Wednesday, April 27, 2011

'Law & Order: LA' Fires Corey Stoll's Mustache


No sooner had I gotten attached to "Law and Order: LA" star Corey Stoll did I read that the show had actually gone through a major upheaval earlier this month, with two characters from the DA's office resigning (Regina Hall and Megan Boone) and Corey's partner, played by Skeet Ulrich, getting murdered! Alfred Molina's character was also moved from the courtroom to being Stoll's partner, but the most shocking change to the show was the dismissal of Stoll's mustache. (I could only dream of achieving such manliness -- no wonder he named it "Poseidon"!) Have to admit, he's just as hot without it, but I'm not so sure a cop show can survive 'stacheless, reboot or no reboot.


With or without the mustache, Corey Stoll's still got the sexiest voice on television

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