Monday, April 23, 2018

Spice Chelsea Corner to Close on 8th Avenue

236 8th Ave.

Less than two weeks after my Death of Chelsea's 8th Avenue update comes news that Spice Chelsea Corner will become the 18th shuttered business along the formerly gay drag.

A friend writes:
They’re closing that location on Saturday. Got into a fight with landlord about improvements they wanted to building etc and couldn’t come to terms. Doors close after dinner on Saturday. Another one bites the dust. According to the waiter, they aren’t looking for a new home either. 
The irony is not lost on me that I used to complain that at one time there were TWO Spice locations within a stone's throw distance on 8th and now there will be none. Will the carnage never end?

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Robert said...

The carnage will never end until these greedy cold hearted landlords destroy the vibrancy and livability of these unique urban neighborhoods just to fill their already bulging pockets.