Monday, April 29, 2013

'Pardon' the Interruption

Although this video is meant to be funny, I have to say that it hits awfully close to home. Sure, complaining about people begging you for money on the subway may sound like a White Person Problem. But most of us not riding around in Town Cars or taxis are just working stiffs -- working stiffs who wouldn't mind a little time to relax and read the paper or listen to music while commuting to and from work without constantly being inerrupted by people who are, in fact, breaking the law. Hit me up on the street and I don't have a problem -- I can keep walking. But something about this captive situation really pisses me off. See what I'm talking about:

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Anonymous said...

Hey, it's New York -- part of the price of living there. I suggest you consider it part of the flava (or come to Portland, OR, where I have gotten myself stuck and go out of your mind with the lack of intelligence)