest effort to hasten the end of civilization as we know it.

Stephanie Rosenbloom writes:
Forget paying extra for more legroom seats. These days I’d pay to sit next to someone who keeps his socks on. On recent flights I’ve had bare feet beside me, on the back of my armrest, on the bulkhead in front of me. Once, upon feeling something push through the sliver of space where the seat back and bottom meet, I reached behind me and grabbed a stranger’s toes.
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And if you know where I can purchase an unregistered hand gun, please send me a private message. Thanks!

Song of the Day: 'Ghost of Glass' by Blondie / Ray Parker Jr. / Vincent Price

Mashup by Sjoersje.

Another One Bites the Dust

Can't say I'm surprised about this one -- Michael and I stopped going to Room Service Thai after getting a plate of chicken with cashews that we were nearly certain was a distant relative of Larry's -- but it is just the latest sign of the revolving door of businesses on Eighth Avenue in Chelsea. Sure wish La Chinita would come back. That Cuban-Chinese dive is where Michael and nearly had our first (blindish) date -- only he spotted me through the window and decided he didn't like what he saw and ran! The rest, as they say, is his- and history ...

Morning Wood

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Best Hed Ever???

Mug Shot Wednesday: Martina Hingis

Tennis star Martina Hingis has been quizzed by the Swiss police for the alleged assault of her estranged husband, Thibault Hutin. The French equestrian "athlete" claims he was attacked on Sept. 23 at his home in Feusisberg by Chucky, Chucky's mom, Melanie Molitor, and Molitor's boyfriend. But from the looks of her mugshot -- this is it, right? -- she got the worse of it. Read HERE

GHMC Crisis Center

Struggling GMHC Plans to Break Lease and Leave Expensive Offices

DNAinfo New York reports:
The city's largest AIDS services organization is quietly planning to move out of its expensive new offices — just two years after moving in — after it made layoffs and pay cuts to be able to pay its astronomical $389,000 monthly rent, DNAinfo New York has learned.  
GMHC, which sources said spent millions to move into new offices on West 33rd Street in 2011, has begun to work with Studley, a real estate firm that represents tenants, in the hopes of finding a cheaper space, according to multiple sources familiar with the situation.
 Apparently it's not the first time the Gay Men's Health Crisis has broken its lease, either. Read HERE.

The good news is, I think THIS might be why donations are down. But there's still a lot of work to do.


Has anyone been to this new Roast Kitchen place on Seventh Avenue near Times Square? It was so crowded I couldn't really see what they had, but it struck me as kind of a Boston Market, if Boston Market weren't completely disgusting. (OK. The ones in the city are. Suburban ones are fine.)  I don't get a dinner break at work. so not sure when I'm gonna get to go here. But the Yelp reviews are encouraging, with the meats and vegetables getting raves. 

Happy Hump Day!

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'The Hinterlands' Episode 1 Now Showing

In the middle of nowhere, growing up gay is the worst. 

 To watch the first episode of "The Hinterlands," click HERE.

Song of the Day: 'Somebody to Love' by Valerie June

This one's pushin' all my right buttons. Get HERE.

Just Add Milk

It's going to be reeeeeeaaaaalllllly embarrassing at the fat farm when I have to explain how I wound up there by eating Power Crunch bars. (They claim to have 13 grams of protein and just 5 grams of sugar, which is about a quarter of the sugar in many other popular bars.) The peanut butter creme and peanut butter and chocolate were destructive enough. But this new chocolate mint variety -- when placed in your kitchen's freezer -- becomes a Thin Mint Girlscout cookie in minutes, while fooling you into thinking you're being "healthy." 

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

ENDA the Road

Greg Sargent writes:
"If Republicans stand in the way of ENDA, it will reinforce the sense of a party that is adamantly refusing to evolve along with the rest of the country and the culture, and deepen the perception that it remains hostage to its most hidebound, extreme and intolerant elements."
He's right, just replace the word "if" with "when." Because as we all know, Republicans don't believe in evolution.

2014 Ben Cohen Calendar Now Available

The 2014 Ben Cohen Calendar is on sale now: 
Every purchase of StandUp branded merchandise benefits the anti-bullying work and grants of the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation. Shop the brand, support the cause, stop the bullying.
Plus you'll get a free erection with every purchase! Buy HERE.

This Is Your Brain. This Is Your Brain on ThighMaster.

 I love Suzanne Somers as much as the next guy, but perhaps the Wall Street Journal should have thought twice about hiring her for its "experts" panel. Maybe it's just her age group, but she's essentially my mom with a lot more plastic surgery. The good thing about the work she's had done is that at least now she looks as crazy as she sounds, whereas my mom just looks like a sweet woman from Omaha. The corrections on Chrissy Snow's opinion piece are starting to add up -- and no one even bothered to point out to the ditzy blonde that Canada's SINGLE-PAYER system is nothing like ours. (If only!)

What year is THAT photo from?????

Hit Me Baby 1 More Time

After getting busted while taking THIS STUD's photo over the summer, I swore off surreptitious subway stalker photos. But this healthy eater on the Uptown 1 was definitely not paying attention, so I just couldn't resist capturing his tasty jawline.

Today Is National Cat Day

Every day is "cat" day at my house. But my friend Jay informs me today is officially Naitonal Cat Day for normal people. Enjoy!

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No Gray Area

I think it's safe to say Michael and I will never be profiled in the New York Times. Because if the Gray Lady's didn't come calling for recent stories about longtime partners who choose to keep separate apartments or gay couples who don't want to get married, she's clearly not into us!