Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Howie Long's Magical Mustache

Was surprised to hear how many of you shared my lust for Howie Long back in the day. A couple of you even mentioned his short-lived mustache -- wonder why! -- but sadly I can't find any pictures of him with it on the Web. Lucky for you, I do have this one newspaper clipping I saved in my celebrity 'stache photo stash -- an action shot of Howie tackling running back Lornezo White of Houston in the early 1990s back when the Raiders were based in Los Angeles. (Needless to say, Howie was tackling me in many a fantasy around that time.) The photo was shot by Michael Goulding of the Orange County Register, where I was working at the time. If anybody has any other evidence of Mr. Long's facial-hair adventures, please send them to me! There must be more out there ...

1 comment:

James Greenlee said...

There's a pic of Howie somewhere wearing nothing but a towel with his foot out in front of him that sends me to the moon. He still looks grrrreat, even today. Wonder if he's a decent guy, or a right-wing tool. . .naaah, it really doesn't matter.

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