Sunday, April 29, 2018

Page 1 Roundup (04/29)

The Wall Street Journal: The U.S. is drowning in lists


Mike in Asheville said...

1) Letter re Tom Brokaw: Really? The Susteren proclaimed innocence; nowhere is there any such claim about Brokaw. The Brokaw letter was written/signed by 60 female colleagues, not just Maddow and Mitchell. Their combined statement was that none of them ever experienced anything close to what was reported about Brokaw by one accuser. Substantial difference between the two cases.

2) Golden State Killer: according to the reports, the police compared the suspect's DNA profile to profiles on an open access DNA profile aggregation site. There was no need to make up a fake profile to post. Indeed, the lead investigator found a relative of the suspect last year, though, at the time, erroneously believed the relative was the culprit. With the assistance of the those relatives, the investigators were able to track down the actual suspect. No privacy policies were violated; the suspect's relatives made the relative's DNA profile publicly available.

Jimmy Tomorrow said...

@Mike in Asheville: Sounds like you missed a little on these two stories:

“If Roger Ailes were how he’s described, there’s no way I would’ve stuck around. I don’t feel like putting up with that stuff and I wouldn’t. Even if he weren’t doing it to me, I wouldn’t want to work in that environment. I sort of feel bad for Gretchen Carlson because it’s sort of a weird thing that she’s done. What she’s alleging is something that is alien to me. I’ve never heard it.”

To solve a decades-old serial rape and murder case that had gone cold, investigators used DNA gathered at a crime scene and created a fake profile and pseudonym on a genealogy website several months ago, according to law enforcement officials.

Mike in Asheville said...

@ Jimmy Tomorrow

Neither straw man comparisons nor repeating false news stories change reality.

Former: The comparison between Susteren's defense to the Brokaw support letter is invalid. Susteren's defense was singular and challenged the sustenance of the the accuser's claims; the Brokaw support letter was en masse of 60 colleagues and makes no position on the accuser's claims.

Later: Repeating false information about how the collected DNA was matched to the suspect does not make it so. The DNA was matched without any violation of any terms of service of any DNA website. There was not a fake profile used, they didn't need to. The matching was made through open access of familial DNA records on GEDmatch, a DNA matching service does not not offer DNA profiling, rather, offers DNA profile matching.

TO YOU AND KENNETH: That the Trump playbook of making false claims and just making shit up is successful in passing off propaganda that is all the vogue in journalism today does not make it right.

Read about how it really happened:

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Mike: I’m confused by your ire, although I still think you’re missing vital information.

No one is saying anything inappropriate was done to catch this monster — but a fake profile was used so the suspect could be found via this profile’s relatives. (That’s how the crime-scene sample got in the open-source database. You can’t make a match if the perp isn’t in the system, so they entered him via a fake profile.) You don’t believe the New York Times?

To Catch a Killer: A Fake Profile on a DNA Site and a Pristine Sample

Regarding Tom Brokaw: Just because he was kind to X number of women doesn’t mean he wasn’t inappropriate with others. (Ted Bundy didn’t murder EVERY woman he came in contact with.) And I was merely pointing out my disappointment in three women I admire for emulating another woman I do not. (Lena Dunham also vouched for an accused rapist and was also excoriated.)


jaragon said...

Why does the NY Times insist on trying to make the migrant stampede into heroes? They are running away from their country because of gang violence and crime- isn't this something that their own government should be taking care of? I mean you don't see people in crime ridden US cities forming caravans to move to Canada?