Thursday, March 29, 2018

Remains of the Day (03/29)

Towleroad: Man's close encounter with cheetah goes viral

Washington Blade: HRC's Griffin again urges Crazy Donald to condemn Chechnya anti-gay crackdown

Dlisted: Admit it -- you'd still f**k Ian Ziering

Baseline: American Danielle Collins -- who reminds me of a young Sandy Dennis with a wicked backhand -- blew Venus Williams off the court last night in Miami

Boy Culture: Get into the groove with Madonna March Madness

The Village Voice: Laurie Metcalf's four-decade overnight success

The WoW Report: The great Pearl Bailey was born this day; will never forget her commencement speech at my college graduation

Deep Dish: How I'd like to walk this guy's dog ...

TV Line: Chelsea Handler returns to NBC fold following short-lived Netflix detour

The New York Times: Crazy Donald is jealous that Jeff Bozos is an actual billionaire

The Daily News: Laura Ingraham is truly a horrible person

New York Post: The convicted killer profiled on "Serial" is getting a new trial; I never listened, but nothing I heard about it persuaded me he was anything but guilty

Greg in Hollywood: I can't believe Carrie endorsed Miranda for New York governor after what she said to her at the vintage shop

Hunk du Jour: This guy was the "It boy" when I first started blogging

Back2Stonewall: Is the erstwhile GetEQUAL a victim of its own social-justice agenda?

OMG Blog: The buttons should say "Unqualified Actress"

The Washington Post: Vladimir Putin and Donny Trump are having their first lovers' quarrel

Outsports: Love at first "like" for these two gay athletes

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Hot Cat of the Day: Sweet enough to eat!


Myk said...

Evan Wadle still has "it!"

JimmyD said...

I’m glad Adnan Syed is getting a new trial. ‘Serial’ was incredibly researched and documented. If it’s anything like The West Memphis 3 case, where three kids were thrown in prison, one of them on Death Row, because the police needed scapegoats... it can’t hurt.
(Speaking of, Damien Echols, formerly of Death Row, is doing quite well here in NYC!)

Rian G. said...

Yep, I admit, I'd still f**k Ziering.

jaragon said...

Yes Mr Ziering is still hot

jaragon said...

I agree with Rian G

Steve said...

Pearl Bailey, huh? We had Ken Kesey.