Monday, November 21, 2022

East Valley of Death

To friends from my Arizona youth: If you want a blast from the past -- covered in blood and betrayal -- be sure to catch this week’s episode of “American Monster” on the ID channel (“Brothers and Sisters”). Good old Mesa is the setting for the disappearance of Cindy Monkman, whose tumultuous relationship with KDKB deejay Mark “in the Dark” Mauer and wild nights of partying at “trendy”(!) Bobby McGee’s (across from my high school job at AMC Fiesta Village) -- where she meets a mysterious 6-foot-7 and blond international banker (and his brother) from Düsseldorf -- end in tragedy.

Cindy's sister has written a book and started a blog that you can check out HERE.

Michael Apelt is still on death row

I remember our family went to Bobby McGee's for my brother Bill's high school graduation. My family doesn't really do corny, so my condolences to the server who popped out from around the corner and declared "Hello, I'm Supperman!!" only to be met with disdainful stares. 

The most Mesa-looking apartment complex I've ever seen

"Mark in the Dark" from KDKB

The Mesa location has been demolished 

My brother used to keep his change is the keepsake “glass” he had his first legal drink in.

Back in the (hey)day

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