Tuesday, November 10, 2015

May the Foreskin Be With You ... or Not

Listen: I'm happy I'm circumcised. (I'm a white boy from the Midwest, it's not like I had any other choice.) And I'm happy people who are uncircumcised are happy to not be. And I'm happy parents are giving it more consideration, as opposed to doctors just doing it without asking. But this whole foreskin restoration cult is just ... wrong. It doesn't ever make you uncut -- it makes you a freak who can't accept life and move on. Read the Village Voice's October piece on the subject HERE.


Myk said...


Greg in SF said...

For the past month, your intro to this story has really been festering with me. Calling someone who is attempting to restore a freak (and that people are just ...wrong), I feel, is really crossing a line.

This is a very important subject, and people who choose to attempt restoration are at least bringing the subject of unnecessary circumcision out in to the open.

I was circumcised at birth, and because of that unnecessary procedure, I have absolutely no feeling in the head of penis. A nerve was cut during the process. I have feeling along my shaft, but my head is completely numb. Just to be clear here, I am NOT attempting restoration, and I will NOT attempt. Growing extra skin won't help me.

I was a huge fan of your blog, and would visit many times a day... but now I find myself visiting other blogs, where authors don't put down people who are different than they are.