Thursday, April 30, 2009

Separated at Birth? (UPDATE)

My sister showed my mom this post I'd written about my suspecting that I had a long-lost twin sister who was given up for adoption. (The resemblance between me, in 1987, and the girl is indisputable.) My mom denies the claim ("All of my children were born with eyebrows"), but I still think she's hiding something.

In the interest of solving this mystery once and for all, I had an expert create an age-enhanced photo of what my twin might look like today
. If you recognize the woman (who would be 41 now), please come forward.

Lesbians Are Funny

Add Kelly McGillis to the list of women who everyone knew was gay before they did. Welcome to the party, Kel!!! I guess it was obvious, but starring opposite Jodie Foster and Tom Cruise did have a way of making her seem straight ...

Gone to His Head?


I don't know about this. This may be going too far even for Novak Djokovic ...

Thursday Ad Watch

Feeling the heat with Sandro & Maykson

Joop! gives us a thrill

Tom Brady, for SmartWater, makes climbing the corporate ladder seem way sexier than usual ...

While I do not approve of flip-flops almost ever, I may be willing to make an exception for singer/songwriter Jay Nash, who is tastefully hawking Havaianas without showing his feet; always handsome Mark Vanderloo, for DKNY (of course)

Guess who's hot?

This week's eye-catching advertisements

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  • 'Get a Hump for Me'


    A thoughtful reader who saw my post about the double standard that exists between the depiction of gay and straight sexuality in society sent me this clip from "Paris Is Burning," where a man interviewed in the film sums it up way better than I ever could.

    Who's on Third?

    As good as David Wright looks this season with his burr cut, my eyes are beginning to wander toward another natural third baseman, Mr. Daniel Murphy (aka Butterfingers), who is having a tough time learning to play the outfield but looking awfully hot while he does it.

    Angel in the outfield

    Page 1 Consider (04/30)

  • Ryan Idol, Eat Your Heart Out: Brian Sims was an openly gay college football captain. And you thought this only happened in "Score 10." (Outsports)

  • Better Know a Bigot: Backers of a ballot initiative banning gays from adopting children in Arkansas are reportedly livid after an LGBT rights group posted the names and zip codes of those who signed petitions that led to the question appearing on the ballot. Funny how that works. These are the same people who have no problem with finding out which corporations have LGBT-inclusive policies and charitable programs and then threatening them with massive boycotts if they don't cave into their demands. Now how does it feel? (365Gay)

  • Google Public Data: Who needs a private eye when Google's on the case? (Washington Post)

  • Zodiac Killer: I love it when famous old mysteries are finally solved. But this woman who now says her dad was the Zodiac, and that she even scribbled some of the taunting notes he sent, would be a lot more believable if the "expert document examine" who verified her handwriting claims didn't also happen to be an executive producer and narrator of a coming documentary about the case! (NYT)

  • Fartman to the Rescue: I've always known that beyond the butt bongo and naked chick obsession, Howard Stern was a good guy. His recent message on gay marriage confirmed what I already knew. (Towleroad)

  • Jon & Kate Plus 1: I can't imagine why Jon Gosselin, of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" fame, would want to cheat on that wonderful wife of his. (EOnline)

  • That Didn't Come Out Right: Thousands of daily attacks on federal and private computer systems in the United States -- many from China and Russia, some malicious and some testing chinks in the patchwork of American firewalls -- have prompted the Obama administration to review U.S. strategy. (NYT)

  • Sooner Is Better: Powerful drugs are available to treat HIV, but doctors have long argued about when to start therapy. Is it better to treat patients early, exposing them to risky side effects, or to wait until the disease is more advanced? A new analysis suggests that sooner is better than later. (NYT)

  • Fighting Back: With urging from President Obama, the House passed the Matthew Shepard hate crime bill on Wednesday, legislation that President Bush opposed. The vote was 249 to 175, with most Democrats voting in favor and most Republicans against, including the rather sickening Rep. Virginia Foxx of North Carolina, who called the young Wyoming man's hate-inspired death a "hoax." (QClick) If you're as disgusted as I am, why don't you e-mail her and let her know what you think of her HERE. Or call her Washington office at (202) 225-2071. What a disgrace to America and the political process.

