Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Daniel Craig Rocks a Gay Bar

We already know Daniel Craig likes to frolic on the beach with Bravo's Andy Cohen. Now a source in the City of Angels tells me he spotted James Blond and a "male friend" checking out a cover band at the gay bar Roosterfish in Venice, Calif., over the weekend. Whether or not he is a closet homosexual I don't know -- although my source SWEARS he saw Craig making out with his friend on a street corner, and he WAS seen showing pictures of his cat to a fellow audience member. But this much is for sure: Daniel Craig has definitely been outed as a closet '80s-music lover, as he joined the G80's -- an all-gay-male '80s band featuring Matt McLaughlin (aka Bearlinda) on vox/guitar, Tommy Keene on lead guitar, Jim Laspesa (The Muffs/Dave Davies) at the drums and Chris Freeman of Pansy Divison on the bass -- on the chorus of the Split Enz classic "I Got You." (Sadly the band did not play the Pansy Division song "James Bondage.") The special Beatnik Beach '80s night is the third Saturday of every month -- as if you didn't already know, Daniel. Rumor has it they're planning to invite Tom Cruise next time -- like he'd ever set foot in a gay bar ...

The G80'S - We Got The Beat from Matt McLaughlin on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

Stumbled across the G80s at the Fish a couple of months ago. Great cover band, fun night, and lots cute beachy guys. Everyone was dancing and enjoying themselves, it was blast. Now I wish I would have been there last Saturday to see Daniel Craig.

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