Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Music Box: Hall and Oates

Well, thanks to everyone who voted in the best Hall and Oates song ever poll. First place was a three-way tie between "Rich Girl," "Private Eyes" and "I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)" (really? I never understood what "that" was). Although like most of you I grew up more in the post-"Voices" era, I'd always assumed everyone agreed that the guys' earlier Philly soul singles were the all-time best (and "Rich Girl" was up there). My favorite, "She's Gone," was selected by only one of you -- out of 45 total votes -- although my other fave (besides "Rich Girl") -- "Sara Smile" -- was a close second and the most voted for song overall when you count second-place nods. I was right there with Paul who said that seeing Daryl Hall in that detective's coat in the "Private Eyes" video was when he knew he was gay. (I felt the exact same way yet look at him now and think, What was I thinking?!!) I found it adorable how many of you were (almost shameful) "Family Man" fans ("cute video"; "tawdry, isn't it?"; "Family Man -- you know, for the kitsch value"; "because it's about inappropriate sex").

For casual fans like myself who just want the hits, I can recommend "The Very Best of Daryl Hall and John Oates," with just one rather huge caveat: it has everything mentioned here except "She's Gone"! It was from their days on Atlantic and while the old label was willing to license it for 1983's less complete "Rock 'n' Soul Part I: Greatest Hits," they weren't so generous by the time "The Very Best of" came out a decade later. When I bought it and realized the omission, I figured I'd just burn my own CD and add "She's Gone" on -- only to realize the disc has 20 songs and there wasn't room to add even one. Having always thought "Maneater" was, pardon the pun, the duo's Jump the Shark moment (read: embarrassingly bad), I opted to replace that tune with "She's Gone" to create the perfect Hall & Oates compilation (for me, anyway).

My favorite:

"She's Gone"

1st Place Winners:
"Rich Girl"

"Private Eyes"

"I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)"

Guilty Pleasure Winner:
"Family Man"

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Anonymous said...

I'm the "one" who picked "She's Gone." I've never seen the video -- thanks for posting.