Monday, April 28, 2014

'Hung' Up on Slobodan Zivojinovic

Although blogging inevitably leads to a lot of hecklers, it's the thoughtful readers who make it all worthwhile, like this gentlemen who saw that I included Slobodan Zivojinovic on my list of the 100 Hottest Male Tennis Players of the Open Era. Something tells me I'd have ranked him much higher than No. 51 had I know this!

Subject: HA read your blog about Slobodan Zivojinovic
I was a USTA linesperson calling lines at the River Oaks Red Clay tourney in Houston when I first saw him in action--mid 80's maybe. I was supposed to be calling lines for Aaron Krickstein and whoever he was playing but BOBO was in the adjacent court. Not only the biggest dick, probably in Tennis History but he wore nothing under those poly shorts. He had an extremely distracting habit of hopping up and down when receiving. His dick, which had to be 7 thick and heavy inches soft, had a life of its own in there--Long after he stopped moving IT was still bouncing nearly dropping below the hem of his shorts on the downswing (they were short shorts!) . He also had an ass that was definition of 'high and tight'. AS distracting going as coming. Fortunately the head Ump was a Dyke and she had some insight and perhaps "sympathy" for my dilemma. After a McEnroe worthy tirade from Aaron, aimed my way for a deservedly bad call, she pulled me off lines whenever Zivojinovic was "in play". Obviously my calling lines for bodan was not even on the table :-) 
Those days tennis players weren't under tight security, and showers, saunas etc were available for all working an event like River Oaks. Bobo knew exactly just how "talented" he was and he had no hesitation to let the rest of the world know it too. He paraded that thing around the lockers in no hurry to even wrap a towel around himself--giving a whole new definition to "Big Swinging Dick". EVERYONE, noticed--pretty imposible not to. Especially the other competing pros** took particular care NOT to seem to notice--but they all did. I remember leaving at about 8:30 and Slobodan who wasn't at all known was by himself, with all his gear, waiting for a cab--probably to some motel. How hard was it not to offer him a ride to anywhere he might want to go! My home was 5 minutes away. lol Major events like US Open and Wimbledon they simply would let him swing that thing free for National Broadcast. NO VIDEO RECORDS! Favorite Player is Now NOLE and there has been some controversy between the Djokovic family and Slobodan over Davis cup. He sure didn't keep his looks--but he WAS once an incredible petty boy (all 6'6" of him), sexy, funny, super butch in a boyish way--and YES Dick of Death which he showed off fully aware but also with a kind of innocence. Married some real skank and quickly went to pot. Total waste.
**River Oaks is normally a very exclusive Private Lawn and Tennis club.  
At 50, Bobo isn't much to look at. But it appears that "real skank" gave him an awfully hot son:


Henry North London 2.0 said...

I always wondered what happened to Bobo, and now I know.

He used to partner Boris Becker in the doubles at Wimbledon but time moves on and people get fat.

Never mind.

PaulNYC said...

I of course meant to say that major Broadcast, especially the Slams would NOT let Bobo swing free for their viewing audience. Back in those days they didn't need extra incentive to engage a US audience for Tennis. Today they might see things differently. :-)

I was overly harsh calling Mrs Bobo a skank. Actually she was a famous serb folk singer--maybe a little skanky around the edges but seems Slobo was actually the slut in the family. That means there should be pictures somewhere...right?

Rishabh said...

Wow....good to hear about Bobo. Brings back some amazing memories. We lived in Belgrade for about 5 years in the mid to late 90s, my Dad had been posted there on work at that time. I was in my teens then, and as a very keen tennis player, I regularly visited the main sports club in the city several days a week to practice. Bobo used to come there on quite a few occasions then. In his early/mid 30's at the time, he was the epitome of heady, macho sex appeal. He was still the same as it says in your post here, unabashedly comfortable in his own skin, nonchalantly strolling around the locker room, displaying his hot and virile body and massive, thick pecker. In fact, I credit this hot, hot man with enabling me to finally come to terms with my sexuality. I'd been hazily aware for a year or so at the time, of my inadvertent arousal when seeing photos of hot, muscular men; but coming from a rather conservative country (India), my understanding of sexuality was still rather limited.

Well, Bobo certainly electrified my imagination all those times in the club locker room! He was at a guess, 5 or 6 kilos heavier at the time than he'd been when he was a pro, but man, was he hot! His body was at an interesting phase - thickening from his athletic peak, but definitely more taut and firm than a typical DILF (he was already a father of 2 at the time). He still had a powerfully built physique sprinkled with a nice thatch of body fuzz, sexy, rugged good looks, his superbly toned posterior and *extremely* well endowed family jewels (length and girth both!). Despite his fame, he was also genuinely nice and approachable, he even gave me tips on my game! I couldn't help but be in awe of him, he was so charismatic, with heady blast of rugged machismo

Frankly, I went through a period of denial at first, accepting my desires even to myself took time, LOL. But it wasn't long before I was timing my visits to the club, to ensure I was in the locker room the same time he was! Soon enough, he became the object of my jerk off fantasies - I used to literally take mental photos of his broad, muscular shoulders tapering down to a still-trim-but slightly-thickening waist; and of course those sculpted arms and taut leg muscles. He also had unforgettably large, coin shaped pinkish-brown nips nestling in the crisp thatch of his chest fuzz. :-)

It's a bit of a shock seeing how he's bloated now....but anyway, those memories from the 90s still give me a warm tingle! BTW, the photo of Bobo's hot son you have in your post, is not the son with his wife (folk singer Fahreta Jahić aka Lepa Brena). Bobo has 2 sons with his wife, Stefan and Viktor. His eldest son Filip, is whom you have on your post here; he's Bobo's son with his former fiancee, Zorica Desnica. I'd met both Filip and Stefan at the club a few times when Bobo brought them there for some games, both were good looking kids then. Filip was just a few years younger than I was, we had some nice tennis matches against each other then. Good to see he has grown into a sexy dude. Chip off the old block, he certainly is. Wonder if he is as well endowed as his Dad was!

Rishabh said...

It would seem that Bobo wins the size sweepstakes by a considerable length - pun fully intended! There were several members of the Queen's Club in the UK who were gushing about this. Apparently, till the early 90s, the members of the Club used to be able to use the same locker room as the stars during the pre-Wimbledon Stella Artois tournament.

The discussion on endowments would have it that Lendl was a big guy, Edberg was longish but quite thin, Becker's pecker was robust and barrel shaped- not especially long but thicker than average, and the largest of all by ANY measure, was Bobo. His equipment was enviously termed, as the sly proverb goes, "a babe's arm holding an apple".

Allegedly he once played a whole televised set at Queen's with a half-mast erection, which was sufficient to VERY visibly tent out his shorts. The director must have realized what was happening after twenty minutes or so, because from that point on they only showed him in facial close-up or from a distance for the next couple of sets!