Thursday, May 07, 2009

Scream Queens

(Click photo for maximum scariness!)

I've been blogging about reuniting with my junior high friend Myk Mishoe a lot lately. First I read on his MySpace page that he'd gotten married last summer in Los Angeles. Then, after not seeing each other for nearly 25 years, we finally got together when I was in L.A. last month. We had so much fun catching up (his husband is adorable!). And, as you can see from this set of photos he surprised me with yesterday -- which I'd never seen before -- we had a lot of fun back in 1980 too. (Myk's poor mother. He'd be chasing me around the house with a butcher knife for hours as we practiced our scenes!!! I can't believe the neighbors never called the cops!) Admittedly, the plot of "The Babysitter" was a tad derivative of "Halloween" and "When a Stranger Calls" (God knows we saw EVERY horror movie that came out during that time). But I was a BOY babysitter. And before I finished going through puberty, I swear I could outscream that hermaphrodite Jamie Lee Curtis any day of the week.

Between the "radio shows" I used to do with my neighbor Dawn Bartnick, the plays I used to put on with my friends in the garage, and the films we constantly had in "production" ("My Bloody Santa" was our other big one), I'm still not entirely sure how I didn't end up becoming a total drama queer -- and I mean that in the professional sense, of course. (To the journalism community I say this: you're welcome.)

I'm pretty sure if Myk and I had had the technology available today we'd be watching one of hell of a horror movie right now -- in between depositions with John Carpenter's lawyers. But instead, just sit back and just enjoy the show ...

On the way to a babysitting job: I may not have had Laurie Strode's knee-highs, but my Kinney GASS earth shoes kick ass; right, trouble is lying in wait

Is somebody in here?
Guess not. The kids seem to be asleep ...
Time to talk on the phone all night ...

Do you want to go see "My Bodyguard" again on Saturday at the Dollar Cinema? ... oh, wait
I'll call you back!
Wouldn't you rather kill the kids??? They're both upstairs!!!!

Leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Get out of here --we don't use Amway products!!!!!!!
You're safe for now ...
But this isn't over yet, woman!


Frank Anthony Polito said...

You "slay" me! (Get it?)

Thanks for using the term Drama Queer... Any plug for my new book will help, Woman!

Corvette said...

Too funny! Myk has been my best friend for over 20yrs... not once did he mention he was a Scream Queen. Such a DIVA

dawn nielson said...

To my knowledge I've never been mentioned in the same story as a hermaphodite before this. I so recognize the Continental home. Those big thick double wooden front doors made for the perfect kick in entrance for burglers. Did we all grow up with pink clear plastic shower curtains?