Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cher's Mom Forgot She Recorded an Album With Elvis' Band!

Only someone as cool as Georgia Holt -- aka Cher's mom -- could be cool enough to have recorded an album with Elvis Presley's band and have forgotten about it!

From the album notes: 
More than 30 years ago, Cher's mother Georgia Holt recorded a country-influenced album with the members of Elvis Presley's band. Then she put the tapes in her garage and forgot about them. Upon discovering the decaying tapes a couple of years ago, Cher helped her to preserve them. Then they decided it might be fun to film some performances of a few songs just for themselves. This finally lead to a Lifetime television documentary about 86-year-old Georgia's remarkable life. Called "Dear Mom, Love Cher" it will debut on May 6th for Mother's Day. Included on the album is a duet with Cher called "I'm Just Your Yesterday", which clearly demonstrates exactly where Cher's unique voice came from. 
Order "Honky Tonk Woman" HERE.

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