Monday, February 25, 2013

Bright Lights, Big Singing

Last summer I wrote about "Sing Along," a short film about a sheltered boy with a dream of starring on Broadway, who survives day-to-day life by imagining the world as a musical. Mark Oxman's film reached its Kickstarter goal, and the trailer is now up and running. Enjoy!

Synopsis: Like many his age, Stephen (Myles Erlick) is a kid with a big dream -- to star on Broadway one day.Unfortunately, the 14-year-old is so shy, he is afraid to speak to others and when he does, he stutters uncontrollably. Still, he cannot turn his imagination off, picturing the scary world as an upbeat musical with with singing cafeteria ladies (Uzo Aduba) and history tutors (Sam Tsui). And while teacher (Heidi Blickenstaff) supports him, his mother (Alice Ripley) is less than encouraging, pointing out that a career in musical theater is destined for failture. Will she ever understand that being creative is not something that can be compromised? And what will happen if he forces himself to shut off his talent?

Official site HERE.

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