Friday, April 27, 2018

My ACES in the Hole

With new friends Sarah and David

Great couple of days at the #ACES2018 conference in Chicago, meeting so many nice people who loved and respected my brother Bill. (See you next year in Providence!) I learned that the organization once known as the American Copy Editors Society has changed its name -- partially to acknowledge vanishing copy desks and partially to recognize that editors have never worn more hats -- and is now known as ACES: The Society for Editing. Last night's spelling bee -- an idea Bill introduced five years ago -- and reception were a hoot. I got to hang with my new BFF Sarah and the winner of my brother’s scholarship. I met a female fan of my blog who started following me ages ago as a fellow Debbie Harry fan. Plus Netflix had a camera crew on hand for a documentary it’s working on about the exclamation point and a bunch of us were interviewed for it! 

With Nina, circa 1986

Trip was made even more special by crashing with one of my oldest and dearest friends, Nina, whose hospitality knows no end. (BTW: I'm still hung over for our night out in Andersonville!)

Jacqueline and me with 2018 Bill Walsh Scholarship winner Jamie Zega, who is headed to the Washington Post this summer to intern 

As a fundraiser for the scholarship, ACES is auctioning off a bunch of Bill's ties. I already got the ones I wanted -- as did Terence and the other men in the family -- but there are still a lot left as Bill was a slave to fashion! 

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