Thursday, May 18, 2006

Rubbing Me the Wrong Way

I live in a quiet, five-story walkup apartment building. Its exterior is far from luxurious, but I've never been embarrassed to call it my home. All of that changed when BEST QI. GONG TUI-NA BACK RUB AND FOOT RUB FOR MEN AND WOMEN moved into my building's basement (it's a catchy name, I know). First they hung a HUGE sign jutting out from near the front door (pictured above). If you're taller than 5-4, be prepared to bang your head on it.

Then they hung two small plastic things that hold fliers for the business. Then they moved the huge sign to the side of the front gate and put up a new -- albeit slightly more tasteful -- sign in its place (pictured above). (For those keeping score at home, that's FOUR different ways to alert the passers-by that there's a massage parlor in my house. FOUR.)

Now last night I came home and they'd added YET ANOTHER SIGN(!) -- this time on the railing on the staircase/stoop. How many fucking signs does one business need? To make matters worse, I come to find out that they're now giving massages to mem, too ...

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Anonymous said...

I was in NY this past weekend, and I believe I saw this sign, LMAO