Monday, April 23, 2018

Meet the Gay Anna Nicole Smith

A sexy residential real-estate broker who married an older, wealthy "knickknack mogul" just 10 months before he died is at the center of a battle over a $32 million inheritance:

In the end, it wasn’t a wonderful life for a Manhattan Christmas-ceramics mogul whose family is now sparring with his much younger husband over his $54 million fortune. A frail Edward Bazinet -- who had made as much as $100 million peddling Snow Babies, Dickens Villages and other popular miniatures depicting idyllic holiday scenes -- spent his final months being shuttled across the country in a bitter tug-of-war between his sister and spouse, who accuse each other of siphoning off Bazinet’s riches for themselves. Just 10 months before his death on Nov. 20, 2017, Bazinet, 73, married real-estate broker Brett Jordan -- 43 years his junior -- in a “secret” civil ceremony, according to Manhattan Surrogate Court papers.
And it gets better. Brett says the millionaire approached him on the street in 2014 and asked for "a date." They then bonded over "art and Broadway," but Bazinet's family claims Jordan "targeted" the older man, who in 2012 was hospitalized after a "bipolar spending spree" during which he spent more than $20 million on throw pillows, furniture and wall art before checking himself into a psychiatric clinic. (Among the purchases were 100,000 units of Elizabeth W sachets, hangar covers and soaps worth $16 million!)

The Real Deal reports:
Brett became the broker for Bazinet’s $24 million, 19-room penthouse at 60 Warren Street, which had been damaged on 9/11. Jordan then collected commissions on a quick succession of high-priced real estate deals including Bazinet’s purchase of a $15 million condo at 100 Barclay Street. Bazinet initially left Jordan $500,000 in his will, but then later expanded his share to include money, art and property. The ailing mogul’s sister moved him from New York “in the middle of the night” to a hospital in Minneapolis, where on his deathbed he allegedly signed papers revoking the changes to his will. Jordan moved Bazinet back to New York just a month before his death, according to court papers. “I cared for him because he was my husband and I loved him,” Jordan asserted in court papers. 
Whatever the case, it's high time we gays started gold-digging in earnest. Obergefell v. Hodges was settled nearly three years ago -- what's been taking so long?!

This isn't the first time Brett Nicole Smith has sought fame and fortune. My friend Greg shot him eight years ago when he was an aspiring country singer with a rockin' body.

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jaragon said...

I'm sure he made his sugar daddy very happy

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