Thursday, October 29, 2020

Out Ex-College Football Player Jake Bain Accuses Father of Widespread Abuse

Jake Bain, who made headlines as a rare openly gay high school and then Division I college football player, took to social media Thursday to level a series of accusations against his father, Eric Bain.

He writes:
I have in my possession over 20 pages of court documents, detailing the abuse that me, and many others endured at the hands of my father. To protect the confidentiality of those who are mentioned in these documents, I won't release them to the public. However, I believe that [it] should be public knowledge that while working as a high school basketball coach at both Westminster Christian Academy, and MICDS [Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School], two well known private schools in Saint Louis, MO, my father was found to be showering with other students, emailing inappropriately with students about things a coach or teacher should never be talking to kids about, and would have students to his house for "sleepovers." It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that none of this behavior is appropriate for any adult to be displaying. To my knowledge, my father is still coaching basketball at the AAU level in Saint Louis, so I urge anyone who is either employing him to coach, or allowing him to use their facilities, to please stop, so this behavior does not continue. 

Eric Bain flanked by his sons Jake, left, and Trevor (via Instagram)

The allegations are somewhat fuzzy -- where are these court documents filed? are the police involved? is there an ongoing investigation of his father? -- but they are clearly disturbing. According to Eric Bain's LinkedIn, he currently works in training at the St. Louis Basketball Academy.

Although Jake doesn't explicitly say his father sexually abused him, one can connect the dots when revisiting an Instagram post from May that read:
To those of you who are victims of sexual abuse, I’m with you. I know how you may be feeling. I want you to know that you are not alone. I too fear falling asleep, drifting into the unknown depths of my own deepest thoughts and feelings as I toss and turn each night, fighting off the man who scarred me so deeply. Waking up to a sweat-filled bed, left with the fleeting thoughts and feelings of what we had to endure and carry on with us. These scars of which I fear most, are also a constant reminder that I got through it. I persevered. We are warriors, and just when you think you can’t do it anymore... fight a little longer. Reach out to others for help. Don’t be afraid to feel vulnerable. Know that this was not your fault, and does not define who you are. It’s just another hurdle in your path, and no matter how you get over, under, or around that hurdle, once you cross the finish line, you will be so much stronger because of it. Love you all♥️ #metoo
Jake Bain, who was profiled in the New York Times and appeared on Ellen DeGeneres's talk show, left Indiana State University and football in 2019 citing a need to address mental health issues. The 21-year-old -- who now identifies as pansexual -- calls himself an "LGBTQ+ Advocate / Model" on his social media and lists NC State as his current school.

I have reached out to both Jake and Eric Bain and will update if I hear back. Jake's brother Trevor declined to comment.

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