Monday, April 23, 2018

Remains of the Day (04/23)

Instagram: Meet bobsledder Simon Dunn's sexy new boyfriend

The Daily News: Madonna loses bid to keep Tupac's breakup letter from being auctioned off -- the judge suggested that the singer should have sued her brother Christopher Ciccone, who gave Lutz some of the items

Dead State: New York bar patrons chant "Nazi scum get out!" at Milo Yiannopoulos until he leaves

Towleroad: Gay adult film Chris Bines sentenced to five years in prison for marijuana trafficking

Reuters: Armed and dangerous Waffle House shooting suspect taken into custody without incident, while 12-year-old black children somehow have to be shot dead on the spot for no reason (it's almost as if black lives don't matter to some people)

Boy Culture: 5 revealing photos of Taron Egerton, who will play Elton John in biopic

Dlisted: The "Crazy Rich Asians" trailer is here, just try to ignore that tragic poster, which looks like a no-budget travel ad done by an intern on MS Paint using the cheapest clip art they could find

The Associated Press: Penis transplant for U.S. veteran who survived blast

Greg in Hollywood: Ricky Martin is one lucky man

Curbed: See every single building in Manhattan mapped with this new tool

BosGuy: Is this your future ex-boyfriend?

Daily Intel: Flight records detail the 45 hours Trump spent in Moscow in 2013, though he told Comey he didn't spend the night there

Twitter: Why you need to be following Mrs. Betty Bowers!

Us Weekly: Sex bomb Tristan Thompson reportedly shopped for potential side-pieces on Instagram

The New York Times: The forgotten home of tennis's open era, which began 50 years ago

The Village Voice: Meet the creator of the brilliant Michael Cohen subway "ad"

The WoW Report: At least 9 dead, 16 injured as van plows into Toronto crowd

Deep Dish: I'd sure like to ride that in the water

Hot Cat of the Day: I'd like to place an order, please ...

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i love me some betty - bringing integrity to christian housewives

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