Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Remains of the Day (10/30)

Cutting News: How many times should the barber’s cock touch your elbow?

Los Angeles Times: House overwhelmingly approves resolution recognizing Armenian genocide

Instagram: Steve Grand's ass in a black Speedo

Dlisted: Kevin Spacey is off the hook for allegedly assaulting a massage therapist who died before the trial

Architectural Digest: Greg Brady sells oceanfront Malibu home for $5.82 million

The New York Times: Folsom Europe, a five-day festival of concerts and street parties, celebrates gay life, the leather scene and hard-won freedoms in Berlin.

St. Martin's Press: "Insightful...a whirlwind tale spanning eight decades studded with glamour, bravado, and desire set against the backdrop of Greenwich Village and the Hamptons."

Greg in Hollywood: Ricky Martin and Jean Yosef introduce their newborn son Renn Martin-Yosef to the world

Baseline: It's been quite a year for Matteo Berrettini

Gothamist: The most impressive Halloween house in Brooklyn is extra spooky this year

Metro Weekly: Apple CEO Tim Cook: Being gay is "not a limitation, it’s God’s greatest gift"

Back2Stonewall: 16 LGBT activists released in Uganda, condemn police conduct and anal exams

EaterNY: And to think, Peter Luger was the reason I first set foot in Brooklyn

Politico: Kyrsten Sinema. Arizona's first Democratic senator in ages, is threatening party unity at a crucial moment. She doesn't care.

Instagram: When really bad tattoos happen to really hot men

Towleroad: Strapping saxophonists successfully destroy street preacher’s homophobic vibe

CBS News: Rising seas will erase more cities by 2050, new research shows

NewNowNext: The “Call Me by Your Name” sequel is finally here -- but it may not be the one you wanted

Hot Cat of the Day: Simmer down, Beavis.


The Polar Beast said...

The NYTimes does a real hatchet job on the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and on gay leather culture generally in this piece. This was clearly written by some laced up straight guy.

The article calls the Sisters of P.I., "a religious-themed drag troupe." The article completely fails to mention the Sisters' great philanthropic work and their iconic status in the gay community.

Then it takes a swipe at San Francisco.

Time to tell the Gray Lady to fuck off! I am having none of this!

Rix said...

Jan (Eve Plum) Brady sold her place her Malibu few years ago and it was great. At the end of a run of house so one side was open to a dry sand beach. In the stretch just west of the Colony if I remember correctly.

I think she, or maybe it was Peter (he is in Manhattan Beach), said that it was Robert Reed that told them to buy beach front because CA had just made it much harder to develop ocean front with Prop 20 in 72.