  • Gay Report Card: Speaking of President Obama, his first 100 days in office are done and he's being graded by everyone, including the LGBT press. Kerry Eleveld of the Advocate writes: Though the president's first 100 days did not include the signing of major LGBT legislation, advocates say the administration has set the stage for a string of LGBT wins. While Emma Ruby-Sachs is far less charitable over on The Huffington Post: "When it comes to actual change in the lives of LGBT people, nothing has been done."

  • Creature Feature: Dr. Laura -- who raised a fine boy whose MySpace page boasts cartoon images of rape, murder and child molestation; racial epithets; and stories of drug use -- is coming to a movie theater near you with "Dr Laura Live! In Praise of Mom." (HX)

  • Rocky Mountain High: Legislation to provide health insurance and other benefits to the same-sex partners of Colorado state workers is on its way to the desk of Gov. Bill Ritter, who is expected to sign it. (365Gay)

  • Catalog This: A transgender woman who was denied a job at the Library of Congress because she was transitioning from male to female has been awarded the maximum compensation for the discrimination she suffered, nearly $500,000. (Advocate)
  • 'God Knows What Went on Behind Closed Doors'


    Barack Obama is getting rave reviews for his first 100 days in office, but you'd never know it from the "Fair & Balanced" coverage over at Fox News. Maybe Byron York is right. All those blacks are skewing the poll numbers.

    Wednesday, April 29, 2009

    Happy Ending?

    Regular readers know that I have been none-too-pleased since the Best Chinese Qi Gong Tui-na Back Rub and Foot Rub for Men and Women salon moved into the basement of my residence. I don't care if it's the BEST or not -- and don't be fooled by the catchy name -- I don't like it. My apartment building is nothing fancy -- your typical five-story walkup in Chelsea -- but it's always been clean and a comfortable place to call home.

    But ever since the YOURS SPA (as it's also known, reason ahead) took up occupancy, the building is cluttered with tacky signs all over the place and chainsmoking employees on the stoop 24 hours a day. That alone was enough to make me furious, but imagining what was really going on down there skeeved me out even more. (Apparently they even massage MEM!)

    So imagine my utter delight when I came home from lunch this afternoon to see that the New York City Buildings department had finally paid our cellar friends a visit -- and apparently did not like what they saw any more than I do. Although it doesn't seem to come out and accuse them of prostitution, it does refer to it as a "massage parlor with four beds" that is being operated "contrary to that in which is allowed" in the cellar that is to be used for "offices, storage and boiler room." I'm hoping this is just the ticket to send our demonstrative neighbors packing. Then all we'll need is to hire a crew to take the 18 signs down and sterilize the premises and I can resign my lease in peace.

    One by One

    Will New Hampshire make five? Full story HERE.

    Move Over, Jordan Catalano

    Tim Riggins may very well be the biggest high school TV dreamboat of all time. But why exactly do we love the "Friday Night Lights" (and "X-Men Origins: Wolverwine") hunk Taylor Kitsch so? Let us count the ways ...

    “His lips are always so red,” said Lindsey Berns (rather dreamily), the director of college counseling at Brooklyn Friends. “And he gets that flush on his face ... he has really beautiful skin. And I’m a sucker for well-defined arms.”

    “He has Brad Pitt–circa–Thelma and Louise–era lips,” agreed Margaret Brown, a television producer who owns a T-shirt for Riggins’ team, the Dillon Panthers. “His hair is always a little bit greasy -- but you know he smells like stale beer and sweat. Yum.”

    “Riggins will treat you like shit and fuck your brains out,” as one Brooklynite said. And that's a good thing, OK?

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  • Salvation Army

    But what about the womens?

    Coming Attractions

    My brothers and I loved Cracked when we were kids. And based on the mag's recent Matthew McConaughey’s Next 10 Movie Posters item, it's as hilarious as ever. These are all so spot-on that you can almost hear the producers in Hollywood screaming, "SHIT! Now we're gonna have to cancel THAT one." See them all HERE.

    Fox and Friends

    Matthew Fox visits the "Late Show with David Letterman" at the Ed Sullivan Theater this week in New York City. They don't get any more handsome than this one.

