Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mr. Wrong

Although it bombed at the box office, I thought Ellen DeGeneres' big-screen debut, "Mr. Wrong," was the most hilarious movie ever. Some of it was intentional, but a huge portion of it -- right down to the name, which prompted my brother Terence at the time to say, "Yeah, wrong gender" -- was funny because the mere sight of Ellen as a heterosexual is so improbable, it's hysterical. (Ditto for her sitcom's early dating episodes.) 

Bill Pullman is sublime as her loser lover -- the scene with the LeBaron convertible still makes me cry -- and his mother and stalker ex (the wonderful Joan Cusack) are ridiculously funny. Clearly, this has been an ongoing source of amusement, as evidenced this prom date photo (that's date Richard Reynolds), circa 1976 in Atlanta, Texas.

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