Friday, January 30, 2015

In Praise of The WB's Short-Lived 'Jack & Jill' Series


Horrible to post something new on a Friday night, but I have for years been meaning to ask if anyone else was a fan of The WB's short-lived "20-somethings living in NYC" show "Jack & Jill"? I think of it now because I am desperately trying to find a legitimate place to stream it online now that it seems nearly everything is out there. (I'm wondering if Netflix and Hulu don't have it because of the UPN-WB merger.) The timing seems perfect for a re-visit: Lead star Amanda Peet is now on the just-renewed HBO dramedy "Togetherness" while Sarah Paulson has become one of Ryan Murphy's muses on "American Horror Story." Justin Kirk was dreamy in "Angels in America" before landing on "Weeds." Lead hunk Ivan Sergei had his moment in "The Opposite of Sex" and a few duds after that, while Jaime Pressly is technically the biggest star to emerge from the ensemble show that I actually watched INSTEAD OF "Sex and the City" when it first aired in the late '90s!. (Blush!) Although they were 20-somethings and I was more a 30-something like the "Sex" crew, I initially felt I had more in common with them having just arrived "fresh faced" in Manhattan, before realizing Carrie & Co. were actually gay men and I was already kind of used goods. The show's other allure was Simon Rex, whose MTV appearances and quasi PORN CAREER had made him a favorite in the Walsh household. 

Speak up if you have bootleg DVDs and/or suggestions! Curious if it holds up -- I remember it being surprisingly good for what it was. 

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Bill Carter said...

Found it on YouTube.

Fond memories of Brad Posey's Simon Rex videos. As Posey said at the time, "He's got nothing to be embarrassed about. Every inch of him is beautiful."