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  • Music Box: Midge Urge & Ultravox

    Sure, the '80s were all about the girls for me. Debbie, Chrissie, Belinda, Kim, Debora, Clare, Holly Beth, Siobhan, Keren, Sara, Patty, Exene ... you get the idea). But, from time to time, I actually picked up a record or two that involved a male singer. While Paul Weller was my main man, I also had an albeit brief flirtation with John Waters Midge Ure who, like Terry Hall, had his hand in a number of interesting projects.

    Besides Ultravox -- whose poster up top adorned my bedroom wall -- he was a member of Thin Lizzy(!), Silk, the Rich Kids and the wonderful but short-lived Visage. I can't remember which video I saw first, but both "Vienna" and "Reap the Wild Wind" were two of my fave early MTV staples -- and what glorious videos they were. (Just played "Reap" again and never realized that the beginning sounds nearly identical to OMD's "So in Love"!)

    "Quartet" ended up being the only Ultravox album I bought as I wasn't overly crazy about the over-blown "Dancing With Tears in My Eyes," the single off the followup album. But then I gained even more respect for Ure when he co-wrote "Do They Know It's Christmas?" with Bob Geldof, which still gives me goose bumps every time I hear it.

    Midge's solo debut featured the huge U.K. hit "If I Was" and then a few years later he scored with "Cold, Cold Heart" (still a fave). After that, I don't recall ever hearing from him again. I picked up his all-eras "Best of" CD when it came out in 1993 (it was the first time I knew of "Do They Know It's Christmas?" being on disc), and was thrilled to see it included all of the songs I've mentioned, plus Visage's club classic, "Fade to Grey," which Ure cowrote and played on. Not sure if I need more (if you're a diehard fan, tell me if I do), but I still thoroughly enjoy revisiting this relationship from time to time, that -- unlike Midge -- definitely meant something to me.

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  • Morning Wood

    Navel-gazing at its finest.

    Tuesday, April 28, 2009

    Just Curious

    I know Michael's going to roll his eyes at me for writing this (I think he only appreciates my militancy in the boudoir), but why is it when gay people want to be able walk down the street holding hands without being beaten up or to have the right to be able to visit their partners in the hospital we're "flaunting our sexuality" and demanding "special rights." But when pictures of straight people having sex are plastered all over town it's just called advertising?

    Sporting Goods: Antonio Cassano

    I haven't the foggiest idea why someone at work would have left a printout of this photo of Italian footballer Antonio Cassano on my desk yesterday at work. When I tried to figure it out by doing a little research on the Internet, all I could come up with was more photos and videos of him taking his clothes off. Oh, well. I guess I'll never know for sure.


    Desert Heat

    Hugh Jackman says he has no regrets about taking the premiere of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" out of Hollywood and into the city of Tempe, Ariz., home of Arizona State University.

    "No one in L.A. is sleeping out overnight when they already had tickets to the best seat in the house," Jackman said of the thousands of passionate fans lining the barricades. "I love this place," Jackman said of the Phoenix suburb. "I'm moving here. It's awesome."

    Well, that's sweet of you to say, Hugh. But let's not get carried away. Also in attendance were co-stars, Lynn Collins, Ryan Reynolds, Liev Schreiber and Taylor Kitsch, working his best "trying not to look attractive" look. (AP/AZ Republic)

    You Call This Chey?

    I have no idea if this purported nude photo of Cheyenne Jackson floating around the World Wide Web is a fake or not. But if it's real, I'm thinking the hunky star would make a great Captain Hook in a Broadway revival of "Peter Pan." Judge for yourself HERE.

    Girls Just Want to Have Fun(ds)

    My pals on the Left Coast report that the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center had a great success with Friday night's gala, "An Evening with Women: Celebrating Art, Music & Equality" in Beverly Hills. The event raised more than $360,000 for the center’s services for women. Jennifer Coolidge was her usual hysterical self (on Prop 8: "I just got a whole tube of that the other day"), as was Sarah Silverman, who riffed on the experience of the sign language interpreter faced with signing Silverman’s off-color repertoire. For the second year in a row, Sharon Stone took the helm of the live auction.

    Linda Perry and Christina Aguilera brought the house down with live performances of "Mother" and "Beautiful." Also on hand were longtime gay rights activist Cybill Shepherd and her knockout daughter, Clementine Ford, as well as Leisha Hailey, Clea DuVall and Sharon and Kelly Osbourne. Sounds like a great night for a great cause!